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Me and my Wife had a BBQ at the Weekend when it was sunny and hot, we invited all the family and friends to join us. It was just a normal day with Children running around in the garden, and parent's eating and drinking and having a good time.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - THE MESSENGER

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 The vision's


Me and my Wife had a BBQ at the Weekend when it was sunny and hot, we invited all the family and friends to join us. It was just a normal day with Children running around in the garden, and parent's eating and drinking and having a good time.

My Wife and I don't really go out drinking much to pubs and clubs, as we don't drink a lot only on special occasions if we faced a drink. We have Three Children together and living with us, and they are all at school and we have two Boy's and a Girl.

The oldest is Thomas aged fifteen then Brandon aged thirteen and Shakira aged Twelve, they all go to the same school. They are normal as any other Children who goes’ out to play with their friend's, on most weekend's we take them around there Nan's and Granddad’s house.

If there was a special occasion at weekend's’ and it was nice one of our relative's would have a party or BBQ. If it was raining we will have it indoors, as there was so many of us and Children it would be noisy and dirty afterword’s.

With all the Niece’s and Nephew's and their Children, our guest's would put up his bouncy castle for the Children to play with when it's sunny outside. The Children would sit and watch TV or did if it was raining, and most of the time they done what they wanted to do anyway. And there are so many Children to entertain, sometimes we invited more friends and they have Children they had to bring with them.

There was all way’s someone new came to our party's and not knowing anything about them, and we still make them welcome as our friend's. We had a party for Shirak our daughter on her birthday, and invited all the family and friends. We were all outside in the garden and the Children running around and we got the bouncy castle put up for us for the Children.

The younger one's played on the castle and bouncing around having fun, while the oldest Children stood around with their friend's from school and the neighbor’s. There was only one person in among the Children that I didn’t know, and he was just standing there in the garden on his own. He stood there just looking at me for a long time, as I looked away from him and turned back round he had gone.
He's face was on my mind and couldn’t tell who's child he belong to, and didn’t know where he came from.

I looked all through the house and outside and no sign of him, so I asked the neighbor’s Children if they had bring any friend's with them. No one could tell me who, he is as they never saw him.

We went shopping and the Children came with us, and we was walking around the shops. We went into Asda to do our main shopping, and our son Thames went and had a look at the new DVD's. I saw the same boy from the party standing beside Thomas looking at me, my name was called out and I turned round and it wasn’t me they was calling. It was someone else they wanted, and I turned back round to see Thomas and the boy was gone.

We called our son Thomas to come to us as we still had shopping to do, I asked who that boy was standing by you at the DVD's. Thomas said he didn’t see any one next to him, as he wasn’t looking and reading the dad’s. We were walking up and down the aisles in Asda, I saw that boy again walking passed me and down the next isle. I told my wife just going to the toilet and headed that way, down the next isle to see if I could see him with anyone.

I really didn’t need the toilet and wanted to find that boy with anyone, after a while looking and went back to find my Wife and Children.
And we carried on with the shopping, we played for it and headed back to our car to go home. We was driving through the town at the bushes’ time of the day, it was bumper to bumper trying to get out of town. Then it started to pour down with rain and hardly could see anyone in front, then a car pulled up close to us and couldn’t see the driver.

As the other car was passing us there was three Children sitting on the back seat, then I wiped my window to see out of it. Then I saw that boy's face appear in the window, as he passed us and I tried to get the number plate. He was gone too quick to see his plate, finally we got home and we all carried the shopping in door's.

When I was about to shut the door tight a bang on it made me jump, and it was other Children calling for ours to go out. Then we packed all the shopping away and sat down to have lunch, then we just sat and relaxed. On Monday morning we took the Children to school, on the way I was looking out for any car's that looked similar to the one the other day.

When the Children went into school and we drove around the block, to look again and no luck we headed back home. I tried to blank the boy out of my head and his face, kept appearing everywhere we went and wouldn’t go away.


I still wanted to know who he is and hoped to find out, to talk to him and ask why I see him everywhere go.
We went out after lunch on Monday to our Mother's, when the Children are at school. We got back just after Three O'clock, and the Children are walking down the road towards us as we got out of the car. As they passed us to go in the house, they said “hello" to us and walked indoors. We went indoors and I was making, a drink for us and the Children wanted one as well.

Then I asked if there "Friend" wanted a drink, then they said "what Friend" Dad. As they was looking at me funny, so I said “the boy" who came in with you. They told me that they never had a friend, with them when they came in. No we didn’t they said again and, I said there was Four of you that came in the house. They told me that I must have imagined it, or seeing thing's "Dad".

