Chapter 5: the affair

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The Lady in the uniform


 The affair


We have been married for a long time now. My husband is very old, and im still young. We have not done much in the bedroom, for over a few years now. As I can't give William an heir. We sleep in separate bedrooms and my Husband, spends more resting in bed as he has got older.

The factor's he owns are being run by his manager's, that he had given control over me. The journeys away from home and me, are getting too much for him to travel. William gave up a lot of things, he liked doing. Now he has retired and became ill. When we did go out, we all way’s had a good time. As people all way’s said to others, that he is happier now they are married.

They never see that young Lady any more, and saw a beautiful Lady. Of great wolf and very important to her Husband. We liked to help people in town. My Mum and Dad shut the butcher's shop, and then open a dress shop. My Mum all way's wanted to open a dress shop, before they got married. There shop is selling a lot of dresses’, all over the town and the outside villages. My parents are now living with us, in the east wing. As William was away a lot, and left me on my own.

I saw less of William in the last five years, of our marriage. As we spent more time with him, in the first year together. He was away a lot. People in town came to us for help, when they needed things. Then we helped them if we could. One morning I went into town, and twisted my ankle and fell on the floor. The Doctor had to take me home. It was hard to walk on my feet, as it hurt a lot. He took me up to my chambers, and I told him it hurt's more.

He looked at my ankle and felt my leg. Then told me vie just, bruised it and it's not broken. He took some ointment out of his bag, and rubbed it into my ankle. Then he checked for bruising, up my leg. Then rubbed more ointment in my leg. The pain is going away. His hand's felt really nice on my leg, as he rubbed it and he made my blush. As he's hands are on my leg. The doctor's first name is Alfred and that's, what he wanted me to call him. Alfred told me not to walk on it, and gave me a walking stick. To help me walk on it, so I wouldn’t lose my balance.

Then he gave me the ointment and told me, to rub it in twice a day for a week. I struggled to rub it in the first time, and found it hard to bend down. Then I asked one of the Maid's, to apply it on my ankle. The Maid's hands are rough and it hurt. When she done it for me, it hurt me more. Then I asked her to call the Doctor, out again and my ankle is twice the size The Doctor turned up and shown to my chambers. He looked very tired as he has been, running all round town to his patience's. As he rubbed more ointment in my ankle, and went up my leg. My heart is beating faster. His hand's felt, smooth and pleasant on my leg. Then enjoyed every moment of it and got abet excited.

The Doctor finished rubbing the ointment in, and washed his hands. Then sat down talking to me. While he had a cup of tea, and I’m talking to the him. Then I looked at him, and he fell asleep holding his tea. I took it out of his hands, and placed it on a tray. Then I’m watching him. While he is asleep, and I felt like kissing him. Then I forced myself not to, then I blow him a kiss. As he woke up and jumped, and wondering where he was.

The Doctor said sorry to me, for falling asleep. I said don’t worry Alfred. He sat down and we talked for a long time.
And got to know him much better. Then he had another patience to see, in the village and forgot all about them. Before he left I asked him to check on William for me. When the Doc walked in the room, it smelt abet and William looked dead. He was listened to his heart, and it is beating normal. As William is only asleep. The Doctor checked him all over, and found nothing wrong. Apart from old age and he is very weak, and needed to stay in bed and rest.

I asked him if he could check on William twice a week. Starting on Monday and Friday's in the morning. Before his round's, then he said "yes" to me. Then he had to go and he said goodbye to me. A went home. Then I’m thinking I could do with a man like him, and to love me as he did his work. As she isn’t had a man for a long time, or made love to anyone for years. he can't remember the last time they made love.


And couldn’t share her thought's, about him to anyone. And kept them to herself. On Monday morning he came as promised, to check on William. And before he went in the room. She went to ask him something, and the Doctor asked Arianna if he could do anything for her. She replied "No Thank you" I’m fine, and the he went too checked on William. And there is nothing he can do for him, and just wait and keep him warm.

Arianna wished she said "yes" to the Doctor. As she thought a bout, his hands on her leg. Then he was just about to leave, and Arianna said "Thank you" again. Then went to kiss him on the cheek, and the Doctor turned to her. And she kissed his lips. Then felt like falling into his arms. The Doctor went and I had to wait, till Friday to see him again. Then I wondered if he felt the same way I did. When we kissed I felt nervous to say anything about it on Friday.

I will just have to wait and find out, if Alfred was interested in me. Then see what happens on Friday. She knows he is coming to see William, to check on him. Then had to wait till Friday. When Friday did come, I walked into town. Before he would turn up, my ankle started to hurt again. Then I sat down and rested, and waited for Alfred to pass me. I heard a coach coming and tried to stand up. The coach driver passed me, and didn’t see me sitting on the floor. As he drove on Alfred saw me, then shouted stop.

Then he got out and walked back to me. Then he helped me up in the coach, and grabbed my waist to lift me in. Suddenly his hand's slept and grabbed my bum, by mistake and I never complained about it.
And enjoyed it by the look on my face. Alfred went to sit down, as the driver pulled away and jerked the coach. As Alfred got thrown on top of me, and didn’t want him to get off.

Then we kissed and couldn’t stop, and it felt good. As we got to the house we got up quickly of the floor, and straightened our self’s up. Then Alfred went up the stairs, to check on William and he is fast asleep. The excitement from kissing in the coach, made them want more and is getting stronger.

Arianna went into the room, to see what she could do anything. Alfred couldn’t take his eyes of her as she walked to him. She stood by him and then, kissed him again as William is asleep. William made a noise and they stopped and she felt guilty, and felt excited when Alfred touched her. They are both standing by the bed, and Alfred is standing behind her.

As she is rubbing her body up against him, he bend her over the bed. Then lifted her dress up, and dropped his trousers’ down to his ankles. Then slowly put into her, and she didn’t stop him. As William is still asleep, she is trying not to make any noise.

But finding it hard not to, as he pushing it in and out of her. They are both enjoying it, and didn’t want to stop yet. As he is ready to explode inside of her, and she is ready to explode. They both exploded together, and she screamed out "OH YES". Then they heard a noise on the landing and straighter their clothes. They got nervous that someone would walk in on them both, Alfred grabbed his things and left the house. Arianna went to her chambers and layer on the bed.

As her body is tingling all over, and couldn’t hold it anymore. Then she fell asleep for an hour, and woke up and she is still wet in side of her. Then she had a bath, and started to play with herself. They are seeing more of each other now, and making love to each other when they could. They meet in place's other people wouldn’t see them, and when she left he gave her half a crown. She kept everyone she had and marked them as she would remember when, he give it to her. Then kept them locked away in her room, in a box and hide them from everyone. Alfred got a friend in France, which he hasn’t seen in a long time. Then planned to go over there. Then he asked Arianna to go with him to France, as no one knew her. Also Alfred didn’t tell Arianna, that he is married.




Submitted: April 22, 2015

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