Chapter 3: The Rebirth of the U.S.T.C. final part!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 292

Chapter 3:

"Have you seen, Chris?" Dan asked.

"No," said Ona. "He went off."

"On his own?!"

"Yo, man, chillax!" A.J. said. "He'll be fine!"

"Mr. Peters," Beam added. "Chris got suspended."

"SUSPENDED?!" Dan screamed. "For what?!"

"Fighting with the bully, Butch Thompson." Ona replied.

"Yeah! You should have seen it," A.J. added. "Chris was like: Let her go, man, or I'll bury you! And then Butch was like: Is that all you got, you little bitch?! And then..."

"Those aren't their exact words." Ona interupted.

"Yeah I know." A.J. said. "But it was cool!"

"Sir, he did this for me." Ona told Dan. "He saved me from that giant bastard, and then he told me that he is a freakishly fugly freak!"

"Those aren't his exact words." Beam interupted.

"I know, Beam." Ona said. "But that's what he told me."

"My boy... a freak ?!" Dan cooed. "No...No this can't be happening!"

"What is it?" Beam asked.

"Chris did the exact same thing that I went through!" Dan answered.

"What do you mean by that?" Ona added.

"You may not know this, but back in my day, I fight with the bully, got suspended for three days, left my friends and go to the lab, and wished that I wanted no superpowers!" Dan explained. "I have no powers now, but when me and my wife have..."

"Okay. Moving on..." said Ona.

"After that," Dan continued. "I gave my superpower genes to Chris."

"That explains the red-orange beams comming out of his eyes." A.J. remembered.

"So he's the new Superman ?" Ona asked.

"No." Dan replied. "He's the new Mr. Ultimate!"

The teens were surprised. Meanwhile at the lab, Chris woke up and felt different.

"Where am I?" he mumbled.

"Hello, Son of Mr. Ultimate!" cooed Phrometheus.

Chris looked around and all he sees is blur vision. He needs his glasses, unless he has his powers, but not today. Phrometheus looks into Chris's school bag.

"Hey! What are you doing?" He yelled softly.

"I'll notify your father that you are doing well." he lied again.

"I don't feel well." Chris complained.

"Well see about that!" Phrometheus added. He shape-shifted himself as Jimmy Probes. He looked into Chris's cellphone, and dial the number to call Dan. At the lab.

"Why?" asked Ona. "Why didn't you tell us that before?"

"Because you wouldn't believe me." Dan answered.

"We believe you now." Ona added. "Just wanted to know."

"Thanks, Ona." said Dan. Suddenly his cellphone rang, hoping that it was Chris. He picked up the phone.

"Chris..." Dan called. "Chris, where are you?"

"He's with me." answered Jimmy.

"Jimmy, what the hell is going on?" Dan shouted. "Why is he with you?"

"I found him on the streets," Jimmy replied. "He didn't feel well so I took him to my house."

"Aren't you suppose to be in a mental institution?"

"They released me for good behavior."

"Oh. Well I'm coming over." Dan hang up the phone. He had so much stress, he didn't explain what's going on.

"Hey, is Riven still there?" Ona asked.

"Yeah, he's at the guest room, sleeping." Dan answered. "Wake him up and meet me at Peters-Hiyakawa Enterprises. I have something to show you."

Dan walked away. The teens woke Riven up.

"What do you want?" Riven mumbled.

"Mr. Peters is gonna show us something neat!" Ona replied.

"Not interested." Riven shrugged.

"Oh come on!" Ona protested. "It's time to get up!"

Ona lend out her hands, and suddenly yellow magic came out of her hands. Riven was surrounded by the magic and was flown out of bed. Ona discovered her fairy magic.

"Whoa!" said A.J. "Nice chops!"

"Thankx," Ona added. "Now let's go!"

Ona flew from the house, then A.J. ran out, too. Riven used his powerful katana and sliced the door free. As the piece of the door was about to hit Beam, he takes cover and created an invisiableforce field. Beam and Riven discovered their powers. Now the team is ready!

