Just an ordinary day?

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Anna's horse fell with her on it headed right towards me only three feet away they knocked me and my horse from my feet, I looked ahead to see a ledge. I screamed knowing I was going to go over into the high raging river that's the only thing that I thought of was that and death. Before I could blink I was hit by John, Kevin and the two horses me, Anna four horses, John, and Kevin were in one pile headed to a ledge where we were going to fall hundreds of feet I imagined into the cold raging high river. We couldn't stop we were going so fast nothing could. As we were about to I had a last scream and everything went completely black

Chapter 1 (v.1) - You never know

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Submitted: March 31, 2013



I looked out the window from my nice warm bed watching a heavy rain drip on it. I smiled at the smell. It's my most favorite smell in the world!!! Ring ring ring! My landline rang and it startled me from my day dreaming. \" uuuhhhh Hello!!!! Morning sunshine, we still on for riding today the rains going down.\" I heard my bestfriend Anna say with excitement! \" totally I was going to do it any way. Umm let me get our lunch and take a shower. Do you want to me to come get you or you come get me?\" I asked \" I'll just come to your house so are horses have a longer route and we get one too!\" She replied \"okay great just come when ever.\" Okay em, bye!\" She said . I slowly got out of bed, I looked at my blond messy hair and blue eyes in my mirror. After awhile I let out a sigh and jumped in the shower. It sure was a quick one! I walked into my big room and looked in my closet. I notice sun shining through my window and a rainbow covering the sky in a distance. I smiled and decided I'm going to wear my blue jeans and blue blouse with of course cow girl boots! I let my hair dry out of the towel and brushed it while it still being damp at the same time!

I ran down the stair case hearing a knock on the door and met Anna with a hug! \"Hey! Wanna help me with our lunch?\" I asked \" yes!\" She replied we went into my big kitchen and started on our sandwiches. \"So I think John and Kevin are gunna be at the stables today?\" Anna said with a sneaky grin. \"Oh? How do you know this?\" I laughed \"well lets just say I over heard them planning to go on a trail near ours!\" she said giggleing we laughed kevin and John are two cute brothers we admire. (cowboys) I liked John and Anna liked Kevin... John was a very nice handsome young gentle man from what I saw he was every thing I looked for in man. He was perfectly fit, plus perfect muscle definition. Yes..... I watched him throwing hay with no shirt on. It was quite beautiful!!! He always calls me Em instead of Emma, we always flirt at the trail an barn witch is where me and Anna go riding all the time. He also has dirty blond hair and sky blue eyes! Kevin and him are identical but Kevin has brown hair. Me and Anna always talk about them.

We went to my (beautiful gmc) pick up truck! And headed to the stalls where my horse Americus was and Annas horse Dreamer. We were headed to the stables trails where are horses were and where we do a lot of our riding. We talked about tring a new trail today the riding river... We decided our route and by the end of that conversation we were here. We jumped out of e truck and ran towards our horses! Ever sense I got Americus I have always said \"hey beautiful\" or a comment of that sort and she always neighs at me. Witch of course makes me smile! I love horses thy are like my passion. I went to college to be a equine vet and I'm going to start my own equine clinic soon. I own a lot of land that I inherited from my great grandpa so I'm building it there.

I was putting her bit in as I heard a fimilar voice, \"hey Em!\" I turned around to find John while melting inside I said hi back! \"What trail are you riding today?\" He asked \" umm riding river!\" I replied \" hey us too! Or me and Kevin anyway! Uh how about we can meet each other at the water falls at the end of the river?\" He asked \"we would love that!\" I replied in shock! \"Sounds great!\" He said and turned away giving he sexiest smile ever! I giggled to my slef. \"Wow\" Anna laughed. \" uh hu ummm I'm ready?\" I replied with some sarcasm! \"Yes let's do this!\" We hopped on our horses warm bare back and trotted to the trail feild that led to ridin rivers trail. As we reached the meadow we ran laughing enjoying the fresh rainy air!

As we came to our trail we could hear the river in the distance and started to walk the horses down the walk path. \"So what do we do if we don't have conversation?\" Anna asked nervously, \"you worry to much, there easy to talk to and we have so much in commen. Just go with the flow\" I replied. We enjoyed are peaceful ride, we didn't say a word we just listened to the raging river by us the birds and the natural sounds of the wilderness. \"Hey!!!\" I heard a voice yell. Are heads quickly turned in that direction, \"hey it's Kevin.\" Anna said \"oh\" I replied we waved. \"hey when you go over this hill we will meet, race ya's!!!!\" John yelled above us! \"yaaaa!\" I signelled Americus laughing Anna and I ran our horses over the hill and down a straight path with trees surrounding it. All if the sudden I heard a yelp \"Emma watch out!\" I heard a voice yell in fear, I looked behind me to find Anna's horse sliding on mudd, I pulled the reins as tight as I could, Anna and her horse were sliding on there sides she was knocked out her eyes were shut and she had cuts everywhere, at the same moment I pulled back Anna and her horse knocked mine off her feet I screamed in fear. I fell on my back and screamed with pain my foot was caught in the stirrup,screaming down the hill I saw a cliff and the boys. Before I. Could think everything went black.

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