Chapter 1: the lady in the uniform part one

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The Lady in the uniform


Chapter one: The young Lady


IN THE 1800's in a small town in England, who lived a young girl called Airanna. Airanna is no older then sixteen year's old. Airanna lived with her parent's who own's a Butcher shop. They are'nt very rich and gave Airanna a good education and kept her looking beautiful. Airanna had to earn her education and clothe's, Airanna had to deliver order's to there customer's all over the town.

Airanna is very bright and smart, and most of all very shy. Airanna hardly talk to young boy's her age, and they did look at her walking down the street's. Airanna is waiting for the right young man, to sweep her of her feet. Until then Airanna will know when the right one come's along for her. Then get married and have Children.

Airanna is still a sweet and innocent young lady, and had no experience with boy's. Airanna is allway's to busy to be thinking about them thing's. As Airanna has her delivery's to do on time and not to forget anyone. When Airanna finished her work Airanna will start to help clean up the shop.

In the evening Airanna would read a book about, travelling and different country's. That is her dream when she is older, and save up enough money to go. Everyday Airanna done her delivery's. mainly to the same customer's in town, and the town is getting bigger and more people are coming to live in the town. As they are coming from the village's outside the town.

The streets are busy with people, and coache's with horse's to pull them. When Airanna had to cross the street, she had to be careful. As Airanna might get knock down by a horse. There are other people in the street's, selling there good's and alot of shouting going on. There is horse manuar in the road's and smell's quite bad. When the road's are wet and they got slippery, and Airanna had to be more careful not to drop her delivery's.

Or maybe have a serious accident to herself. As her parent's can'nt afford, to make any more products for there customer's. And what customer's payed for the order's the money, went back into the shop to make more pie's and sausage's everyday. They also sold other meat's and they hardly had enough meat to sell. As the price of meat is not cheap. Someday's they would buy a deer or rabbit's from poacher's, as they can buy it cheaper from them then from there supplier.

They also had pig's and chicken's from the village's outside the town, and if they could afford it also buy a cow once a month. They made a big profit from the beef, when it is all sold. And make it last over a month. There is only one butcher's shop in town, and it's well known and people talk about there pie's. Which the pie's are so good, there customer's would buy them. And people from out of town came to get them.

Which made up for there losse's, each month and still make a little profit. They had to buy there meat fresh from the slaughter house's, and sometime's they only had meat day's old and did'nt look good. They could'nt sell that to there customer's. There customer's knew if the meat is good or bad in there pie's, and they will order more or we will lose there custom.

 If they had any complaint's about the pie's or other meat, people would stop buying from them and struggle each month. They would lose everthing that they have built up over the year's, and there reputation's would be like dirt. And lose all there trade. And even end up living on the street's, with no home and with a daughter. To feed as well as them.

An older Gentlemen had heard about there pie's from another town mile's away, and came to buy there pie's. And the word got all over the county. Airanna got very busy on her delivery's, that she had to make two a day instead of one. And Airanna had more new customer's everyday. And make the right delivery's to the right people, and cant make any mistake's or lose any money

Airanna is Seventeen years old now. And her parent's wanted to give her, something special for her birthday. As they saw a lovely dress in a shop window. That Airanna would love to have. It is very expensive for them and they managed to, save up enough money to buy it for her birthday. As Airanna has just turned into a young Lady. Airanna is very polite to people. Even the young Children on the street's, that Airanna take's a few extra pie's to give them to the Children.

Airanna parent's knew what Airanna is doing and, did'nt question her about it. as Airanna gave them to the Children. Even some young men would send her gift's, to the shop for her. And had no clue who sent them, as Airanna is to busy to be interested in young men. Airanna helped her parent's. And done the delivery's as Airanna is the only one they can trust, and take's her mind of young men.

 And at night Airanna is thinking about her prince. And how long Airanna has to wait for him to sweep her of her feet, and take her to his kingdom and live happly ever after. In the meantime Airanna parent's struggled everyday to make a better life for them and Airanna. They could'nt afford to go at night to social advent's in town, and prefered there own company at home.

 As all of them are together everyday. After work Airanna parent's are to tired, to do anything apart from resting and a early night. As they get up early. Airanna only knew thing's about different country's from her book's, and want to experience them for herself. What Airanna saw on the street's everyday and young Children are hungry, and cold and wished there more Airanna could do to help other people.

 They hired a young boy to help Airanna with her delivery's, to there customer's as they are getting more busy. And more order's and new customer's. They really could'nt afford to pay  the boy much, and made it up and gave him some pie's. And a bit of meat for his family. He is much younger then Airanna and could'nt read or write, and Airanna promished to help him.

 As they are very close to one another as friend's. Then Airanna wanted to become a teacher, one day and help the Children. To read and write. It ain't easy to teach some people and, Airanna has not got the experience Airanna need's to teach. To help other Children in town. That is one of Airanna dream's as Airanna is still a young lady, and growning up and be a lady. With plenty of year's to turn into a lady.


Submitted: February 05, 2015

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