Crossing Paths

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The girl of Light and the God of Darkness are two totally different people. One is independent while the other clings to their parents side. The only thing they see eye to eye is mortal life and loyalty, and the thing they share above all else is loneliness. Will Light and Dark blend or will they stay apart? This is based after the original version with a few tweaks.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Crossing Paths

Submitted: November 08, 2013

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Submitted: November 08, 2013



Hi everybody, my name is Marty and this my first Fan Fiction story! I've written stories before but never a fan fiction. So I hope you enjoy it, and here is a more original version of Hades and Persephone!

-Amy C.

P.S. I consider this a T rated story but some might consider it M. She is rapped and I do add a few other sexual scenes in there. The scenes are very short and basic so nothing to dirty but I'll let you know which chapters to watch out for. This first chapter is one of them, but it's at the end. So FYI.

Chapter 1, Immersed

The wind whipped through my lightly curled strawberry blonde hair, the sun blazed on my light tan skin, and the earth seemed to cover me in its sweet scent. I knew no better place then in the forest, surrounded by nature.

"Persephone," my Mother's irritating voice rang through the trees. I let my eyes close and I prayed to Zeus that my Mother would try to find me some place else, so I could bathe in the Helios's rays for one more moment.

"There you are, you know you're not supposed to sneak out like that," she lightly scolded. I held back my snide remark as I clutched onto the soft green grass around me.

"Mother please stopping worrying," I plead, while keeping my gaze away from hers.

I felt her body weight go to the ground beside me, and then she took her small warm hand and pressed it gentle against my shin forcing me to look at her. I stared into her honey eyes that held the wisdom of all living things.

"Real adults face each other eye to eye; you my dear are just a child and have barely any wisdom, making you unfit to be out here alone." My jaw tightened and my back straightened making me seem almost taller than my Mother. I despised these moments with my Mother. Why couldn't she me as an adult? I was nearly 17 after all, what made me seem so helpless to the world.

"I'm not a porcelain doll Mother," I growled while gently flicking her hand away, "I'm practically an adult now, you need to stop worrying so much about me, I can take care of myself."

"Practically an adult my dear," she rolled the words along her fluent tongue, and then she stood up and lightly brushed the earth from her long forest draped dress. "Come my daughter, I have work that must be done and I can't lounge here forever attending to your childish complaints."

My Mother held out her green hand for me to take so she could wisp me back to the safe, snug home that I considered prison. There was no source of life there, no freedom, and no entertain to make me forget the shackles and chains I wore. Then something hot and bubbly inside me began to rise making me incapable of controlling my body. I pushed off from the ground and raced away from my overbearing Mother. I needed freedom.

As I sprinted away I knew she was calling out my name, but for once I pushed it to the side, just focusing on the lively forest in front of me.


"Bring the next soul in," I called to the shade. He came in with a tall muscular soul that appeared to have dark brown ringlets, and a firm structured face.

"Your name mortal," I asked out of form.

He came forth to me and bowed before me like all the other souls, then started his plead for mercy, "I am Polynices, please my Lord save my soul for I know I have done a heartless deed by shedding the blood of my brother Etecles. We were both wrong to shed the blood of our blood. Please save my brother and me."

Surprise hit the Dark Lord, humans usually only had an interest in them self's, rarely did they ever care for another. "Why plead for your brother," I asked mainly out of curiosity.

The mortal kneeled there for a moment lost in thought, then after a minute or two he replied, "He is my brother Dark Lord, and though we shed each other's blood and become bandits to one another, we will still love each other."

His two most problematic brothers flashed through his mind; all the fights replayed in his head as though he was reliving them, all the bashing of vile words and daggers tore through his mind, and most of all the thing that kept a fire of aggravation in his every day thought was the day of picking realms.

"You would forgive a brother that took your land and broke his promise," I questioned with a hint of a snarl in my voice.

"My Lord, we all make mistakes. Besides doesn't blood create the bridges that are like the strength of Cratus and the stability of Eunomia?" He took in the mortals words and couldn't help agree with them. He disliked his brothers Zeus and Poseidon but at the end of the day he still felt that gentle flame of love and compassion for them.

"You speak wise words my dear friend. You have over looked your mistakes and accept your fault of them. I will give you two choices to choose from; you were not righteous enough to go to the Elysian Fields but you may either live your life of death in the Fields of Asphodel or be reborn to move higher or lower in the scale of life, it is your choice," I offered.

