Chapter 4: the marriage

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The Lady in the uniform


 The marriage


As the Gentleman has taken time to get to know Arianna, then he asked her to marry him. And promised her everything he had, to offer a young Lady. Of course Arianna said "YES" to the Gentleman.

Also did her parent's said "yes". Finally after waiting a long time, for him to ask her. They started the wedding plans and it's going to be big. As a lot of people are going from all around the world. Arianna and her parent's only knew him.

And they never meet any of his family or friend's. Arianna is our only daughter, and glad to have him in her life. Arianna never been to a wedding, and didn’t know what to do first. Or what to wear. The Gentleman asked a special lady to help with their wedding, and prepare everything and the wedding dress. Didn’t matter how much it cost as, he is very rich and owns a lot of shop's.

The Lady took Arianna to her shop, to be measured up. For her to make her dress, and one for her Mother who joined her.
They got measured up and her Mother, made sure the dresses are as beautiful as her daughter. And wear them with pride. Arianna’s Dad had a top hat and tails.

With a three piece suit and shoe's. It made them feel over dressed, as they aren’t got many clothes’ to wear. The Lady is trying to measure up Arianna, and having trouble with her. As Arianna is very tickless when the Lady touches’ her. And Arianna is laughing and with the, sensation's going through her body.

Arianna is asked to “stay still" please. The Lady took a break and they had tea, while they are waiting for her to come back. Then is so firm with Arianna, as she wouldn’t make any mistakes. Arianna’s Mother took half the time, Arianna did to be measured up. They booked a date at the town's church, and celebrate after at his home. Where there is food and drink for them. And music for all the guest's. Arianna parent's felt guilty as they haven’t played for anything and offered, the Gentleman to help pay for the wedding. The Gentleman refused any money from her parent's.

As it is all payed for no one would, know that they didn’t pay for anything. And offered to the Gentleman. He gave them a lump sum of, money to see them through life better. And not to worry about the shop, they didn’t want to upset the Gentleman. And took the money he offered.

Then no one knew what he spent his money on, and all of his shop's the Gentleman is a hard worker and doe's everything by the book. And didn’t do anything illegal and kept it that way with all his shops. As he's has staff all around the world. The Gentleman treated his worker's the same. The Gentleman treated woman with the most respect as they treated him the same way and kept it that way for years.

Everything is be taken care of for the wedding. And never had any bride's maid or dresses’, and Arianna knew a women with three Girl's. That Arianna delivered pie's to, the Girls are old enough. Arianna asked the Mother with the three Girl's, if they could be her bridesmaid’s. Their Mother wasn’t sure at first then Arianna, offered to pay for their help. And offered their Mother five pound note.

The Mother couldn’t refuse the money, and said yes to Arianna. They took the three Girl's to the lady shop, and offered her more money to make their dresses’. For these three young Girl's, and get them ready as well. The day before the wedding, they all stayed at the gentleman's home. They had the east wing of the house for them self’s. The Gentleman is not allowed to see, Arianna until tomorrow at the wedding.

The three Girl's joined Arianna in the east wing, and the dresses are being delivered tomorrow morning. The Maid's helped Arianna to bath, the Girl's and scrubbed them well.
As they hardly had a bath as there, Mother didn’t have one at home. We washed there hairs.

With special scented shampoo. That smelt really nice and boring’s the shine back to their hairs, and put it in a ponytail ready for the morning. The Maid's came up with their dinner's, and they are so hungry. It had gone in minutes and never seen, anybody eat that fast in her life. They even asked for more.

The cook had made plenty of food ready for them, and she knew they will be hungry. The Maid's took the Girl's, down the back stairs to the kitchen. So the Gentleman wouldn’t see them, as the maids are scared they would be fired. But as Arianna had sent the Children down. The Gentleman is happy, with her decision. They eat all the food the cook prepared for them.

They are now full and said a big "THANKYOU" to the cook. As it's getting late and dark outside the Girls are tired, and tucked them in bed. And of to sleep they went. We had our dinner after them fell asleep, and having a hot bath and relax. For a while and get ready for bed them self’s, as they have to get up early. The Girl's woke up early.

We are awake before them and we had trouble sleeping, as we are nervous as we are thinking what today will bring. All the other guest's that's coming and never meet them before, it would be hard to talk to them at first.

