Chapter 7: the discovery

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The Lady in the uniform



 The discovery's


Now Arianna, Alfred and Adora are all dead. There bodies’ are just lying on the ground, and I’m still here without my body. I can see and hear everything, but no one can see me or hear me. The Spanish robber took my belongings, and follow way he went.
The Captain found our bodies’, and see his friend dead on the ground. As he saw Alfred's wife next to him, and guest Alfred had a mistress. The Captain knew the other Lady from picture's with her Husband. What was she doing at mine with Alfred? Then wondered what happened to her.

When they left mine and no saw any signs of her afterwards. No one can find out about their deaths. As questions will be asked and the Lady, would be disgraced as she was having an affair. So the Captain put his friend body in the coach, and then his wife's. Then he came to my body, and asked why a French Captain was with them. Then he relized that the uniform, he is wearing belongs to him. As it is his custom for the play. He removed the hat and undone the jacket, and relized he is a she. Then he took the beard off and, saw the Lady Alfred was with. Also dead and knew what he had to do, and removed his costume and put her in the coach. Then drove them deeper in the woods and dug a big hole, then took his friend out of the coach. Then carefully placed him in the hole, and put his wife next to him.

On the left holding hands. Then he picked my body up and placed me on the right, of Alfred and covered them up. Then made sure no one is watching him and, stood over the grave and said a prey. Then said goodbye my friend's. The Spanish prisoner was caught, as he had a lot of money and jeweler on him. Then had his head chopped off. They was lucky to find the killer before he did, and they shut him up so could tell no one what he did. To his friend's and the Lady.

The Captain has to live with his loss of he's friend's, now they are dead and the Lady with them. As he couldn’t put any grave marking's on the grave, then people would find them. The news around town got the Captain scared. They are looking for the Gentleman's wife, and can't find her. No one seen or heard from her again.
The Captain had trouble's, dealing with the guilt of their death's. They found him a few years later, hanging in his bedroom. As he had killed himself, and the secret he knew stayed with him.

In the year 1900's the English are building more towns and house's, as many more people are coming into the world. Many building had been destroyed, and rebuilt new homes on top of the old ones. The land had changed a lot as they torn down trees, and rivers just dried up. They built more Schools, Churches and Museum's. Then they built more Library's, so our history could go in books and keep safe. Our bodies’ still haven’t been found, and people are discovering many over things. That are important to them, and putting them in Museum's. So everyone can see how, they lived in the 1800's.

The English are more advanced than the French, and when a lot of people had no work left in England. Many of English men and women, went to France to help build their country as the English did. They needed more land to build on, and load's more wood. Then the Captain's house was pulled down. They also pulled down a lot of forestry for wood. Over fifty year's had past and they needed more land still, and started to clear the forest. Near the Captain's old house and near the other town.
They are cutting the tree's down and pulling up the stump's, and clearing it away to build new home's. Then a young boy called Gage, who is working there without permission. Saw a box come out of the ground, and grabbed it and took it home.


When he opened the box he found a telegram, half a crown and a gold locket. Then the boy hid it in his bedroom. so his parent's didn’t find it and take it of him. After a year the forest had been all cleared. They starting to build many houses and shops. Gage's school teacher had a project for the Children, to bring in something old. Gage took his box into school for his project, and his teacher is looking at everyone's thing's they taken in. The teacher is looking at the boy's thing's he had taken in, and the teacher carefully opened the box. Then saw a piece of paper, and took it out and opened it.

Then he read it, and is a telegram dated back from the 1800's. The teacher asked the boy, where he got the box from? And Gage said found it. The teacher opened the locket and found Two picture's, of a young Lady and an older Gentleman. Then he saw the Lady is wearing the locket in the picture.


Then he asked Gage again? Where did he get the box from? Then Gage said found it again. The teacher knew a lot about the 1800's, and never recognized there picture's. As no one knew much about them, and only there name's. People knew them as very important people, to the state and crown. But no one really knew who he really was, and his wife never knew his title as he kept it a secret. The teacher looked through many books, and couldn’t find any pictures of the couple anywhere.
Then month's past he came across an old newspaper, with the Gentleman's picture on the front page. Then he read about the Gentleman death in the 1800's. At the bottom of his photo, told people about his wife.

Why has she disappeared, on a business trip to France? They haven’t found her body, or know what happened to her.
The teacher is so excited with what Gage taken into school, and Gage still didn’t tell him where he found it. Gage would get into trouble for working at his age. The boy let him take it to the Museum, and see someone called Denise. He knew a lot about the 1800's and the people, and the teacher had found him.

Then showed him what is inside the box, and couldn’t believe his eyes. Then he took it out of the box, and opened the locket. Then knew who the couple are in the locket. How did you get hold of this, denies asked? Gage said I found it. Denise is shaking while he is holding the locket, and asked marcel?

Who is the teacher? If he knew the couple, he said only what I read in the Library about his death.
And his Wife went missing, in France and am not be seen since. The royal family are very interested, in her and the Gentleman. There was a big search in France, to find her as the Gentleman had died. She had to know about her Husband, and she had to come back.

The royal family had never told anyone, about the Gentleman and kept him a secret. Was he a part of the royal family, as there is no records of another baby anywhere? Then they put his body with the rest of the royal family, and gave him a royal funeral.
The royal family told the press that, he is related to the queen and left it like that. After hearing about them, Gage told them where he found it. They had to tell the prime minister about this.

And went to see him but he is busy with government stuff. They got told to come back later, then they said we need him now. Then they barged through his door, and the prime minister is not happy. Then told them to explain them self’s, what they have just done and why.

