Shitty Adventures of Douche Dude (The SADD Saga)

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Episode III; Revenge Of The Nude

Submitted: September 10, 2010

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Submitted: September 10, 2010



Created by Justine Challis & Andre A. Molina
Story by Andre A. Molina & Justine Challis
Written by Andre A. Molina

Our Hero sat in the Douche Cave, reading the morning paper. HEADLINE: ""Douche Dude saves the City from Jewish Zombies and Nazi Vampires"".
Douche Dude didn't know that later that day he would be fighting bald, naked old men.
"Fuck You!" yelled a strange man who interrupted the story.
Here's Larry. Larry was a quiet old retard, who was institutionalized for trying to strip his entire office naked. He was released for good behavior. But He wasn't gonna behave for long. He had plans for revenge. In his younger years he learned hypnotic powers. He hypnotized old men into stripping naked. Soon the papers were calling him 'Master Nudist'.
"Friends!,"said Master Nudist, "We will strip the people of this world naked!"
and so the stripping began..
"Fuck You!" yelled a strange man who interrupted the story 9 sentences ago (count it, lol). Soon little 10 year old boys and girls were hiding all around the world as old men came running into their houses, stripping their families naked.
"Jesus," said a naked old man, " I thought you were a woman!"
"I am..." the wo..MAN answered... (Uh.............).
Suddenly, Yells and cries were heard in a town near here. It was three naked old men who's balls had been broken (Ouch!)
"Douche Dude kicked our butts." said one.
"Maybe he kicked your butts, but he kicked my nutts." said another.
"Well He kicked my balls too!" yelled the other, "and he beat the shit out of me with a hockey stick!"
"Where is he?" asked the master.
The ground shook as the amazing Douche Dude entered the scene.
"I didn't know that later today I'd be fighting bald, naked old men!" said Douche Dude.
When he said this, a boy came out the bush (came out, went back in, and came out again.. he was horny)
"Holy Shit! Douche Dude!"
At that moment, hundreds of naked people (including us, we just don't remember it) cam running towards our hero.
"Holy naked people, Douche Dude!" the boy cried, " You're fucked!" and then he ran away.
and so began a very ["Fuck You!" yelled the man that kept interrupting the story.] rude, disgusting, disturbing, and just plain down right nude fight between the bald, naked old men and Douche Dude (I'm not sure I wanna tell you about this). Douche Dude eventually defeated the naked people, and all of their balls (and ours) were broken.
"I will return!" said the master, as he held his broken balls, as he was dragged away by naked cops (who were wondering why they were naked).
Thanks Douche Dude, thanks for breaking our balls asshole!!!!!!!

© Copyright 2017 Andre Molina. All rights reserved.


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