At the Enterprises, The four teens enter the lab. Dan is waiting for them.

"Welcome... again." he said. "I ask you to be here, so that I will show you something. You guys have the watches?"

"I have mine." Beam handed the watch comm link to Dan.

"Let's take you for example, Beam." Dan explained. "When you activate your comm link, you become a superhero. For you, you're number 4, Illusion Kid."

"Illusion Kid?" Beam asked. "I... Illusion Kid?"

"Yes." Dan added.

"Sweet!" Beam jumps for joy.

"For you, A.J.," Dan continued. "You're number 2, Dashing Dude."

"Awesome!" A.J. cried.

"Riven, I know that you're not interested in what I had to say..." Dan said.

"I'm all ears." Riven added.

"You're number 5, The Dark Samurai." Dan added.

"Okay... cool!" Riven cooed.

"Last but not least, Ona," Dan concluded."My wife used to be Golden Goddess back in her day, so I'm giving it to you, number 3."

"Is because I'm a girl?" Ona asked.

"And only female member of the team, I think you'll be great!" Dan added.

"Okay, thank you!" Ona concluded.

"Can we do it now?" A.J. asked.

"Sure. Why not." said Dan.

The four members activate their watches, as soon as they say the command: "U.S.T.C., 2, 3, 4, and 5, power up!" They changed into their superhero costumes: A.J.'s costume was a red and white jumpsuit with a regular 8 sided star on his chest, a belt with a red square buckle; leather wrist bands, and gloves, and leather boots. He's now #2, Dashing Dude. Ona's costume was a simple yellow spaghetti strap shirt, matching shorts,and over the shirt was a satin, black, 1" spaghetti strap shirt with the yellow 8 sided star on her chest, a belt with a yellow rhombus belt buckle, 2 long arm and leg bracellets, magical wings, and her hair was in two high pig tails. She became #3, Golden Goddess, even though she had fairy powers. Beam's costume was white and back jumpsuit that has a green8-sided star on his chest,a pair of green goggles with ear muffs, a belt with a belt buckle that matches one of his lenses, leather wristbands and gloves and black leather boots. He became #4, Illusion Kid. Riven's costume was a black leather samurai outfit with red ribbon to hold it in place, a red 8-sided star like A.J.'s, but it was on his left side of the chest, a magical katana, and ancient samurai flip flops. He's now #5, the Dark Samurai.

"Now you are the Ultimate Super Turbo Champs!" Dan said. He liked the title, but the teens think otherwise.

"Ultimate Super..." Beam started.

"Turbo Champs?" Ona added. "Okay... what?"

"Look, dude." A.J. added. "That title is wack!"

"I like it." Dan complained.

"Yeah... in your time!" Riven protested.

"So if I'm number 4, A.J.'s number 2, Ona's number 3, and Riven's number 5, then who's number 1?!" Beam asked.

"My son." Dan concluded. Then the red light flashes.

"What's going on?" Ona asked.

"It's the news." Dan replied. "Phrometheus has unleashed the army of androids to destroy all of Narita!"

"Then we should go!" A.J. commanded.

"Wait!" Dan cried. A.J and Co. stopped a moment. "Who's gonna watch the lab?"

"I will!" said Aya's voice. "I heard what happen to our son."

"Aw, baby," Dan conforts Aya. "We'll bring him, back in one piece. I promise."

"Dan..." Aya added.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Be carefull. All of you."

"Thanks, Aya." Dan concluded as he, and the team went to an aircraft, and flew off to the sky.

"Who's she?" A.J. asked.

"She's my wife." Dan replied.

"Damn!" A.J shouted. "That girl is fine!"

At the lab, Chris felt tired than usual, he can't even move, and he's almost out of breath.

"Ah! we got uninvited guests!" Phrometheus cooed.

"What's going...on?" Chris asked softly.

"Looks like your friends are in for it!" Phrometheus replied. Back outside in the sunset, Dan and the team are headed towards the Probes residence. Beam uses his X-Ray vision. He didn't see Chris or Phrometheus any where.

"They're not in the house!" Beam cried.

