Chapter 6: the death's

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The Lady in the uniform



 The death's



They have both planned a trip to France without his wife knowing, he is having an affair. He thought to himself he wouldn’t be found out, as her husband is sick. While he is treating her husband, no one could never find out about their affair. As her husband is very powerful, and a member of the state

So far we managed to keep it a secret for two years, and we meet in place's no one would find us. Alfred is well known as the doctor in town, and nearby village's. As they planned to go away, they have to be careful and separate. Then meet up on the boat. They both thought of each other, as he went back to his Wife. Then she went back to her husband, and both of them didn’t feel guilty. About the affair and them both wanted it, and they spends more time together then being at home.

She made arrangements to go away and, she told them she's going for a week. To France and sort some business out, and arranged to meet Alfred on the boat. So no one see them together, travelling to the port.

They both used different names on the boat, and the boat's records wouldn’t show they are on the same boat to Paris. She pretended to be his wife on the boat, as no one will know them, as they shared a cabin together. The night before they never saw each other, until they got on the boat.

They are both all ready to go, and the butler has to check on her Husband and feed him. And if anything happened to him let her know. Don't let anyone in his room. She did promise her Husband, that she be there when his time to go. And being in Paris with Alfred, still made her guilty. And said a prey for him to wait until she got back.

In the morning the bags are on the coach, and ready to go. And Arianna is having breakfast. The head butler is in charge of the house, and she trusted him to look after everything. Till she got back, and the butler is very close to her Husband. And been with him for many years. The boat leave's in an hour, and its all way’s on time. It take's thirty minutes to get to the dock's, and she had to be ready to board the boat. When they arrived at the dock it is very busy, as they still loading the boat. And people standing around waiting to board. She couldn’t tell if Alfred was there or not, and she couldn’t see him. When she looked and wondered, if he still planned to turn up.


She would be disappointed if he left her on her own and didn’t turn up and changed his mind. She couldn’t cancel her trip, and people would expect something was wrong. Why she didn’t go. They are all boarding the boat, and Arianna is being escorted through the crowd's. She is walking up the gang way and turned, to find Alfred and didn’t see him. The steward's showed her to her cabin, and the boat's whistle is blowing hard. And can be heard from miles away, as they are ready to leave. As Alfred still hasn’t turned up yet, she's is looking out for him from the top deck. They started to un-tie the boat, and the gangway steps are going aboard. And the boat's engine started up, and sound's noisy when the engines are running.

The boat is rocking abet and making me feel sick, then I saw a coach coming on the dock's. It's Alfred and I shouted out to wait. We have another passenger, as Alfred boarded. I went into the cabin and waited for him, he knocked on the door and walked in. He is looking at me and said, “Nearly didn’t make it". And the boat set off to Paris. We both had a rest and freshen up and went upstairs to have lunch with the Captain, and we didn’t sit loan on our table. And we couldn’t take our eyes off one another. As we didn’t really care what they were talking about. Then Alfred is talking to another guest. And went to introduced himself as the Doctor, then I coughed to stop him talking. I took a zip of my drink and it went down the wrong way.

I am fighting to catch my breath back and Alfred took us back to our cabin. Then Alfred checked if I was all right, as I pushed him on the bed. Then we hugged and fell asleep. We woke up as the boat, is close to the docks in France. So we gathered our stuff and put them away. The boat docked and people are, starting to leave the boat. The steward's came and took our bag's ashore. To our coach as they got us through the crowd's, and into our coach. Then travelled to the hotel and, we separated as we booked in. We are meeting up later. Alfred went to see his friend, as he is waiting for him in the lobby. Then left me alone. So I went to my room, then had a few hours’ sleep. When I woke up and went to have a bath, and didn’t know what room it was in. As my room is big with my own bathroom, bedroom and living room.

When Alfred went out with his friend's, I felt lonely and waited for Alfred to come back. It is late at night and people are going to their rooms. Then it got very quiet. Then there are people in the hallway, making a lot of noise and laughing. I opened the door and two men are carrying Alfred. As he had too much to drink, and they said to me “doe’s this Gentleman belong to you. And took him in the room and they laid him on the bed. Then his friend's said "goodnight" and left. It was hard to undress Alfred as he, kept moving around. And with a lot of struggle she managed to undress him. Then put him into bed, and they both cuddled up and fell asleep.

In the morning Alfred is surprised to see her in bed next to him. As he couldn’t remember anything from last night. As Alfred had a hangover, he took something out of his bag. Then put it in a drop of water then drunk it. Then he said it helps to clear my head. Alfred didn’t tell his friend the Captain, that he took Arianna to his for dinner. Instead of his Wife as he made some excuse up who she is to him.