His eyes glanced up to mine and they held true appreciation in them. He gently pushed off the ground for where he kneeled and came to my feet and rested his olive skin hands on my knees and cooed softly, "Thank you my Lord, I feel I have had enough of the world's troubles to last me a life time. I shall send my days in the Fields of Asphodel. Thank you."

"You're welcome my friend. Now go live your life in the Fields of Asphodel, and if your brother is true like you are to admitting ones faults and forgiveness then he shall join you there."

He got to his feet and bowed one more time before began to exist my judgment chamber. But before he left he stopped in his tracks by the door and slowly turned around to gaze at the Dark One. "My Lord before I go, I must know, who buried me?"

A flash of Hecate appeared in his mind making a faint smile rise on his face. "You must thank your daring sister Antigone, she is the one who went against the King's law and buried you in the dead of night. She stayed faithful to you and the Gods, she shall be rewarded greatly."

The mortal's eyes swirled with love for his whole-hearted sister and his face danced with thought of his beloved Antigone. He stayed for a moment more then dipped his head and vanished behind the dark wooden doors.


After what felt like a life time of running, I began to slow down until I came to a complete stop. I flopped down onto the ground and listened to my heavy breath rise and fall from my chest.

Finally after about ten minutes I pulled myself into sitting position and browsed around at my surroundings. I was in small open area of the forest that had light cascading down through the branches of the trees onto the clear pond a few feet away from me. My throat began to tighten from the run and mouth watered for the pond near me.

I crawled over to the quaint pond and greedily took handfuls of the crisp clean water and brought it to mouth, savoring every last drop then diving back in for more. Soon after a few handfuls of the fulfilling water, I became satisfied. I dried my lips and once again I laid back down on the soft lush grass.

My thoughts went to my mother and her obnoxious voice when she was lecturing me, "Don't be out here alone. The world isn't safe for a little girl like you. You're just a child," I said as I mimicked my mother's voice.

As I kept thinking about it, I began to come to the conclusion that my mother would never have any faith in me and that I would be stuck living the unadventurous life I already live.

I let out a sigh of irritation, then I glanced over at the reflecting water and lightly dipped a finger in it and swirled it around, while thinking about the wish I had made since I was 14, I wish wasn't alone. It was the only thing I wanted, and sure I had friends in Olympus but I wanted to know someone with the same morals I did. Who loved the mortal's way of life and who was ok falling asleep in the same person's arms every night for the rest of their lives. I wanted mortal love, but what god would ever have an interest in that.


I glanced sideways to look at the throne beside me. It was cover in the most marvelous jewels and pearls that had a blinding sparkle when light hit it. The throne was perfect and out-shined even Zeus and Poseidon's thrones combined, but it was still fit for the underworld.

My gaze broke when I heard a delicate knock at the door. "Come in," I called. The door opened just enough for Hecate to slide in. She closed the door with much care and gracefully slid across the floor to stand in front of me.

While giving a low bow she softly purred, "My brother, I was hoping you would give me company for a moment or two." In carelessness I let a smile spread across my face, showing the joy I held with being in her presence.

"I would adore your company my dearest sister, please find any spot that looks comforting and lounge there while we talk."

She took a seat on the top step of my harden platform and rested he hands and head on one of my knees. "My brother I was hoping we could go back to our conversation a few days ago," I tried to think of what we discussed but I shook my head from unsureness, "About you finding yourself a Queen."

"Sister I have found no suitable Queen to take the position of helping me lead my realm," I replied.

She raised her head letting her long lightly curled raven black hair hit my sky night robe and elevated her light blue eyes to meet mine. "Oh brother stop bashing the woman race. There are many suitable goddess out there who could do the job," she instead.

"They are either strong-willed and self-centered or sweet but to dainty to take charge," I protested.

She playfully rolled her eyes and cooed, "There are women out there that have both traits, your just too shy to ask one to be your queen."

I felt my face scrunch up and let my lip stick out making a smug face. "I'm too shy," I commented, "I just don't find much of an attraction to them, besides why do I need a Queen?"

"You need a queen because you're lonely, and don't you dare say that's not true because it is. Brother you need and deserve love," she insisted.

She was right. I wanted to wrap up with someone at night and feel their undying love for me, but the main reason I didn't have a queen came to my head. "What Queen wants to live down here in the dark?"

She gave me a smirk and replied, "I may be your sister but I chose to live down here with you brother. I love the light, but I love you more, and so will the girl you were destined to be with."

Warmth filled my heart and I pulled my sister into a tight embrace, wishing for this sweet simple moment to never end. "Thank you my sister," I whispered softly into her ear.