They give him the locket with the box of things, and he opened the locket. Then saw who they are in the picture's, and closed it quickly. Then ordered everyone out apart from us. Then he asked? Where we got it from and, do we know who they are. We said "yes" to the prime minister. Then he asked? Who else knows about this, we said no one else sir.
Just us all of us knows about it, and he wanted to know where it was found. Gage said in the forest when they was cleared it all away, and now building on the land.

Gage showed them on a map where he found the box, and said it's not far from here. The prime minister ordered someone, to shut the site down. Then dismiss everyone till further notice. Then told them don't ask any question's just do it, and is very important and don't tell anyone. The French prime minister, sent a letter to the English prime minister. Telling them what they have found, and still looking for her body. They might know where it is, and keep them informed if they find anything else.

It took most of the day to get there, and no one was about. They sealed off the site, with an armed guard at the main gate. Gage took them to where he found the box, but they started to build homes there. The government didn’t let other people in there.

And got solder’s to rip down what they built. Then cleared it away, and put on standby if they were needed again. Even the solder’s knew nothing, of what they are looking for. Denise needed more of his crew from the museum, to help them dip as they are experts. They had to swear on the bible, not to say anything for the rest of their lives’. If they did tell anyone they would be shot as traitors.

The Captain found there stuff on the prisoner, and buried it near the grave. But put the box in the wrong place, from where he put them.

They been digging for a few hour's now, and found nothing in the ground. They opened the search out bigger and further back, and they dug out a big square and still not found anything. They are very tired, from digging and needed a rest. The prime minister got food and drink taken to them, as they are not allowed to leave the site.

Arianna’s spirit is looking over the grave, and wished someone would find them. Denise took a walk for a leak and Arianna saw him, and made the wind blow on him. Then she is trying to get his attention, as Denise is having a leak. Denise wondered where that wind came from, and it wasn’t windy but sunny and hot. Arianna had to do something, else to get his attention. She tried to show herself to him, and a bright light caught his eye and disappeared.

He went over to where the light was, and found nothing there or any one about. Then went back to the dig site, and told no one what happened. The army took tents in the site for them to sleep in, and it is getting dark and they are tired and needed to rest. Denise fell asleep in a chair by his tent, and he had a weird dream. Arianna showed him what happened that day, and were they are in his dream. He woke up feeling really cold, and shaking like a leaf.

He still can remember what he dream was about, as he was there at the time. Then saw a vision were they are buried.
He went for another walk back to wear he was having a leak, and walked to wear the light was. As he is walking around the area looking for any sign's, and feeling with his feet for any soft ground. Then he saw the light again and followed it, and it stood still then disappeared. He walked over the ground by the light, and it is very soft. He kneed down and dug a hole with his hands. When it is deeper enough, he put his arm all the way down to feel around. Then he felt something and held it, and he felt someone pulling his hand down more. He took his arm out and he was scared. As he just felt something pulling at his hand, and screamed out loud.

Then he ran back to the camp, shaking then fell over laying on the ground. They said you seen a ghost laughing at him, as he is white in the face. He couldn’t get his words out, and they couldn’t understand him. Till he calmed down, and gave him a stiff drink to calm his nerve's. Then the prime minister said “what happened". He told them he had a dream, of what happened to the Lady. He knew where they are, and said I dug a hole. Then put my hand in there, and felt something pulling my arm down more. He told them he say a ball of light, and he followed it to where he dug the hole. They did 'not know what to believe, what he just told them. But too dark to dig now, and they went to bed. Denise had trouble sleeping as he is thinking about, what she showed him in his dream. And slowly fell asleep.
When they woke up in the morning, they had a big day ahead of them. Denise took them to where he was last night, and they started to dig down.

They carefully started to take the earth out, and they all felt a chill around them. They got further down and uncovered, some bones and carefully dug round it. Then found a skeleton, and can tell it was a Man. There is something wrong with the way he is laying, as one arm in down by his side. Then the other arm, is reaching out for something. When they dug round his hand, they had to look twice. They all saw two hand's in one, and dug it out and found another Skelton of a Women. They are holding hand's, they all said together.

They have found two skeletons, and boxed them up and took them to a specialist.
To find out who they were, and how old they are. Then how they died. The grave we left opened until they were sure it is her. When they went back to their tents, and talking about it to each other. Denise saw the light again, and had to go back to look again. His Wife was put on his left side together, and he started to dig on the right.

When he took the earth out, he found another hand sticking out. He called all them back, and they dug all-round the bone's. It is another Skelton of another woman. Then carefully took her bones out, and boxed them up.
When they took her out and, is now empty. Denise saw something in the ground, and he picked it up and washed it off. He had found a gold hair clip, and with different colored stone's on it. And didn’t look cheap. As he looked on the back it had a marking on it.

Which it is the royal family's mark? Then they wondered why it is with her, and who did it belong to really. Denise had a look at it and said, it was given to Lady Arianna. As a wedding gift by her Husband. It was given to the Gentleman, as it belonged to him from the royal family. Then he gave it to his Wife, on their honeymoon. It was never seen again, and Arianna was wearing it. All the time and now it’s worth million's, but they couldn’t keep it. When they took her bones to the specialist, they already knew it was Lady Arianna.

Then the bone's specialist confirmed it was her, and told them who the other two people were. People didn’t say anything about, two other people missing as well. The doctor told them that, they were killed by a single shot to their hearts.
The royal family took her remains’, back to England and buried her with her Husband. They also took the other two remains back with them, and buried them as normal. Then put a grave stone with their names on it, and then they could rest as well. The royal family took the hair clip, and placed it with her body next to her husband.

Arianna couldn’t rest still and wondered why, then they put the rest of her things in the Museum. On show with the rest of her coins. Then a bright light appeared and she walked into it, and came out the other side and a loud voice said.


Arianna shouted out, where am I. And the voice replied to her,



Submitted: April 22, 2015

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