"It can only mean one thing..." Dan said. "They are at his hideout!"

The team was stoned cold.

"Computer..." Dan requested. "Show me the directions to the hideout."

"As you requested!" said a young girl's voice. Dan didn't know who it is, but he tries not to bother. The team arrived outside the hideout, but the rock is in the way.

"I'll move it out of the way!" Ona volunteered. She's also sort of an Earthbender, so she used the magic, and threw the giant rock out of the way. The men's jaws are wide open.

"What?" Ona cried. "Never seen a girl move a rock before?"

"I've seen worse." A.J. cried.

"Shut up, A.J." Ona commanded as the men follow her to the hideout. As they got to the lab, the team finds Chris, straped into a machine. He was very tired."

"Chris!" Ona gasped. She flew to his safety. "OMG! Your burning up!"

"It's him!" Chris yelled softly. "I asked Mr. Price that I wanted no superpowers, so I can live a normal life."

"Mr. Price?" Ona asked. "Well, whoever he is, the man that granted your wish is Phrometheus!"

"What?" Chris cried.

"Son, he drained your powers." Dan added.

"Dad?" Chris tries to see Dan, but he sees blur. "Are you here?"

"I'm here, son." Dan said softly. "I wanted to tell you that... when I was you're age... I wanted my superpowers to be no more."

"Why?" he asked.

"Because, same reason as you, being a freak. But, then I realized," Dan continued. "That I have friends by my side. So they got my powers back, and I promised never to drain them again, but since I have you, all my superhero DNA goes to you."

"Whoa!" cried Chris.

"Just like today." Dan concluded.

"He's right." Ona agreed. "You have your family, even your friends!"

"Who stick by you..." A.J. added.

"Every step of the way!" Beam added.

"Even if they aren't." Riven concluded.

"Thanks, guys." Chris said. "Now is there any way I can get out of this thing?"

The gang laughed, then they tried their hardest to untied Chris. Suddenly Phrometheus, that green-skined with scales, yellow-eyed, red-haired, son of a b**** came in to the chamber, only to find his long time friend, Dan and the club, trying to free Chris.

"Get away from him!" Phrometheus shouted.

"Jimmy," Dan said. "Can we worked this out?"

"You were too late, a long timeago!" Phrometheus shouted again. He then looked at the kids in full costume.

"Well, well, well..." Phrometheus said. "What have we here! New supers I see?"

"You damn right!" shouted A.J.

"You may have taken Chris's powers, but you'll never take ours!!" Ona added.

"So give his powers back!" Beam yelled.

"Or we'llfight you, you scumbag!" Riven concluded angrily.

"Never!" cried Phrometheus. "Once I have his powers, I will have world domination!!!"

"Not in our watch," said Dan.

"Oh, who's gonna stop me?" Phrometheus cried. "You?"

"No." Dan added. "They would."

Phrometheus knows who they are, but is the club ready for this? So they charged at them. Phrometheus summons the army of androids to keep them busy while he's ready to take on the world. Dan ran after Phrometheus and knock him down.

"Look at me, Jimmy," Dan said. "I can help you! You don't have to do this!"

"I all ready have!" Phrometheus cooed. He uses his septor, multi-colored beams of magic charged at Dan, and knocked him out.

"Dad!" Chris cried loudly. He tries to break free. As he broke free, blue magic was circling around his body, that can only mean one thing... He got his powers back! He finally got out, and the machine was about to blow, but Chris took cover, and the machine was in flames. Chris took a deep breath, and blow out the flames, which it turned into ice. Then he saw the watch on the floor. It was blue and it has a #1 printed on it. He ran to his father.

"What should I do?" he asked.

"Activate it..." Dan said softly. "You are now the new Mr. Ultimate. My #1."

Chris was amazed. He shed a tear, but it's no time to cry, now. He activates his watch.

"U.S.T.C. #1, power up!!" he commanded. His costume was black and navy blue with a white line separating it, over it wasa knight's chest armor with a navy blue 8-sided star on it, black leather gloves, a belt with a circle, navy blue belt buckle, black tights, navy blue knew pads, and black leather boots. He became #1, The one and only Mr. Ultimate. Then he joined the gang, who needed more help defeating the androids.

