Shitty Adventures of Douche Dude (The SADD Saga)

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Episode V; The Captain Returns part I

Submitted: September 10, 2010

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Submitted: September 10, 2010



Created by Justine C. & Andre A.
Story by Andre A.
Written by Andre A.

Now my children, It is my turn. It is I who defeats your precious savior. Hahaha!!! (help me!) Shut up!!!!!! You see evil always beats good, because good is dumb (some one help!!!). SHUT UP!!!!!
Sorry, where was I? Your Pathetic piece of shit was walking the streets, looking for 'evil doers' as you call them (this is insane!). I watched him. That stupid little waste of space. He was worst than my grandma. "What are you sayin' Ducky?" grandma says. "Mother grandma!?" Well, lets move along. I myself had other things to do. I went to my secret lair (the laundry room), NO!!!. Actually, it was a subway bathroom, but nobody knew about it (except for the subway), Ok shut up! Long story short, I began the creation of my new army (which by the way smelled like wet farts). Stop it or i'll throw you in the paper shredder with the rest of the episodes!.
My {Shit covered robots with a craving for Apple Pie}were coming along great. Their Apple pie farts were especially deadly (and smelly). I warned you (shutting up now). Before too long, my robots began to enhance in strength. Soon it was time to battle.

With my amazing {Shit covered robots with a craving for Apple Pie}, I began to control the world and with my new {Shit covered robots with a craving for Apple Pie} with toilet-risers (lazers that bring toilets to life). I think they know that! (sorry!) Anyway, (no, don't say anway..) ok (you have..) yea (make it clear to them..) fine (if your gonna do my job, then do it right!). SHUT UP!!!!!! Moving along, I proceeded making people shit in bags once more while waking the toilets that once again roamed the planet. "HAHAHA!!" The best part was that Douche Dude could not do a thing. You see as soon as I was ready, I sent my best {Shit covered robots with a craving for Apple Pie} to capture Douche Dude. They did. But then they all went out for apple pie. so I had to go find them.
"What should we do with him?" said {Shit covered robots with a craving for Apple Pie}1

"Lock him in the lair (bathroom)." I said, and would you not interrupt my sentence? (sorry). The fight continued, with me the victor in every battle (I didn't know your name was victor)..... I loved it, every one was shitting themselves. It smelled like heaven (what are you talkin' bout). You're gone! (NO!) Goodbye! (Please no!) Into the shredder I threw him................................. But just as he did Douche Dude (who had escaped) saved me and put me down on the floor.
"Now finish the story." said Douche Dude. Captain Shitbag was outraged. "How can this be?" he yelled.
"Simple really," said Douche Dude, "We met in Episode I, then II & III came out. I beat your son in IV."
Douche Dude grinned, "And Now I'm gonna 'Kick Your Ass!' "

And so an ultimate showdown between good&evil, big&small, skinny&fat, smelly&more smelly, shitty& shitty, began. Both Fighters were tired. Douche Dude used his Douche Lazer (don't ask). Captain Shitbag fought back violently along side his {Shit covered robots with a craving for Apple Pie} who proceeded in farting in Douche Dude's face. Then the toilets came, our douche (I mean hero) was surrounded. He fought through the robots, douche-lazered Captain Shitbag, and took a shit in the toilets. But It was no good. He couldn't fight them alone. So did what he hadn't done before.
"JUSTICE SHIT! ASSEMBLE!!!" His cry was heard throughout the land (and gave my ass a little tingle). Shitman, Douche Girl, Mute Boy, and Octopussy came to the rescue. And together, they fought like true champions, defeating the evil Captain Shitbag. But Then Captaint Shitbag did something no one expected. He flushed himself down the toilet, and as he disappeared, he yelled., "I'll be back!"
We were safe.. for the moment.
Thanks Douche Dude! You saved us from shitting ourselves again (not to mention, saved me from the paper shredder.)

© Copyright 2017 Andre Molina. All rights reserved.


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