My Wife asked me what's going on, and I told her about the boy at the BBQ. That I keep seeing him, everywhere we go out. He's face is in my thoughts all the time, and I can't find who he is and where he lives’. My Wife said are you day dreaming, or been in my dream at all. I said "don't really know" what's happening to me, and I’m not day dreaming or having night mare's.

I asked my Wife "why" do I keep having these vision's, with this boy and what does it all mean and why me. Most night's I found it hard to sleep, and staying awake all night thinking about that "boy". As someone don't want me to sleep, and keep me alert all night as something might happen. In the morning's I will get dressed, and go lay on the sofa hoping to nod off to sleep.

As I couldn’t sleep I was very snappy, at the Children and other people around me. My Wife phoned for an appointment, for the Doctor's to see me in the afternoon. We managed to get an appointment, to see our Doctor in that afternoon. We got there early and sit down, and wait till we was called in. My name was called out and we went to room Four, and walked in and saw the Doctor.

The Doctor all way’s say's "how" can I help you today, I been having problem's sleeping and need something to knock me out at night. He said "why" can't you sleep, and I told him about my vision's and the boy. So I said "can" you help me or not, and gave me a prescription for some tablet's to help me sleep.

The Doctor gave me a week's worth of tablet's and said "any", more problem's sleeping come back to see me in a week's time. After a week taking the tablets, I was sleeping better than before.


Then I started to talk in my sleep, and sitting up shouting then lay back down while I was sleeping. My Wife was concerned that I was talking in my sleep, and made me another appointment to see the doctor.

Couldn’t get another appointment till, Six months’ time as they was fully booked solid. I tried to forget everything, and get on with my daily routine. After a few day's I thought it was the, end of seeing the visions. When we went out, didn’t see his face anywhere. We went out for lunch down the road from us, and we sat with a soft drink and talking and ordered our meal's.

When we was waiting for our meal's I thought I had a migraine coming on, and had a sharp pain in my head. Then I closed my eyes and had a vision, with more detailed thought. As I saw a girl fall over, and hurt herself in a playground. I opened my eyes at said to my wife "He's" back, who's back my Wife said to me.

Then I said the "Boy" he just shown me, a vision of a little Girl fallen over in a playground. I tried to get up and got to the toilet, but I couldn’t move and felt so weak and sick. On Saturday morning when it isn’t raining, we would take our daughter to the park. It wasn’t far away and we was walking, it was a bit windy and cold and we put our coats and scarf's on.


Then went out to walk to the park, the park had a fench around it as it, closed it off from children as they might run of out of the park. Our daughter was playing in the park on her own, and we was keeping an eye on her. As the park was half full with Children and Adult's, Sherika wanted me to push her on the swings. And went over to her and, pushing her that high she nearly fell off the swing.

Then she went on the climbing frame where a, another little girl was playing on her own. They started to play together and I sat down, with my Wife and watched them both. There was a group of people making a lot of noise at the, other end of the park sitting at a bench. They was getting ready to go and their Children went over, to them and put there coat's on and went out of the park.
I was watching them leave the park and still sitting, at the bench was a little boy on his own. I looked at our daughter and as I turned round again, the boy was gone and maybe his parent's came back for him. We stayed there for a while, as our daughter was playing with her new friend. As they both was running over to the swings the other young girl fell over, and that was my vision I had the day before.

Our daughter ran over to tell us she fall over, and her parent's saw her and went over to her as I started to walk. Then I asked the girl's parents, if she was all right.

They told me she was "fine" and started to walk back, and the girl shouted to me “that boy" wants to talk to you. I asked "what boy" wants to talk to me, she replied "that boy" sitting at that bench on his own. So I said "the boy" went home with his parent's, she said "no" and pointed at that bench and said he's still there.

The parents of the girl asked me, why she was telling me these thing's. I really couldn’t say much, as they might think I’m mad. I said to her parent's "can" you see anyone on that bench, they looked and said "sorry" no we can't. Then I said "your" daughter told me that a, little boy who I saw earlier wanted to talk to me.

You’re "Daughter" just told me he is still there and I thought he went home, with that group of people sitting at that bench earlier. I saw a boy earlier on, his own and then he had gone. The little girl said to me "when" the boy was talking to me he called you his “Dad".

"Pardon" I said to the girl, he called me his "Dad" and the girl said "yes" his "Dad". I told her parent's that I didn’t know the boy, and been seeing him around the area. The parent's asked the girl if she knew his name, or where he lived. The girl said "don't know" to both question's, and he come's and goes’ when he wants to.

I was getting worried that one of our Son's been in an accident, and they can't get hold of us as we was in the park. Then I said our "Son's", are at home and they are grounded. My Wife looked at me and thinking, have I had an affair as the boy said I was he's "Dad". The" girl" said he is much happier now, that he has found his parent's.



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