Shitty Adventures of Douche Dude (The SADD Saga)

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Episode IV; Doc Cock’s Methods

Submitted: September 10, 2010

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Submitted: September 10, 2010



Created by Justine Challis & Andre A. Molina 
Story by Andre A. Molina
Written by Andre A. Molina

It was a dark and stormy night. Little Billy Cocktail had drank too much punch that night and had to go use the toilet in the basement. His dad had a very bad case of constipation that afternoon, and he took a shit in every other bathroom (I know, you didn't need to know that). Well, Billy went down to the darker and scarier bathroom. He entered, lifted the seat, de-pantsed, and proceeded in releasing the fluids (he could have sworn he didn't drink apple juice today, oh well..). The toilet all of a sudden came alive and snapped his cock off (aww.... he wanted apple juice).
Soon People around the world were finding their toilets coming to life and rumors of the Shit Times returning spread (so did the populations of 'eunuchs', if you know what I mean). But wasn't Captain Shitbag killed? Who could it be?

It So happens that Captain Shitbag had a son, Cocky Shitebag. Cocky found remains of the[so secret no one can find it not even douche dude] shit covered laboratory and used his lazer. He nick-named himself Doc Cock (ok?) and decided to take revenge. But this time he was gonna kill all humans so that he can control the planet and call it Toilietinia (jesus, he's not good at this).
"My Turd's," he yelled at his father's followers, "You fought with the Captain, now fight with me!"
"Doc Cock! Doc Cock! Doc Cock!" the turds chanted in praise.
Thunder crashed, and lightning struck as his army of turds and toilets attacked big government buildings and took control of countries (they were already controlled by turds anyway). War was everywhere, but the toilets had the upperhand.
"Help!" yelled a little girl, who got flushed down a toilet already filled with shit (thats just wrong).
Soon News of Douche Dude fighting toilets & turds came to Doc Cock's attention.
"Let him come here!" roared the mighty Doc Cock. One by one, the toilets were being plungered and defeated by Douche Dude. Soon the turds and Doc Cock were left with only some 50 Toilets still standing. They set a trap in the [so secret no one can find it not even douche dude] shit covered laboratory. When Douche Dude entered he saw no one.
"Oh NO! Its a trap!" he yelled, as a giant toilet with the words "BIG MAMA" on its toilet seat appeared out of nowhere. Doc Cock stood on top.
"You will be flushed, you douchebag!" yelled the evil doctor.
"Well bring it! Dick!" shouted our Hero.
With that a dramatic, acrobatic, automatic ( MUST BE GREASE LIGHTNING!), and supersonic battle began. Twist, turns, jumps, kicks, slips, falls, and shitting occured (everyone needs a bathroom break). In the end Douche Dude had flushed down Doc Cock & the turds, Doc Cock's own giant toilet. Douche Dude went home to rest. In the rubble left, came an eerie sound. The grave of Captain Shitbag appeared, and the toilet-shaped coffin opened (dunn.. dunn.. dunnnn.......).
Thanks Douche Dude! You saved us from getting eaten alive by toilets!

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