Just an ordinary day?

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Recovery

Submitted: April 01, 2013

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Submitted: April 01, 2013



I couldn't breath I pulled through the water to rise up for air. I gasped for air while the river was carrying me down current, I looked for anyone. \"Anna!\" I screamed, \"Emma,\" Kevin yelled back and worked his way to me, I saw Americus coming towards us. Her eyes were filled of horror \"Americus!\" I yelled and looked for her reins. Kevin grabbed my hand the same time I grabbed her. \"what are we going to do?\" I screamed \"theres Anna an John!\"I looked behind us he was holding Anna on top of his horse while holding his horses reins, swim to shore come on!\" he yelled the water was unbelievably strong I couldn't fight it so I swam side ways. I heard John yell for help, I looked back to find Anna fell off the horse her leg was broken! She couldn't swim. The horses were bliliistic! I held on to Americus, I didnt want to loose her, I used her to not swim but hang on to so I wouldn't tire myself out. I couldn't touch, I felt like I couldn't think anything but I need to get to shore. I looked ahead and found a rocky gravel shore, \"Guys!!! start swimming to the right!\" I yelled I could feel ground, I hopped on Americus and turned her to the right. She started standing and ran though the water. Before I knew it we were on land! Anna, John, and Kevin were not far behind me Kevins horse was in the middle going frantic, I went back into the water and reach for the reins and guided him ashore. John and Kevin got Anna and the two horses ashore! They lifted Anna off the tired horse and right as they did she fell to the ground. was laying down when I looked back at her I saw blood. I rushed over to her to find a huge cut in her leg \"oh my god!\" I said to her. \"John do you need me to do anything?\" I ran back over to Anna and she was in shock I hugged her \"holy shit!\" she exclaimed with tears running down her face. \"No but we need to get a fire, Kevin stay here and help Anna, I'll go get wood and start a fire, Emma examine the horses if it's to bad we don't want them to suffer.\" John ordered. I ran to Americus she was in shock her cut wasn't severe but could be if it wasn't properly taken care of. I went to Annas horse who had know cuts no broken bones she was terrorized and in shock. Kevin's horse was eating and seemed to have a little cut on his knee but nothing serious, I ran over to johns horse, he was lying on the ground I looked into his eyes and they freighted me with the terror and horror of the scared feelings for his life I looked and saw he had two cuts in the same condition as Americus's. We lost all of the food and bags of supplies. I tore my cow girl shirt in two to rap the wounds on the horses. Witch left me in a tank top. \"guys I know where we're at!\" John came back yelling I looked towards him, I noticed he had blood all over his arm! \"John!\" I ran over him he walked weakly, \"hold still.\" I put pressure on the cut. \"Kevin take your horse an go where John tells you! I'll stay here with these two!\" I yelled without a word he ran to his horse jumped on his back and came to John, \"walk straight till you see the---------- sign-- youllllll kkkkknnowww where it is.\" John slurred go hurry! I screamed he ran off on his horse. \"stay with me John!\" I whispered. I waited and tended John and Anna.

Half and hour went by and I heard a helicopter then for wheelers. \"there here!\" I screamed, ten men total rushed over to us I then ran to my horse and johns and tended them and anilized there wounds. They could walk out but they would need my help. I will take them all to my work. The men were loading John and Anna. I ran over to Anna and she was crying in pain, I held her hand \"how's dreamer?\" she managed to ask, she's good I'll take care of her I promise!\" I replied. They were taking john away and I ran to him, he was as white as snow, \"John look at me!\" I said nervously, he moved his eyes in my direction and gave me a tiny smile. I laughed \"everything is okay I got your horse I'll see you soon I'll be there I promise\" I said starting to cry, without thinking I grabbed his healthy hand and kissed it. I slowly walked the three horses out of the wilderness when I got to a parking lot, one of the men had went and got my truck and horse trailer and I hauled them into the trailer with care. I got to try clinic (by speeding) and my boss was there ready for craziness. I rushed the horses into the Medicare room and started cleaning and getting the wounds ready for medication. \"we have to put Americus and johns horse asleep, there wounds need to cleaned down into the bones.\" I left them and went to get the shots that would put them to sleep temporarily. I rushed to Americus and stuck it in her shoulder gently and she soon started to lay down then I did johns horse. \"you can go I got everything under control if I need you I'll call.\" my boss said \"okay are you sure?\" I asked \"yes go Anna needs you and so does John most likely! Keep me posted!\" she yelled as I ran to my pick up. I put in gear and speeded to the hospital, it gave me time to think not only about Anna but John, today I realized how I have feelings for him not just cause he's extremely hot and cute but his way of handling things and how he treats people and what he stands for. Should I tell him? Maybe if it feels right.

I pulled up to the emergency doors and parked. I looked in the back to see if there was a coat or sweat shirt I found a blue sweatshirt and put my hair up. I jogged into the hospital and went to the front desk, \"anna fetcher?\" I asked in a hurry \"umm room 128.\" the secretary replied. I ran to the room, \"Anna I said quietly. \"em?\" I heard a drowsey voice say. Her face appeared with a smile. \"hey how do you feel?\" I asked standing above her \"like crap. But that's only because of the pain meds.\" she said \"well when did they say you could go home?\" I asked, \"tomorrow but I can't be by myself, my little house will not do with crutches. Do you think I could stay with you?\" I smiled \"Of course you can! Maybe we can talk about you just coming to live with me! We don't have to talk about it now but I would love to have you then we can start our clinic and have our horses right by us once I get the fencing done!\" I said she smiled and said \"I would love that! How's Dreamer? And Kevin?\" she asked with concern. \"Dreamer is fine some cuts and she is going to need trama theropy all of them will. God I'm still shocked that happened. I can't even remember it happened so fast! But Kevin is just getting a couple stritches.\" I said \"good me too.\" she replied \"I'm going to go check on Kevin and John Get some sleep.\" I said she smiled as I walked out, I felt like I cheered her up a bit! I went to the front desk in search of John, i walked in and he was looking at the window. \"hey John!\" I said quietly. His head turned he was pale and looked weak. \"hey\" he mumbled. I walked over to his bed \"how do you feel?\" I asked \"I'm gunnar live!\" he said with a smile. \"good, Im sorry I should of paid attentioned and slowed down its my fault.\" I said with me head held down. His hand grabbed mine and he said \"don't say that it was accident! We didn't control anything but we all made it. That's all that matters. How is the horses and Anna?\" he said \"good there taken care of, your horse is at my work, he will be fine!\" I said assuring him. I left him to rest checked on Kevin and found him with Anna and drove home for sleep, food, and a shower.

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