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Chapter 2 (v.1) - the miscarriage

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Submitted: May 02, 2015



The messenger


The miscarriage



When me and my Wife got married, like any other couple we wanted to start a family. Was we ready to start a family and become parents, as we have tried for a few months and nothing yet.

We did our normal stuff each day, and kept our routine in the bedroom the same. We just had to wait until she did fall pregnant and how long will it take. We both have had no experience when it comes to babies and plenty with older children in the family.
When we have one of our own we promised each other that we do the best, we can for our baby and would be a blessing when she is pregnant. We have no other children from our pasts and it would be our first baby together as a married couple.

Both of us was working and got a career, and my Wife has just turned Twenty One year's old. We are both healthy and strong in all departments, we got up one morning and my Wife was feeling sick. It might have been something we ate last night, after a few days the sickness would get worse. And didn’t go away as it could be, food poisoning or something.

We went to the doctor's and got a checkup and found out she is pregnant, both of us was excited and happy to hear that. And now both of us are going to be parent's for the first time. My Wife is Two week's gone and we are still working, and we had a long talk about my Wife giving up work when the time was right.

We was ready to become parents and we have, to make the most of thing's we like doing a lot. And make the right choices for the baby and us as parents, and give up thing's we both love doing. My Wife wanted a girl on the first born, and I was excited for either one. We didn’t want to find out the sex of the baby and wait till it was born.

Every week we had spare money and we go shopping, for baby clothes’ and most of the stuff we need.
We knew it wouldn’t be cheap, and would be expensive to have a baby. We didn’t have money problems, and could buy anything for the baby when we needed things.

We had to start taking our baby shopping with us, and was going to find it hard the first few time's. As it would be easier when we get into a routine, and we all ways can get help if we needed it. The spare room we put into an office and I thought, it can be turned into a nursery for our baby.

Choosing the paint for the room was easy and kept it a natural color, the room will be white as it all right for a boy or girl. We put all of our junk and paper work in the loft, so we could clean it out ready when we found time to paint the room. My Wife needed to buy some new clothes’ as the baby would grow, and it is hard to find clothes’ my Wife liked.
She picked out some maternity clothes’ she did like, with a few more outfits from other shops. The boot of the car was full up of bags, as my Wife am not finished buying thing's for her and the baby. We spent week's shopping, for my Wife's clothes’ and went to nearly every town near us.

It was getting too much shopping for clothes as she is very fuzzy and choosier on colours. Whatever shop we went in she buy one thing, and go to another shop to buy something to go with it. My Wife is Six week's pregnant, and in the evening I wanted to take my wife out for a meal, to celebrate and for no reason she didn’t want to go out.

She was so tried after work and had a hot bath with bubbles, she was feeling nervous with the pregnancy. And was uncomfortable with her body, as she would might put on weight after the birth. And stretch marks on her stomach, I’m glad she is telling me how she feels about having the baby. I didn’t want to be shut out, and it was both of our baby.

One Sunday we had a party to celebrate the pregnancy, with all our family's and friend's. And wish us happiness throughout the pregnancy, and that would be there for us if we needed them. It was nice and sunny, and like normal we got the BBQ out of the shed. I lit the BBQ and waited to it got hot, to put any food on there. While I was waiting I went to the freezer, and got the food out to cook and took it out side.

As people was coming in and saying hello I was standing next to the BBQ, and started to cook some burger's and sausages. My Wife was in the kitchen letting people in, and preparing salad and other stuff to go with it. Our family turned up with a dish of something they made, and give them results out of ten for taste.

My Brother made a dish and it looked very nice, and when we tasted it had to spit it out. He all way’s made a curry and it would be, either to hot or spicy for me as other people liked it that way. My Sister is a vegetarian and forgot to buy something for her to eat, and lucky enough she brought her own dish.

The house and the garden was full of people and, Children running around when everyone was here. The Children was playing games near the BBQ, and I stayed cooking the food as they might knock into it. A few time's I had to tell them to be more careful, as to they might brake something. And I wouldn’t be very happy, and had to tell them of.
The BBQ is going smoothly and everyone is happy and having fun, they all had plenty to eat.

My Wife was getting tired in and out of the kitchen, so I grabbed her and sat her down to rest. And I made her a burger and got her a drink, and I finished of the last of the food on the BBQ. Then started to let the BBQ to go out, and got called into the kitchen to find something.

As I was in the kitchen my wife got up and needed the toilet, as she nearly passed me I said "you" should be sitting down. She said I can't wee in the garden, and need the toilet quickly. It was hard to move around in the kitchen, and the garden with all our guest's. And the Children were running, in and out of the house.

My Wife had finished in the toilet and I was trying to sit her back down, and went to escort her back in the garden. As we headed into the garden, the Children run in and knocked us to the floor. I hurt my arm on the back door, and checked my Wife and she said "I’m" fine. As we was getting up she felt giddy and weak, then got her up and sat her down and told her to relax.

I went to get some pain killer's for my Wife and couldn’t find any, and she had them in her handbag somewhere.


