Viewed in another's eye

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This first short part is something like a test pilot for a story that i am starting, so read and please, please review and let me know if you like it or not , what more or less could be added, and if you'd like for me to finnish. What would you really see when you looked at me? I couldn't tell you, so how can you? The life of a downer, this is my life from the view of what i seem to see.
If you don't approve of smoking, homosexuality, and self-mutlation, then this story might not be something you would chose to read. Just my friendly little warning! lol

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Viewed in another's eye

Submitted: April 03, 2007

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Submitted: April 03, 2007



La, la, la! How many times can the blunt go round! once, maybe twice, keep it burning. Is your mother coming home soon? Are you evening listening to me Dee? Yes, but I don’t know when she’s coming, why? ‘Cause she’ll want to hit it and I know she’s chief. Wow, why is it such a long day? Why won’t she just call me? Why do I have to go to that bitch and listen to her tell me it’s not my fault I cut, smoke weed, drink, and fuck girls for a living. I Dee Mo’nay, will never get the facts of life. Alysha, when was the last time you just looked out and thought back on your many little fuck ups? Why are you doing this to yourself? Stop looking for problems that’s not there. In two weeks we will be in our own place just to be us, you know? So chill, please Dee? Ok, well it’s like 7, so I’m about to go home, and finish packing, do the same!  Right, ok I’ll call you later sweetie. I went into my house, got something to eat and when you my box filled room. I ate, packed a little, watch tv and then… The phone, my cell started to ring. I was my default ring meaning an un-stored number is calling. Talk. Hey may I please speak to Mo’nay? This is me. Wow, well ok… What to say? What to say? I’ve been waiting to call you nay, but wasn’t sure. I know you gave me you number right before school got out, but I don’t know, but ok ok! Tell me have you been waiting for my call? Huh… nay? Jasmine Wynn? Is that you? Yes, I told you give me time and I’d call, and what would come up? My number on your cell, so tell where’s your girlfriend? Well, I don’t have on of those, but I’m looking…. I might. I can’t understand, what are you doing with yourself? Living, thinking, breathing. Seeing what the world has to give me and taking it for the gain. Well you had time to call jas? Why of course, nay. Tell me it’s 2, I know. I know it’s kind of late but do you want to see some thing? Well… when? Like I could on the freeway, or three blocks away, or hell. How about right in front of your house, take a pick. Well, let’s be smart. In front of the house? Yes, o yes come out and jump on in! ok… I got in, we went about the streets up from me. Went in a big ass house and she turned and said “this is my house”. Damn I knew jasmine had bank, but never like this, and so damn close. Well what would “YOU” like to do? Jas, I have no clue? You do drugs? Huh, nay? Are you scared to take life to the truly colorful side? Sure, why not……. 9 in the morning! What did we do last night? Jas? Jas? Where the fuck is she at? I’m in the bathroom, come in. I walked in and never though I’d see the marks. There where all over. Jasmine, do you cut yourself? Yes, why? Don’t you? Don’t you just feel so free when the blood falls? I do... I never knew it would be something I would never think to stop.


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