"Eros what are you doing," Aphrodite asked her trouble maker son. I glimpsed up at my mother and then back down to the task of sharpening my arrows.

"Just doing work," I answered.

She came to my side and rested her warm hand upon my shoulder. "Who is being stricken by your love felt arrows today my son?"

"Just a few desperate morals, that's all," I replied with a devious smirk on my face.

"Just don't make them to sharp my dear, they hurt enough already." A chuckle escaped me and I thought back to the time when I shot both of my parents with love arrows so they wouldn't divorce and fall in love with each other in a short quick process.

"Don't worry, I won't," I replied. I picked one of the arrows up and pulled it against the bow. "These should be perfect for flight."

As I messed around with the bow in arrow my mother warned, "Be careful with that thing, you could pop an eye or make someone fall in love with the wrong person."

"Please Mother I wouldn't be stupid enough to do that," I insisted and began to pretend to let the arrow loose, "Oh, I almost let it go. Whoopsy almost got loose and hit something. Oh, oh, it's so close to flying off into the sunset," I teased.

My Mother rolled her eyes and said, "If it flies out of your hands don't expect me to help you fix your careless mistake."

I turned away from my mother and mouthed her words, "Don't expect me to help you fix your mistake, nag, nag, nag." I pulled the string back one more time just to bug her, but when I let it go and went back to pull the arrow into place it seemed it had already been released.

"Oh Zeus," I swore under my breath. I turned to see if my Mother had seen my mistake, and when I peeked at her eyes I knew in that moment, that I was doomed.

"Eros," my Mother snapped.

"I'm sorry, not everyone's perfect like you are Mother dearest." She gave her death look and with that I turned around as quick as I could and pulled out my binoculars to see who I shot.

I watched my arrow bounce from place to place, hitting every tree and missing ever freak in soul that could or should have been hit. Then it flew through the forest and began heading for the goddess Persephone. Hit her, hit her, I begged to myself. But the Fates were not in my favor today. It bounced off a stone, to a tree, and down into the water to where Hades Underworld lair was.

I bit the edge of my lip and turned to my Mother giving her the most incessant yet I messed up big time face ever.

"Who did it hit," she asked in a stern voice.

I let out a dry laugh and replied, "I don't know, but I have small tinny tiny feeling that I hit someone from the Underworld. Love you." Her eyes blazed with fire and her fist clenched up into tight balls.

"So you have no clue who you hit," she asked in the most clam and even voice she could make. I glanced back down and saw the earth opening up around Persephone and I knew the only person who controlled that type of power.

"Well I'm going to take a guess but I think it hit Hades."

"Why do you say that," my Mother questioned as she came to stand beside me so she could look over the mountain.

"Um, because Hades just dragged Persephone to the Underworld with him," I stated.

She let out a sigh and said, "Go tell your Father."

"Yes Mam." I pulled the binoculars from my face and headed to my Fathers temple to tell him of my little mishap.


I was about to judge another soul when harsh pain broke into my heart making me fall to my knees helplessly. I stayed on the ground for a few seconds then I lifted myself up to see a long pointed arrow through my heart.

Under my breath I cured, "Your so damned Eros."

I glanced up to the pools above me, searching for that no good god of love, but I only found Persephone, Zeus and Demeter's daughter. I usually saw her often when she went to drink from the springs. She always appeared to be an average girl, but today she was stunning. The way her perfect straw berry blonde hair flowed down her back, then her sparkling blue eyes that were like Astraea, and finally her long, lean, curvy, body making her even more enchanting than Aphrodite. She was perfect, and tempting.

"Grab my chariot," I called. My subjects assisted me at once and by no time I was prepared to wisp away my dear Persephone.

I opened the ground near her and came out from my pit. Are eyes locked and she let out a scream of horror. But before she vanishes into thin air, I came up behind her and I took her by her delicate waist and pulled her body close to mine, absorbing her heat.

She screamed louder and with all her might she began kicking and punching me. But it only felt like a weak elder mouse trying to nip at me when she attacked. I pressed my hand against her mouth and descended into the Underworld.


I screamed against his cold marble hand as he began to grip my mouth tighter. I tried to kick, bite, and wiggle free from his iron grip, but everything was useless. All I could do was try to fight him, but as more tears began to stream down my face, hope began to dwindle. Finally I gave up the fight and went numb under his hold.

I studied the halls around me; they were some sort of jagged stone that posed rubies, sapphires, and so much more. I tried my hardest to marvel at the walls and not think about the Dark Lord's stable grip on my waist. But it's hard to forget a new scarring memory, with it being freshly engraved into my mind.

