Just an ordinary day?

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The feeling of happiness and love

Submitted: April 02, 2013

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Submitted: April 02, 2013



Two months past the accident.

\"hey want to go eat out tonight?\" John asked, \"yes! I'll be ready at six.\" I replied \"sounds great! bye\" he replied. I ran down stairs to find Anna. I went to her room and she was unpacking \"I'm going out with John tonight!!!\" I exclaimed \"really! When.\" she asked \"six\" I replied \"cool! I'm happy for you! Me and Kevin were gunna finish unpacking here if that's okay...\" Anna said \"of course I'm not your mother! I trust you!\" I replied. I ran back up stairs finished cleaning the house fed Americus and got ready for my night. I decided to wear a simple skirt a white fluffy loose one that you can spin in. With a blue blouse and flip flops I cured my long blond hair and put it into a long curly pony tail. After that I just put mascara on and called it good before I knew it I heard Anna answer the door and ran down to meet john and Kevin. \"hey!\" I said to everyone they all replied the same.\"you look beautiful!\" Anna said \"thanks.\" I replied John stared at me. \"ready I asked? \"um ya.\" he smiled like he came out of a dream. He looked and smelled handsome! He wore a white t shirt and blue jeans with boots. He opened the door we said our goodbyes and left in his truck.

\"so how is your horse?\" I asked as we took off for the diner. \"good he's spooked easily witch I expected but it a work an progress.\" he smiled. \"you look really nice.\" he added. \"thank you \" I blushed. For the rest of the way there we talked about our careers, he was a pro at training horses and that's what he did for a living he also was building his own business. It was going to be builded just a couple miles from my house. My equine clinic was suppose to get started tomorrow. Its going to be near my house. Just a rode away.

Before I knew it we were at the diner and he opened the door and escorted me in. \"table for two please.\" he asked his arm hooked in mine. I got a glimpse of his four inch scar from the accident. We sat downand order some drinks. \"so em I have to tell you something and I want you to be honest with me, please.\" he asked nervously \"okay I will.\" I said with concern. \"over the last two months we've gotten a little closer, don't ya think?\" he asked, I nodded. \"well I want you to know that I feel like I care about you in a way of more than friends?\" he said unsurely \"really I said? \"yes.\" he replied \"me too.\" I huge smile went across his face and mine and he grabbed my hand and ran out side as he said to the waitress we would be right back. We went behind his truck and he kissed me, passionately and gently. I felt us both smile through the kisses. \"you don't have any idea how long I've wanted to do that!\" my hands rapped around his neck and we kissed until we grew hungery and we laughed as we went back inside. \"so does this mean we're officially girlfriend and boyfriend?\" I asked \"umm duh!\" he said we ate and talked about everything. We laughed and I felt so happy. I felt like I was in love already!

We drove home laughing about stupid funny things. When we got to my house we walked in and heard laughing, \"hey guys!\" I yelled John let go of my hand because we decided to tell them seprately. \"in here.\" Kevin yelled. We walked in and they looked like they were comfortable sitting on her bed. Her room was finished simple but elegant just like mine, we have the same taste in style. \"wow I love it!\" I said \"thanks it's a work an progress!\" she replied \"hey I have to go home and get some sleep we got wild horses to train tomorrow.\" John said. \"I'll meet you out in the truck!\" John said to Kevin. He nodded and I followed him out to his truck, we went behind it and I put myself against the truck as he kissed me. With passion and love, I was in love with his soft kisses.

We heard the door close and Anna and Kevin talking \"want to come to my house for dinner? You and Kevin, watch a movie?\" I asked fastly. \"yes, umm six o clock?\" he asked smiling. We kissed on last kiss and I ran to the barn to feed Americus and Dreamer. I felt melted. Not to sound gooey wooey about it but it's true! After I heard there truck leave I went back to the house! \"Anna I have something wonderful to tell you!\" I yelled through out the house. \"oh? Well me tooooo!\" she replied. \"you first \" she said' \"okay, me and John are officially boyfriend and girlfriend!\" I laughed and explained how happy and complete I felt. \"I'm so happy for you Em!, but I think we are feeling the Same right now!!! Because so are me and Kevin!!!!!!\" she jumped up an down and laughed into her pillow! Then we both jumped up and down! I woke up early, I had a meeting with Anna and the company that was building our clinic. I got up took a shower and curled my hair. I decided to wear a simple White dress and turquoise sweater with white turquoise heels. I grabbed my hand bag and ran down stairs Anna was so beautiful! She sat at the stable reading a people magizine sipping on coffee. She wore a simple creamy white dress with a tan short sleeved sweater and tan heels. Her long brown hair reached her lower back. \"wow I feel ugly\" I said as I walked in the room! \"oh please at least you don't have a huge scar on your leg! I laughed \"are you ready?\" I asked she nodded. I poured a cup of coffee and went out the door.

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