Chapter 3: the gentleman

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The Lady in the uniform


Chapter three: The Gentleman


After the opera show had finished, then people are leaving there seat's to go home. Arianna looked up to see if the Gentleman is still there. But he has already left and, they got in the lobby.

Where crowds of people are talking, as I am looking for the Gentleman. To say "THANKYOU". He is talking to another couple across the room, then I saw the Gentleman walking towards me. Then he said "excuse me Madam", may I offer you and you parent's a ride home.

The coach is waiting outside as they got through the crowd's, and they all got in the coach. On the way home "The young Lady" Arianna, properly "Thanked" the Gentleman for what he had done. As he said "NO" need to thank me.

Then he asked if Arianna liked her dress Arianna said, "NO" to the Gentleman. Then said "I LOVE IT" with a big smile replied Arianna. They arrived at their home and the driver opened the door. Her parent's got out first, then the Gentleman got out.
Then helped Arianna out of the coach and then kissed her hand, and bided her goodnight. As Arianna never been touched or kissed. Arianna went very shy and went all red in her face, and also bided the Gentleman goodnight.

Then said "THANKYOU" again to the Gentleman. The Gentleman carried on home, and then I shut the door. The next day both of them are having nice thought's about each other. As they are excited to see each other again. Then the Gentleman invited them all, to dinner at his big house. They accepted the invite to dinner. As they never got any offer's before like that. Arianna is panicking what to wear, as Arianna didn’t have many dresses’. Arianna’s Mother has lots of material, in the store room to make two dresses’.

The next few days they are busy making the dresses’. Arianna’s Father is working alone in the shop, and Arianna is doing her deliveries. They are very excited and nervous to have dinner. They had to wait one more day. We finished the dresses’ and they are beautiful, and look very expensive and well made.
Good enough for them to wear. That is Arianna’s Mother's hidden talent, before they open the shop.

Her Mum wanted to open a dress shop, instead of a butcher's shop. They needed a lot of money to open her shop. Then settled for the butcher's shop. Arianna is so pleased with her dress, and couldn’t wait to show it off the next day.

They all got ready and, waited for the coach to arrive. The coach arrived outside and they all got in. They headed out of the town. They are being watched by people, as they pass them and waving. They felt like royalty and the people, are looking to see who they are. It didn’t take long to get to the, Gentleman's main gates of his estate. There are horses in one field and sheep in another field.

As they headed to the house in the distance. As it looked very small until they got closer, and is so amazed how big the house is now. The driver stopped outside the front of the house, and the Gentleman helped us out. And all the Maid's and Servants are standing outside. With him to greet us. Walking through his home to the drawing room, and inside the house is very nice. The Gentleman offered them, all a drink before dinner. They never had alcohol before and had to try it. The Lady's had a glass of sherry, and the Gentleman had brandy.

As they sipped it to taste it, it burnt there throat's and coughed after the first drink. Arianna and her Dad got to like it and had a few more. As her Mum only had one, as Arianna’s Dad is drinking them down. He is trying to talk like the Gentleman do. All posh and Arianna didn’t like her Dad, talking that way to people. His Wife noticed that her husband had has too many. The Gentleman took the glass of him, and got plenty of coffee. To sober him up.

They are all called into the dining room, and there is a big long table. It reached either end of the room and cutlery, glasses’ and flower's shredded out on the table.

The table is too big for just one person. The Gentleman has no Wife or family living with him. The table can sit at least Thirty people round it. The Maid's sat us down and the, Gentleman sat at one end of the table. We sat one side of the table and, he's other guest's sat opposite us. Luckily we didn’t sit at the other end, as we wouldn’t be able to hear what anyone is saying. The Maid's came in with the first dish, and placed it in front of us. We had soup and a bread roll. There is a lot of cutlery in front of us, and we had no clue what to use.

As we watched the other's pick up a spoon. Then we done the same. The soup tasted like chicken and the Ladies are sipping it, of the spoon and we copied them.

The next course we had is pheasant, with potatoes’ and vegetables. Then waited to help us what cutlery to use, as they picked there's up. We eat our dinners and is now full up, and they bring another dish in with apple pie and cream. With a bowl of strawberry's. We are looking at it and felt it melting in our mouths, and when we put a spoonful in our mouth's it just slide down. Then eat the strawberries and thought it would be a, long time before we tasted them again. When we all had finished we headed into the living room.

The Maid's cleared the table then, the Maid's bring in the coffee and cream. It tasted as good as we only had water at home. The Women took a tour of the house, and the Gentleman stayed chatting to each other. They are amazed with all the things in the house and it's lay out. Then they walked up and down stairs. To other floor's and, walked down long corridor's to more step's. The Gentleman offered Arianna’s Dad a cigar and a glass of brandy. As he don't smoke and never tried one before, and made him choke the first time. As he got used to being there, they all felt at home.

They could close the shop and live like the Gentleman. And a dream come true and live in luxury. The Women had toured all the house, and went outside and looked at the gardens with pretty flowers. With horse's in the field next to the garden. The Gentleman cut a red rose of the bush, and gave it to Arianna.

The Gentleman like Arianna a lot, and had respect for them all. As he treated her as a lady. It is very late and we needed to get back home, to open the shop for the morning. The coach is taking them back, and they said there goodnight's and thank you.
Then they headed back home. They are very tired when they got home, and still can taste the food in there mouth's. They are glad they went and will remember, this day for a long time to come.

They had to get up early in the morning to open the shop. And they thought to them self’s is the shop, worth all these trouble's to open it again. They still needed food on the table, and clothes’, on their backs and a place to live.

When they fell asleep and waking up in the morning, and thinking was it all a dream. Arianna got gifts sent to her every day. For more than a month and a lot of flowers, being sent to Arianna from the Gentleman. Arianna and the Gentleman spent a lot of time together. At his home and they enjoyed, each other's company together. The Gentleman is much older than Arianna, and didn’t bother her. We could tell they liked each other. Then waiting for the Gentleman, to take Arianna hand in marriage and become his Wife. We couldn’t refuse them there happiness and love, for each other and start a family of their own.

Submitted: April 22, 2015

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