As we got to know them, and had no idea what to talk about. Arianna is getting butterflies, as the morning began and trying to keep her calm. We all had breakfast and, the Girls are excited. As there dresses’ are there already. They are so beautiful and to scared, to touch them. And keep in control of the Girl's, as they might get them dirty. The bridesmaid’s dresses’ are a perfect fit, and the Lady had done a good job.

They all look like angels and sending them back to their Mother, will be hard and their home is all dirty. There Mum had spent the five pound's. The guests are arriving in there carriage's, and some of them have crest's on the door's. "We asked what they meant". They are very important people like, Duke's and Sir's are important. Has the Gentleman have a crest like them, as he never spoke about other people. Or his private life. The Girls are ready and their hair is done, and then we got ready and hoped we wouldn’t be late. We didn’t have much time to get to the church, as our guests are all waiting for us.

My Father is walking me down the aisle to give me away, coming with me in my coach. The coach is waiting outside with ribbons and flower's, all over it and is time to go. Arianna’s Mother and the Girl's, went ten minutes before. The Gentleman is waiting inside the church, and my Mother is waiting outside. With the Girl's waiting for me and we got there very quickly, and my dress is bunched up the coach.

And not a lot of room to move in the coach. The coach stopped outside the church and my Father, got out first and then helped me and my dress to get out. My parents are smiling at me as I’m getting out, of the coach and imp smiling back at them. The Girl's picked up the back of the dress, as it would get dirty. My Mother walked in first, and they are playing the wedding march. And the Girl's went in front of me, and everyone is standing looking at me.

Walking slowly down the isle with my Father on my arm. The alter is very near and the Gentleman, is standing next to the vicar a few more step's. And be standing next to the Gentleman, he held his hand out to take mine.

My Dad put my hand on top of his hand, and the vicar asked who give's this lovely lady away. To this Gentleman, and her Father said "I DO". Then stood by my Mother. Then the vicar said a prey and said, amen at the end.


Then everyone sat down. Every one sat back down and we are standing, in front of the vicar. He said repeat after me. The vicar is saying a lot of vowel’s to us, and not a clue what they all meant. Then a man gave the vicar, two gold rings on a silver plate.

Then put one, half on my finger and I repeated what he said. Then he said do you Arianna take this Gentleman, to be your Husband and obey him. Till death do us apart.

I said "I DO" and the vicar looked at the Gentleman, and repeated the same word's I just said. Then he pushed the ring on my finger, as I did to his ring.

Then the Gentleman looked at me and said "I DO", and the vicar said now you're "Husband and Wife". Then he said you may kiss the bride. We looked at each other, and our lips touched and we kissed. That is my first kiss from, any man and it felt good. We both turned and faced our guest's, and many of them are tearful.

They are cheering and clapping as we walked, back out of the church. The coach is waiting, and we started to walk towards it. Then felt something hit my head.

As people are throwing rice over us both. It is for luck. We got in the coach as husband and wife, and drove to our home slowly in the coach.

The Gentleman said to me, stop calling me "SIR" now. You can me William, then Arianna said ok then "William". Arianna said you may call me, "Arianna" instead of "my Lady”. When we got there everyone is waiting for us, and greeting us inside. Then we had a big party.

With music playing and food on the table's, and drink everywhere. Arianna and William had the first dance together, and other guest's joined in around us. We ended up in the middle, then the music stopped. Then the cook came in with a big wedding cake, and placed it on the table. The cake is tall and has three tier's, covered in flowers and ribbons. We held a big knife, to cut the cake. Then the cook cut two tiers, and put them on a tray for everyone. We kept the other layer, for us and the staff. Today went perfect and the guests are happy.

Having plenty to eat and drink, then the music is playing again. They’re dancing away. All the Lady had very beautiful dresses’ on, and wished I could have my own dresses’. Like them then William said, you can have hundreds of dresses’ like them. If you wanted to Arianna. All the money we have, I can buy all the things I never had. My Husband planned at trip for our honeymoon.
Then didn’t tell me where we are going. Then kept it a surprise until we got there. The next day we woke up was in Paris in France, and it was so nice. My Husband took me to a shop, with beautiful and expensive things in there. Then he brought me a gold and ruby hair clip, which cost lots of money. Then we had to put our name's, in a book for the shop keeper's records of sale. Then William put it in my hair, and that's where it all way's stayed.

Submitted: April 22, 2015

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