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Seth let out a scream of fury, his calm facade shattering into fangs and crimson eyes as he spun to face Mila. Her sword was already in her hand, ready to strike, but a moment later another blast echoed off the walls and a deep gouge appeared in the table, missing the vampire by inches.

Taking advantage of the distraction Mila leapt back, sprinting into the relative shelter of the area under the gallery as more shots rang out. A wall to her back she peered around, gauging the situation. Seth was on the floor, by Charlotte’s body the table providing a small shelter from the mystery gunshots. One bodyguard was dead, his head a gory painting on the far wall, and the other was in the process of leaping up to the gallery. 

And Hazel…?

She brought her sword up, deflecting the flying knife just in time to stop it landing in her face. A second later Damion was in front of her, the second knife in his hand. He dodged her first swing but she recovered quickly, forcing him to leap back and out of the way of her blade as it flashed past the second time. He drew the knife back but she leapt forward, twisting as she did to land a firm kick in his stomach. The vampire barely flinched and a moment later she felt his cold hands closing around her throat…

A shot rang out and Damion was gone. Mila stumbled but a moment later a hand grabbed her sword arm, dragging her round and behind one of the stone pillars.

She looked up into a pair of baby blue eyes. 

You?” she exclaimed. “What the hell are you - ?”

“No time to talk,” Caelan interrupted roughly. He held a shot gun in his left hand, and even as he spoke he was drawing his revolver and aiming around the pillar. He fired it twice in quick succession and was rewarded with a yell of pain. 

Mila scrambled forward to where her knife had landed, snatching it up and replacing it in her belt as she turned around. Caelan was still shooting from behind the pillar. She ran forwards, seeing a shape darting towards his back, and her sword slashed across Seth’s chest, drawing an ugly line of blood. She kicked, hearing a satisfying crunch as her boot collided with his kneecap, and the vampire stumbled backwards with a snarl. 

Another snarl alerted her and she ducked down just in time, Damion’s fingers closing around air rather than her throat. She thrust forward and up with the sword but he parried the blade with her other knife, and hit her across the jaw with the force of a sledgehammer. 

Mila fell to the floor, completely dazed and unable to defend herself as Damion grabbed the front of her jacket, yanking her face up towards his. “Such a shame,” he hissed, his voice savage and animalistic. “I was going to have fun with you.”

“Tough luck,” she managed to say weakly. She tried to raise her sword, but Damion had pinned the blade to the ground with his foot, so she settled for a feeble slap. Damion caught her hand in mid air, his nails digging into her wrist as his lips peeled back from his fangs. He laughed inhumanly…

Which turned into a yowl of pain as he fell to the floor, blood erupting from the wound in his shoulder. The vampire’s eyes widened in recognition as he looked up at the shooter. “You!” he snarled in surprise.

Caelan’s revolver was still pointing towards Damion but Mila heard it click empty. 

“Crap,” he muttered.

Still dazed, Mila was half aware of Seth lunging towards her again, but a moment later Caelan was yanking Mila to her feet, dragging her around the pillar. 

“Do you know that guy?” Mila managed to gasp as they ran.

“Nope, don’t think so.” Caelan glanced back fleetingly. “Fancy getting out of here?”

As much as she would have loved to finish of Seth right then, Mila knew Damion’s blow had put her out of action. If she went up against a vampire as powerful as Seth now he would kill her for sure. “Fine by me,” she agreed.

They were a few seconds from the door when it burst open. The two vampire doormen from downstairs stood there, fangs outstretched. 

Mila screamed out a warning but Caelan was already spinning into action, the butt of his shotgun colliding with the taller vampire’s face with a satisfying crunch. The other vamp leapt towards Mila, but she summoned up her remaining strength, swinging the sword around. Her aim was true and her blade buried into the vampire’s neck with a squirt of blood, temporarily blinding her. The next thing she knew the vamp’s body lay at her feet. 

Caelan and the other vamp were still fighting in front of her. Mila turned around to look for Seth and Damion, but they were nowhere to be seen. A door up on the gallery at the other end of the room stood open, through which was coming…

“Caelan!” she yelled, at the same time as she heard him shout, “Mila!”

