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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: May 23, 2013

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Submitted: May 23, 2013



A year later and Esh is still the same, his life is playing football, reading books and focusing on school work. He finds that he is getting lonely though as he does not have any friends left. He hasn't seen Krystal since the day he asked her what the future would be like. He is missing her a lot and he misses having people around him. Esh finds that e is always sad now unlike before he needs to gain some more friends before he goes insane. I a book that he was reading it ad written.

with every person there will always be a part in their life that becomes dull, it becomes sad and lonely they don't know what to do. People need other people just like birds need other birds or like elephants need other elephants. 


Esh thinks about this for a while. 'Like birds need other birds or like elephants need other elephants' he thought about this like more than the others. Just like a bird he needs his friends and just like an elephant he needs his family. He has his family all of the time no matter the circumstances. His friends though he wasn't so sure. Esh somehow maintained his popularity he is starting to think it is only because he plays on the football team, though people tell him that it is because he is good looking, they might not be the exact words but it is nonetheless what they mean.

Walking out of his first class for the day he noticed something. Krystal was standing outside the door. She smiled at him and ran to hug him. She looked different though like she is older well i guess she is. Krystal hasn't been at school since that day they talked. Because her father has been ill. He is better now though and she is back. She was looking after him you see, Krystal is like that she helps others before she helps herself.

When they pulled back from the hug Krystal had a tear running down her cheek she is crying she says that they are happy tears but Esh knows all to well that they aren't.

"Alright, i missed you so much and you are the only one that i can talk to" She blurted out.

"What's happened?"

"He isn't better, well in a way i guess he is but only because e is gone he isn't alive anymore Esh and i don't know what to do it's like I'm lost"

Esh hugged her straight away. He felt so bad that he didn't know what happened. He has just been so busy avoiding everything rather than actually caring about the people that mean most to him. While hugging her he feels as if nothing could touch her and he was wishing it could always be that way. He has never experienced this sort of feeling toward anyone else before, it was like her life was more important than anything.

"I'm so sorry Krystal i should have been there for you" he said

"no don't worry i will be alright as long as we are friends" she told him

After this they went their seperate ways as they did not share the same class. They message eachother though and they hang out with eachother at lunch. Esh has stopped looking upon life for the future and started looking upon life not only one day at a time but one hour,minute, secound at a time because he has realized how important life really is. He wants to enjoy what he has and make it like nothing can stop him from his dreams. Though life will always have a way of getting in the way. 



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