They had planned to go to dinner that night, to his friend's and Alfred was very ill when he drank too much last night and arranged to go tomorrow morning and spend the day with him. We had to hire a horse and buggy to drive us there and asked the manager of the hotel for a bottle of champagne to take with us. Then we had an early night, and Alfred fell fast asleep as I cuddled into him. Then I felt he is cold and put my body close to him to warm him back up. Then the sun is shining through the window, and its morning and Alfred jump out of bed. As nothing was wrong with him. We got our self’s ready, and had breakfast before we left. And they got the buggy ready for us and the champagne.

We started our journey to his friend's house, in the next town and it is very hot. Then drove slowly through town. People are walking around the town Saying Bonjour to us and waving, and  had no clue what that meant and said it back and waved.


Alfred told me it mean's hello in French, and that is the first word of Frence I knew. We are on the road outside of town, heading to the next town. The scenery is very beautiful, and ahead of us is a forest that we had to go through. It was very dark with all the tree's blocking the sun. And felt scared and grabbed hold of Alfred's arm. The animals and birds are making a lot of noise, as we went through and saw the other end. Of the forest and saw daylight. I didn’t know about the Captain. And wondered if he spoke English, as I wouldn’t be able to understand him. And looked silly as I don't understand French. We approached the other town and seemed very quiet and Alfred forgot which way to go and asked a man in the street to direct us there. I am asking him which way, to the Captain's house. And he's looking at me and didn’t understand what I just said. And Alfred asked him in French as I didn’t know Alfred knew how to speak French and made me look stupid.

And was not very happy with him as he never told me. Then I said to Alfred, Why you didn’t tell me you can speak French and Alfred said well you didn’t ask me.

The French had been at war with the Spanish, and many people had been killed. And the French drove the Spanish. Out of France. They had a lot of prisoner's from the Spanish army. They arrived outside the Captain's house, after a long journey.x

The Captain came out to greet us and Alfred introduced the captain to Arianna, then she said this is Roberta, who we call the captain. Then we gave the Captain the bottle of champagne, and he said thank you in English. And glad he could understand me. We went inside and he had more guests. Then I thought did they all speak French, and Alfred help me to understand them.

We are having a laugh and joke together, and enjoying our self’s. After dinner I am still hungry, as the food is not to my liking. Then eat it anyway. After having a walk around the Captain's house, and we had a long journey back to our hotel. Then at Four o'clock in the afternoon, we had to leave as it got dark quick. As we are both ready to leave, a coach is coming down the road at top speed. Then stopped outside the Captain's house, and then saw a woman get out, and Alfred panicked. Then took me in this room and said wait here. Then I looked around the room, and there is uniform's everywhere. Then Alfred came back in and, told me to put one of them on. Then said meet him up the road. I Asked why as he is worried about something, and made him tell me. Alfred told me his Wife came, with a message for him that is important. Alfred has not been told about her husband yet by his Wife, and he's running around to get her away. As his Wife will see her.


The Captain looked confuse. What is going on and asked Eldora, Alfred's Wife inside the house. And she had left out the back way, walking down the road. His Wife told Alfred that the Gentleman, had died a few days ago. And they needed to tell his Wife, who she thought is at the hotel. They got in the coach and said bye, to the Captain and headed back. Then Arianna heard the coach coming and stopped it. Then asked for a lift back to town. As she got in the coach and sat opposite them, and looking like a French officer. Alfred tried to tell her that her Husband had died, but she couldn’t understand what he's trying to say.

Her and the French Captain kepted quite, as her voice would be heard by his Wife. Then had to explain why they are together. The coach is going through the forest, as she is trying to get his attention. As Alfred is talking to his Wife, and the coach is slowing down. And I’m shacking as the coach stopped.

Then the door opened and a Spanish prisoner, had escaped and holding a gun towards us .Then ordered us out of the coach, and stood against it with our hands above our head's. Then he told us to stand still and be quite. While he is trying to take Alfred's money and jewels. Alfred is trying to stop him and the gun went off, and Alfred fell to the ground. Then his Wife is screaming at the robber, and he shot her to shut her up. Then both of them just lying on the ground.

Then he turned to me and saw a French officer, and will get pleasure beating him up. Then he hit me and I fell to the ground, and he's kicking me all over. While he is laughing at me. Then I tried to get up and run. I heard a bang and something hit me in my chest, and it is hurting me. As he just shot her as she can fill, the life going out of her body. Then the robber left our bodies on the ground, and run away and we are now all dead.



Submitted: April 22, 2015

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