Chapter 2: airanna's birthday

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The Lady in the uniform



Chapter Two: Arianna birthday


Today is she eighteen birthday and now she is a young Lady, and not a young girl anymore and she is growing up fast. Her parent's brought her a beautiful dress that she will wear tonight on her birthday. They booked to go to the opera house and watch a show. When she woke up on this morning, she got up and so excited. She got dressed and ran down stairs. To see her parent's, and her parents are waiting for her. Then wished her a big happy birthday, as they didn’t give her any presents and just a card they made.

Then they made an excuse and said to her, as they had no money to buy any presents that month. She is so excited just having her parent's with her, and didn’t care about any presents. Every day she done her delivery's and saw Children, with nothing and felt lucky as she has her parent's. And a place to live. Arianna sometimes felt angry about the Children in the street's much and she didn’t have much to give them of her own things. Her parent's opened the shop as normal, and got the order's ready. For their customer's to be delivered.

There is a lot to do today and had help from, the young boy who her parent's hired to help her. And her friend. Not many people knew it is her birthday as, she is “CHEERFUL” and “SINGING”. Then people thought what is wrong with her, as they saw her every day and hardly smiled at all. Or talking to people. There customer's knew she is excited about something, but what they didn’t know. She told them as they asked her then, she said “IT'S MY BIRTHDAY”. They had thought a young man has swept her of her feet, and in love for the first time. As she is going round town and doing her deliveries, and her parents have a delivery themselves. From Paris and it is her dress. They ordered and brought for her birthday, and then wrapped it up and put it on her bed.

For when she had finished her work and will notice it, when she goes’ up to her room. And will be her surprise present. Arianna’s parents are excited to see the look on her face. And the look of the dress on their daughter. When she got home they tried to hide there, “excitement" from their daughter. They are very proud of her. As she is doing her delivery's the young men are looking, at her and calling to her as they are looking at her. Beauty shining from her. And giving happiness out to other people, as she is walking around the town. When the young men tried to talk to her, and went shy and red in the face. Then gave them an excuse that she is busy, and don’t have time to talk.

When they had finished she invited the young boy, to tea at their home. The young boy is a good friend to her, and asked what plan's has she got for tonight. Then she said “STAYING IN”. Or she might explore Africa from her book's she reads. She didn’t know that her parents have planned, to take her out and brought her a dress yet. They did ask her if she would, like to do anything tonight. She said NO as she knows her parents have no money. And wanted to be at home with her parent's, is enough for me she told them. Then they all hugged and her parent's said, “WHAT A LOVELY PERSON YOU ARE” to her.

Her parents said that they have planned a surprise for tonight, and told her that they are going to the opera house. As they never went out at night. She is so excited that they are jumping up and down, the young boy went home to change. She rushed up stairs to find something to wear. In her bedroom on the bed is a big box, and she stood there thinking what it could be in the box. She grabbed the box and opened it, and looking at a beautiful pink laced dress. She is too scared to touch it and it did look expensive. She ran back down to thank them both for the dress, her Mum asked if that's the one she wanted and if she liked it, she said "NO" Mum "I LOVE IT". Then gave them a big kiss and hug, and with a big smile on her face. And ran back up stair's to get ready, to go out for the first time.


Arianna also felt scared about going out at night, and she had her parent's with her to protect them all. She is dressed and waiting for her parent's. Then she asked to go and get the young boy, and her parents said "YES". Then she went out the door to the boy's home. He didn’t live far from them and, walking down the street's and is dark. She felt a little nervous going on her own.
To her friend's home. The streets are very quiet and hardly anyone about, and walking down the street with her new dress on.

Trying not to get it dirty or tear it, as they are going out tonight. She wanted to cross the street and she looked both way's, up and down the road and ready to cross. She put one foot on the road. Out of the corner of her eye she saw, a fast coach near her and made her jump. Back in freight and lusted her balance, and fell into the road and the horse's stopped. Very close to her body. The coach driver stopped in time. As he just saw her as she fell, and no harm came to her. She felt scared.

Then an older gentlemen got out of the coach, and help her up on her feet. He felt relieved that she wasn’t hurt, and she is crying as the dress is dirty and torn. She ran back home leaving the gentleman standing there. He is surprised and he wanted to say "SORRY", but didn’t know her or where she lived. And he fell in love.

With the first look at her beauty, the gentleman asked a "women" standing in the street. "Who she is" and the "women" said to the gentleman. She lives’ at the butcher's shop down the street, and he got back in his coach. And drove to their home and waited outside, to knock the door as he felt guilty. Then heard her parent's, shouting at her as the dress is ruined. Then the gentleman knocked the door. And her parent's answered and saw a real gentleman standing there, and said to him "can we help you sir". I just want to apologies to the young lady. As my coach nearly hit her, and she fell in the road.

She came down stairs to see who it is. Then the Gentleman said "sorry" to her for, ruining her night and dress. She told the gentleman it is her birthday, and was going out to the opera house. The gentleman felt even guiltier then he did before.
Then he left the house and got back into his coach, and thought how he could make it up to her. The gentleman headed back home and during the night, he had a bad dream about the dress. The next morning he woke up and, he's dream feels very real. And on his mind. About the dress then he got his head butler, and go to Paris and get another dress. Like that one she had on, and get back as quickly as possible. The butler nearly took all day to get the dress, and the gentleman took the dress to their home. Then put it on the door step, with a letter saying "sorry".

She heard a noise outside and opened the door, and saw a box on the step. Then picked it up and shut the door. She saw the note on the box and read it. She opened the box and her face lit up, and said "well" how lovely it is. Took it out of the box and four ticket's, to the opera fell out as well. They picked them up and said they are for tonight. she asked where does the gentleman live "mum", then her mum said "don't know" why. She said just wanted to thank him for the dress, and ticket's they are all excited. And got ready to go out.

She was quicker than her parent's and stayed in waiting, for them this time. And a knock on the door made her jump. Arianna opened the door and a man, said your coach is waiting to take you. To the opera house madam, no one booked a coach. She said to the driver. She shouted out to her parent's to hurry up, and we got a coach. Then her parent's asked whose coach it is, then the driver told them it belongs to the gentleman. From last night. She asked where he is now, the gentleman is at the opera house. And sent me back to pick you and your, parent's up and drive you there. They are all ready and got into, the coach and the driver pulled away to the opera house. As they got into the opera house, as people are standing around. We went to find our seat's and, waiting for the show to start. As she is looking around as seeing the theatre as it's so big in side and saw the gentleman in a cubical above. As she waved at him and the gentleman waved back.

She gave a note to one of the people, working in the opera house. To give it to the gentleman in the cubical. The gentleman had been giving the note, and it just said "Thank you". With her lipstick printed on it with a kiss.



Submitted: April 22, 2015

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