Riven, A.J., Ona, and Beam, almost warned out, were surprised that they have another pair of hands to do the job. The droids were charging at the four teens. They were about to be done for, untilChris ripped a giant piece of the ceiling and dropped it on the androids. The first group of androids exploded.

"I knew you guys needed help!" said a voice from above. The four teens looked up and there was Chris, as Mr. Ultimate.

"Chris!" Ona cried cheerfully.

"You're back!" A.J. added.

"You bet I am!" he concluded. He flew to the ground and his friends were surrounding them, but they were far from done, the remaining androids are charging them. Ona and Beam created a giant forcefield around the androids, and electrocuted them. The second group of androids were exploded as well. Riven used his katana and sliced 24 more androids, and they were exploded, too. The last 17 were for Chris and A.J.

"Ready?" said Chris.

"I was born ready!" said A.J.

Chris flew and A.J. ran at superspeed. A.J. grabbed the rope and 3 sticks of dynamite that were all ready lit up, but there's no time, A.J. tied the androids together as fast as he can without breaking a sweat.

"Okay!" shouted A.J. "Their all yours!"

Chris nodded, and he grabbed the tied-up androids, flew them to space, and threw them away. From the distance the androids were gone. Chris flew back to Earth, and his friends were running towards him.

"OMG, we did it!" Beam and Ona shouted.

"Yeah, we sure did." added Riven.

"But it's not over..." Chris said.

"What?" A.J. complained. "We kick serious ass, is there more?"

"No. Just Phrometheus."

"And you guessed right!" Phrometheus shouted. He has Dan on one arm, then he grabs Ona by her arm.

"Ona!!" Chris cried. "Let them GO!!"

"I'm afraid not!" Phrometheus cooed as he warped Ona, Dan and himself to the carnival.

"We gotta save them!" Chris commanded. The boys went to the carnival, and there were people all ready here. Chris spotted Butch Thompson. He hoped that Butch didn't see him. At the rollercoaster, Ona and Dan were tied up on the tracks.

"You bastard!" Ona cried. "Chris and his friends will be there to kick your ass!"

"Silence! Little girl!" shouted Phrometheus. "As the roller coaster is at it's end, you'll and you're future father-in-law will be crushed.

Phromtheus laughed. How the hell did he know about Chris and Ona's relationship? Dan thoughted. And I'm her future father-in-law? I just met her! The roller coaster started, and it went fast, but luckily Chris and his friends arrived at the scene. As the coaster was at the end where Ona and Dan were tied up. Chris freed them and flew them to safety.

"Are you all right?" he asked.

"Yeah," Ona replied. "We're fine!"

"Chris," Dan added. "How come Phrometheus knows about our future?"

"What?" Chris asked withastonishment.

"Ona being your future wife? Me being her father-in-law?" Dan asked.

"All ready?!" Chris screamed with anger. "Oh great! Where is he?!"

"Here I am!" Phrometheus shouted from above "Well what do ya know? We have the whole family all together!" Then he laughed.

"That's IT!" Chris yelled. He was now filled with anger, the same way when he was fighting with Butch. He flew in front of Phrometheus, and got into his face. Phrometheus stopped laughing.

"Oh, great I gotta help him!" Ona flew to where Chris and Phrometheus were standing on the ferris wheel. Everyone watched from view.Dan tried to stop her, but she already went to the sky.

"You got something to say..." said Chris with a different tone of voice. "Say it to my FACE!"

"Whoa!" said Phrometheus. "How's a geeky kid like you, would have a girlfriend like that little girl behind you!"

"I'm NOT a geek!!" he growled. "And don't you DARE say that to Ona! She's not my girlfriend!!"

"Chris! Don't do this!" Ona warned him. "Remember what happened back at school..."

"Ona," Chris said. "This is different!"

"Yes, little girl." agreed Phrometheus. "He's right, this is different!"

