Bleed - a play

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Natural genetic evolution is on the rise, and dividing society by blood status and purity. Katie Pierce and Adair Rose come from conflicting worlds, political ideals and social prejudice.

Katie is a Divitiae – a person with desirable blood – and the oldest of her kind. Adair’s father, Senator Rose, has been recently sentenced to life in prison for attempting to cull those with impure blood.

Despite the longstanding rivalry between their circles, conflicting ideals and reputations, Katie and Adair form a secret and forbidden friendship. Their final year at school demands a lot of responsibility. Once she turns 18, Katie must become the official political face for the Divitiae community; while Adair is expected to fill the shoes of his extremist father.

Unbeknownst to their family and friends, Katie and Adair are crumbling under pressure. Katie is more interested in partying and being with her boyfriend than politics. And Adair, through his relationship with Katie, is gradually learning he may not share his family’s ideals.

Over the year, the pair grows to truly care for each other. But a political war is brewing, and Katie and Adair each have a role to play. How will this affect their friendship – and who will survive?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Character List + Notes

Submitted: April 01, 2014

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Submitted: April 01, 2014



Character List
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  1. Katie Pierce . . . . . Main
  2. Adair Rose . . . . . . Main
  3. West Croix . . . . .  Supporting
  4. Daniel Paladin . .  Supporting
  5. Lakyn Stone . . . . Supporting
  6. Emilie Burton . . . Supporting
  7. George Stone . . . Supporting
  8. Imogen Sinclair
  9. Pug
  10. Senator Rose

Plus numerous reporters & nameless extras (students, teachers, gunmen).

Catherine “Katie” Pierce

  •  Just turned 18, blonde and beautiful in a teen-magazine sort of way.
  • Outgoing, outspoken.  A party girl, a social magnet.
  • Is intelligent and perceptive, but tends to hide that. She figures people see her as the dumb-blonde party girl, and feels overshadowed by Emilie and Daniel.
  • “Loves love”. Has been in a relationship with George Stone for 4 years. First love/high-school sweethearts.
  • Has next to no relationship with her family. She has grown up at boarding school; her father walked out years ago; she sees West as a surrogate father figure; has been lovingly accepted into the Stone family.
  • First policy is to be kind to others, until they give her a reason not to be.
  • If she loves/cares for someone, she trusts them entirely.
  • Can become aggressive and uncompromising whenever she perceives something as unfair or an injustice.


Adair Rose (pronounced Ah–Dare)

  • 17 - 18. Smug countenance. Working the “Prince of Darkness”/bad boy image (something he will no doubt grow out of when he grows up).
  • A sharp tongue, he has a reputation for being sarcastic and spiteful.
  • Comes from a wealthy, influential family. His father, Senator Rose, receives a lot of media attention concerning his radical views on blood status.
  • His family’s views have been projected onto him. He has grown up surrounded by bigotry, and never truly given the chance to form him own opinions.
  • His friendships are based on shared ideologies, not companionship. He holds little to no close attachment to his crony-like friends.
  • He is not above viewing people as expendable in terms of the big picture.
  • Survives with a cold façade. He has been taught that displays of emotion are weakness; cracks in perfection.


West Croix (pronounced Cree)

  • Early-to-mid 30’s. Handsome, stoic.
  • Teacher. Mentor. Father-figure for Katie.
  • Has been signed on to head the Divitiae class. It has been his duty to prepare Katie (and other students) for future political responsibilities.
  • He puts up a professional, dethatched front, but deeply cares for Katie and co.
  • Reserved, but will offer emotional support in dire situations. Alternatively, saves emotional/angered outbursts for the absolute last moment.
  • A social activist. Has been helping Daniel, Katie and co. in trying to break down socio-political prejudice.
  • Despite being Katie’s mentor, he undeniably champions Daniel.


Daniel Paladin

  • 17 - 18. Handsome, the sort of face you want a leader to have.
  • Serious, brave and loyal. A strong sense of self and morals. Firmly believes in equality.
  • Unafraid to stand up for his ideals, what he believes is right. Can be hot-tempered, rude to those who oppose him, and reckless.
  • Straddling heroism and martyrdom. He strives to lead the campaign for blood-status equality, but also sees this as a burden.
  • Fiercely protective and compassionate at the best of times. Vindictive and brooding at the worst.


Lakyn Stone (pronounced Lake-In)

  • 17 – 18.
  • George Stone’s younger brother.
  • Loud. Flamboyant. An attention whore. Parties just as hard as Katie, if not harder.
  • Loves to dance, doesn’t give a fuck who is watching.
  • Viewed as sexually ambiguous. Secretly bisexual. Has feelings for both Daniel and Emilie.
  • Projects a care-free demeanour to cover his serious side.
  • Internalises his feelings. Self-sacrificing for the ones he loves. Put’s others before himself.


Emilie Burton (pronounced Emily)

  • 17 – 18.
  • Softly-spoken, shy, a wallflower.
  • A bookworm. Scholarly. Modest and meek.
  • Aims to be helpful to others; it gives her a sense of purpose. She wants to please people, and hates the thought of inadvertently hurting anyone.
  • Has feelings for Daniel, but is too nervous and insecure to pursue anything.
  • Often feels overshadowed by Katie’s loud personality, and has come to slightly resent her.


George Stone

  • 19 -20. Tall, lanky. Confidence and charm compensate for his average looks.
  • The eldest of three siblings.
  • Was popular in school, but has now left and gone to university/work.
  • Received a lot of attention from girls in school, but has only had eyes for Katie since he was 16.
  • His maturity level changes depending on the circumstances. He can be foolish and humorous to lighten the mood, grounded and considerate if someone needs support.
  • Seemingly never took school serious, but is in fact highly ambitious and talented at what he does.


Imogen Sinclair

  • 15-16. Pretty and popular.
  • Queen-Bee – and yes, the B stands for BITCH.
  • Strong willed. Self-entitled. Condescending.
  • Bitches about others behind their back, and to their face.



  • 17 – 18. Can be male or female.
  • Adair’s right-hand (wo)man.
  • Equally arrogant and malicious as Adair, if not more.
  • Openly cruel, racist, sexist and homophobic.

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