My thoughts of the kidnap were stopped short when the Dark One lightly whispered, "Were almost there my sweetest Persephone." A chill ran up spine at his frost-bitten words. Where are we almost to? It seemed to be the question on my mind.

My question was answered quickly when we came to a tall thick wooden door. It had an amber wood and black handle that opened and closed it.

In one swift motion he opened the door and slid in with me forced at his side. He closed the door with a little too much force making the latch hit with a loud click. He was way too anxious; this couldn't be a pleasant sign for me.

I glanced up to the face of Hades trying to detect what was swirling in those dark green eyes of his, but all I could see was pride at his completion of capturing me.

After a few moments of dead silence he dropped me to his feet and II fell hard against the stone floor. I hopped up in an instant and dashed for the door handle only to find that it was blotted shut.

I whip my body around in fury having my eyes blaze into his. "What do you want with me you disgusting old perv," I shouted in rage.

A small smile danced across his face and a chuckle escape his full lips. "Look around the room dearest daughter of Demeter," he replied. My mother's name sent a piercing pain through my heart. I fought the urge to cry out and began to focus on the question the God of Hell gave me.

I examined the fairly large room. It had dark misshapen stones for the floor, jet black walls that darkened the room, and an onyx fireplace that covered the most of the left wall. But the thing that was the center of the room was a mahogany bed frame with crimson sheets and black designed drapes that worked as curtains for the bed.

Sweat marks began to form on my face and my stomach began to churn and knot in every way possible. "It's a bedroom, what of it," I tried to say with a steady voice, even though it came out like a squeak.

His smile raised and I was able to see his white teeth under his lips. He took a step towards and I took a step back. We went back and forth till he had pinned me to the wall.

He firmly took a hold of my wrist and pressed them against the cool stone that brought goose bumps to my lightly tanned arms.

"It's a bedroom my dearest Persephone, what do you think it's for, sleeping?" I pray to Zeus it is.

"That the only purpose it serves, Dark One," I snapped as pushed myself away from him and the wall.

Before I could even make it halfway across the room a cold hand dropped on my shoulder and pulled me to a lifeless body. He carefully took his time brushing his hand to face and pulling away my strawberry blonde hair so he could breathe lightly in my ear. "Ever lost your virginity to a powerful God Persephone," he purred into my ear. With that my body went hard and felt the vomit begin to rise, but before I could even release it my mouth began occupied with the Leader of Hell himself.

His kiss was hard and hungry like he was dying of human contact, his nails digging into my skin making them burn with pain, and his force was so overwhelming that I could barely stay conscious.

I thought I was going to faint right there but he pulled away and gazed into my light blue eyes for a moment. He began to push me backwards until I hit the beds rim. He lightly kissed me and then he pulled away letting his hands drop from my skin and giving me at least a half a foot of space.

My breath began to slow down and relief spread over me, "Thank my Lord," I gasped with joy. But when I looked up into his eyes I saw only one thing, lust.

In a quick motion he took his hands and brought them underneath my legs making my body crash onto the bed. He threw himself on top of me and pinned to the bed. "How sweet, thanking me before I even screwed around with you. I knew you were devious little angel."

Hot tears raced to face and fear began to enclose my body. He pressed his lips back to mine and he began taking off his long cloak and tunic leaving only his undergarment. Then he started on me and began stripping me from my bright spring dress down to my nude body.

It wasn't long till both of our clothes were gone. He began to search my body, feeling every untouched spot that even I hadn't even dared to venture. My body boiled from our heat and I became short of breath even though the true challenge hadn't even started.

As he began opening me he quickly said, "Don't worry it will only hurt for a moment." Then after that a strong powerful burning surged through my body making me scream with pain.

"Stop," I cried. Though it was too late to stop now, he was already in and I was already no longer a virgin.

"Almost there," he commented more to himself than me. As he in surged further into me the more the pain began unbearable.

Finally when I thought I was going to die from the flames of hell the pain began to weaken. It weakened so much that it only made my body ache a little.

He finally pulled away and got off me, freeing me from his weight. I stayed there completely still, thinking that if I made a move then I would be forced to relive the trauma all over again.

"Very nice my little one, don't worry you will get use to my touch," he said. More tears began to run down my eyes and before he went he added, "Besides, who knows, maybe you'll learn to enjoy it too." With that he pulled on his clothes and headed out the door. Leaving me there, to lay in my thoughts.

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