She spun around, seeing the other vampire coming through the door towards them just as Caelan turned to see the two speeding towards them along the gallery. She drew out her remaining knife and passed it to him, and a few seconds later the vampires were on them. 

The one coming from behind Caelan hissed horribly but her sword was already flashing towards him. He ducked it and moved to the side, ready to lunge but she drove him backwards with a well aimed lunge. 

Suddenly she felt a hand on her ankle and she was dragged to the floor. The second vampire doorman that Caelan hadn’t had time to properly finish off yanked her towards him, clawing at her leg, but she kicked at his face, feeling his nose break. A second later her sword had separated his head from his body. 

She looked up and rolled out of the way as the previous vamp stamped at where her head had been moments before. She tried to get up but her head was still pounding from Damion’s hit and she wasn’t quick enough. The vamp kicked her, sending her flying through the open door and colliding with the railings, which groaned with the strain. She barely had time to realise she wasn’t dead yet before the vamp had burst through the door. He kicked at her but she dodged out the way again, his foot instead removing a large section of railing. 

He snarled in frustration, but apparently his mistake had inspired him, for the next thing she knew he had picked her up with one hand by the front of her jacket, and dragged her across so that she was hanging precariously over the drop.

And once again time seemed to stand still. In front of her, her attacker’s eyes glowed a hellish red, and over his shoulder she could see Caelan battling with two vampires at once. Even as she watched he spun around with remarkable speed, slashing with Mila’s knife across his nearest opponent’s throat.

Not remarkable speed, she realised, a little dazed. Breathtaking speed.

Inhuman speed.

A horrible laugh drew her back to her current predicament. The vamp holding her was chuckling, his lips tracing his fangs.

She hated it when they did that.

Mila’s sword flashed around and a second later it had very effectively landed in the back of the laughing vampire’s neck.

He screamed and let go of her, and she only had a moment to appreciate her momentary victory before she felt herself beginning to fall.

She closed her eyes...



Submitted: January 13, 2016

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Hmmm. . . I wonder is Caelan a vampire. . . I hope so because Mila needs some saving.
Great chapter!

Wed, April 13th, 2016 12:51am


Ooooh so is Caelen a vampire or some other type of supernatural being? It seems like he has a past with vampires... Good chapter as always!

Sun, May 22nd, 2016 2:09pm


Thank you! And as for Caelen... You'll have to read on and find out ;)

Sun, May 22nd, 2016 7:35am


Oh dang, I hope her fall is not to far. They are kicking butt and taking names. LOL
Weather they want to admit it or not, they are a good team.

Mon, June 20th, 2016 11:20am


Definitely - although at this stage I'd go for not admitting it ;)

Thanks for reading!

Mon, June 20th, 2016 4:26am

A. K.Taylor

OK, at first, I had my suspicions about Caelan being some sort of supernatural being. After all, you have vampires and werewolves in your story already. It makes perfect sense. Second, I do love the scene overall but I do have some issues with it. They are addressed in detail with my icomments. So, I won't restate them here.

Although one point I want to make is that Caelan's sudden change from badass to demonic badass is a bit of a deus ex machina. Not a bad one though as I thought maybe he would show his true colors sooner or later. But to make your female main character so weak that she needed his help that badly is rather lame. Sorry for being blunt. The events could've occurred similarly without making her a damsel in distress. By all accounts, she should've died here.

But, I'm glad she didn't; otherwise, your story would've ended here. A good scene with almost great action. A little detail with some of the action and some true abilities on Mila's part would've improved the sequence, at least in my opinion. Also, I'm offering to help improve the scene with a bit of fight choreography knowledge, if you want it.

Mon, January 7th, 2019 1:36am


Thanks for the comment - I'll certainly look into all this during editing (I've sent you a message!)

Mon, January 7th, 2019 1:47am


Caelan a daywalker or a half-human, half-vamp? the twist coming with the reveal of his speed and Seth questioning, "You?" I think others have covered the issues here well enough so that's all I'll say.

Sun, January 27th, 2019 1:25am


Thanks for all your comments - I'll certainly look into all of that! I'm glad you're enjoying it :-)

Sat, January 26th, 2019 5:58pm

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