"Don't call me LITTLE GIRL!" Now Ona was filled with anger. She charged at Phrometheus, but Phrometheus zapped Ona, and she fell, unconsious.

"ONA!!!" Chris flew to where Ona had fallen. She was unconsious. He was about to kiss her, but he just met her. His eyes filled with tears, andcried a little, but he's back being angry again. He flew back up to Phrometheus with a flagless flag pole on his hands.

"YOU HURT HER, YOU BASTARD!!!" he yelled loudly. Everyone,even the humans could here.

"And I'm suppose to say I'm sorry ?" asked Phrometheus. "HA! She deserves that anyway!"

Phrometheus laughs. Chris couldn't take it anymore. So he wacked him with a flag pole, and Phrometheus fell to the ground. Beam, Riven and A.J. were surrounding him.

"Now let's..." said A.J.

"No!!" Chris shouted. "He's all mine!!"

"Damn!" A.J. added.

Chris flew down to Phrometheus, but Phrometheus got up.

"Is that all you got, bitch?!" Phrometheus gloated.

"Do your worst, you psychopath bastard!" Chris commanded.

Phrometheus cannot lose to a 15 Yr. Old, so he zapped Chris, but Chris got up while being zapped. He walked towards the septor, grabs it from Phrometheus, and breaks the orb.

"NOOOO!" cried Phrometheus.

Chris punched the villian in the face, he fell to the ground, but got another one, and another and another. Phrometheus sat up, but Chris is far from done.

"It's over, Phrometheus!" Chris said. "Give it up!"

"Not this time! You'll never seen the last of me!!" Phrometheusgot the fire crackers and vanished. Chris was angry. He wanted him dead, but there's a next time. Ona fluttered her eyes. Firstshe saw blur, but when she blinked, she saw Chris. He smiled at her.

"What happened?" Ona asked.

"Phrometheus got away." Chris replied. "But someday, we'll be ready to take him."

"Yeah."added Ona.

"Yeah." agreed Chris.

The two heroes staired at each other. They were about to kiss, but like I said, they just met.

"Come on, all ready!" A.J. cried. "Kiss!"

"A.J." said Ona. "Shut up!"

Everyone laughed.

"Come on guys, let's go home." Dan said.

They team got on an aircraft and went home. They didn't know that they have people from below are cheering for them The U.S.T.C looked down and waved.

2 days later. Everything is back to normal. Chris, A.J., Ona, and Beam walked home from school with smiles on their faces. They were happy that the normal kids wanted to see these heroes again. As they got home, they see the Chen twins: Dax and Rose.

"Hi, guys!" said Rose.

"Rose?" Chris asked. "What are you doing here?"

"You didn't know? Mr. Peters hired us! He's busy now so..."

"Oh. That's great!"

"Hi, sweetie," Aya said to Chris. Kissing him on the forehead.

"Hi, mom!" Chris replied. He kissed her on the cheek.

"How's your day?"



"Yeah, I thought I was in for the worst, but people told me I look like Mr. Ultimate on T.V!"


"Hey, Chris," said Christina. "I saw your look alike on the news!"

"I know, Chrissy!" Chris patted his sister on her head.

"Hey! Watch the head!" she warned him.

"I will!"

"Chris," said Ona. "What do you think about Ultimate Super Turbo Champs ?"

"I have a better suggestion." Chris replied. "How about Ultimate Super Teen Club ?"

"Oh! Cool!" said Ona.

"Awesome ring to it!" added A.J.

"I like it!" Beam agreed.

"What happen?" Riven woke up.

"Just in time to rename the team name." Chris said.

"Rename what?" Riven asked.

"The team name, " Chris responded. "From now on, I like to call ourselves the Ultimate Super Teen Club!"

"Great!" Riven said. "Just gets better."

Everyone cheered. They held out their hands, one on top of the other.

"Ultimate Super Teen Club!" said all five teens.

Now they are ready to take on anything that was thrown at them.

The End of Pilot.

Submitted: June 19, 2008

© Copyright 2021 Ana Rui. All rights reserved.


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