Foolish Love 1

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Rayne lived a hard life. Mom went to Brazil to live her dream. Dad is always drunk and throwing parties. Rayne has a couple good friends but mainly has to work to much to enjoy being 17. A new family moves in down the street. And the guys are well pretty amazing looking. One of them cant seem to leave her alone and keeps finding ways to be by her but just looking at him she knows hes dangerous. Can she avoid the passion or is she oging to give in and regret it.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Foolish Love 1

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



Hey, My name is Rayne Acevedo. I am puerto Rican with long brown curly hair and Deep brown eyes. My mom is in brazil traveling and livingup her freedom. My dad is here some of the time but mainly drunk and if he is home chances are there are tons of drunk people here with him. 

I usually keep to myself except for my 2 friends. Eliza and Derek. I work alot and work very late at a Diner calles maxes. Its a great place. 

Most of the time I am pretty happy with my life but lately I think im being stalked. A new family moved in. There a lot of them. The entire family is attractive. There is one guy who keeps following me. He is beauitful. Built and I kno cause he doesnt wear a shirt much. Dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. Everywhere I go he seems to be there and he keeps smiling at me. It makes my heart thud and scares me at the same time .I have never met any of them just seen them here and there.  But that one guy, I know what his issue is. I am no beauty. Im not ugly but im no size 5 blonde hair blue eyes either. 

Wonder whats going on here?

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