She came in to get her bag and the Children, ran back through the house and knocked her down again by the door. I rushed over as everyone was around her, and couldn’t get to her as I had to fight my way through.


She was on the floor in pain and asked, what happened and she told me it was an accident. And the Children ran into her, when they was playing. I said to myself that’s twice now she's been knocked into, and I shouted in a calm voice at the Children. To be more careful as they was in and out, and look what you done to your auntie.

The BBQ was cold and I started to put it away and everyone started to help, to clean up in the kitchen and the garden. It was in a right mess and knew, it wasn’t going to be clean when they left. Our guest's helped us and it was too much, for just us two to clean up. And my Wife was feeling dizzy and light headed, and kept her sat down with her Mum. As I was concerned about her and the baby, and a little bit angry still at the Children.

The day was exciting with all the family and friends, as they all left one by one and said "bye" to us. When they all had gone we both felt really tired, and sat watched TV for a while and it was getting late.

As we sat on the sofa the both of us started to fall asleep, and we both went to bed crawling up the stairs.
In the morning we had a lay in as we didn’t have work, but I couldn’t sleep and got up and made my Wife breakfast in bed. My Wife had two boiled soft eggs with toast and a cup of tea, and I had just toast and tea. After breakfast I ran my Wife a bath and after we finished we would get dressed, before we started on the house work. I helped my Wife in the bath as it was slippery and wet, and left her to relax to get her a towel.

I was in the bedroom when I heard a scream, and ran into the bathroom. As I saw the water was all red and asked "what's wrong", she said "I’m bleeding" babes. I was in a bit of a panic, and we both didn’t know what was happening. Then I phoned for an ambulance and explained what was going on and that she's is pregnant.

Got her out of the bath and helped to get her dressed, then the ambulance turned up. I led them up stairs to our room, and saw blood on the floor and on her clothes’. We told them what happened yesterday and she was knocked down, twice by the Children as they ran in and out.

Also told them she had a headache and felt dizzy for a while, and sat and watched TV last night and she was ok then.
We got in the ambulance and headed towards the hospital, and my wife had stomach pains and was feeling sick. We got outside the hospital where there was nurses, waiting with a wheel chair to take us in. Then went straight into a cubical to be seen by a doctor, and find out what is wrong. We told them that she is pregnant and how many weeks, and she has been knocked into by Children at home.

As we had a BBQ yesterday with, all the family to celebrate the pregnancy. As he was concerned that she has had a miscarriage, then the doctor told us that we have lost the baby. We were both emotionally upset and cuddled together and cried, and we both was silent till we finished cuddling.

My Wife had to stay in for the night to check on her as she has lost a lot of blood. Then I went home to fetch a few things for her, to have in the morning. When I got home I phoned her parent's to let them know what happened, and said we lost the baby.
Then they went up to see her in hospital, when they found her she was emotionally upset and crying. They felt the pain she was in, and got emotionally and cuddled together.

They was all comforting each other, and they didn’t know what to say to one another. I was ready to go back to the hospital with my wife's thing's, and my father-in-law phoned me and asked me to wait for him as he was going to pick me up. We was in the car going back to the hospital, and I found it really hard to talk about the baby to him as he was driving. I was angry that we have lost the baby, and there is nothing we could do to bring it back.

Then I thought to myself just be there for my wife to comfort her, as she was in a lot of pain and very upset about the baby. It was time for me to go home as my wife, needed her rest and was lonely without her at home. I hated sleeping on my own without my wife in our bed, so I got the quilt off our bed and stayed on the sofa until I fell asleep.
I was thinking what to do at home, that I could do to take my mind of things and the baby.

It was hard not to think about the baby as all the things we brought was all around me. I couldn’t force myself to pick them all up, and put them in the nursery. And my Wife would be mad at me for putting the thing's away and be upset. So I waited till she got home, and we both could put it all away.

wondered what sex the baby would I have been, would we have a Son or Daughter and we had not picked any names as it was too early. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy getting over the pain, and would take a long time to heal. Even if we thought about having a baby, can we go through that pain again if we lost it?

My Wife was ready to come home and I went to phone a taxi, and a knock on the door made me jump. I opened the door and my Wife, and her parent's was standing there waiting for me to open the door to let them in. They all came in and she put her stuff down on the floor, and went into the nursery and started to cry again. She got me and her parent's crying, and we all hugged together.

With all the baby's things all over the place, we started to pick them up and put them in a box.
We decided to pack it all away in a box, and give them to people who needed things. The other couple's would "Thank" us, and found use for it all and that made us a little happier. As we didn’t know if we was going to have another baby, or could have one as we lost the other one.

All the family knew what happened and they felt sorry for us, and we just wanted to get on with our lives as best we could without our baby. It was hard to talk about the miscarriage to other people, and all we have left of our baby was the scan picture. With all our memory's and thing's we was going to do, and we both still got each other and our love kept us strong.

After with everything that we went through we decided to give our baby a name, as we didn’t choose any name's before. As he or she still be our baby and we never forget, as we lit a candle on the day we lost the baby to remind us off him or her. If the baby was a girl her name would be "SHERIKA", but if it was a boy he's name would be "AJ" short for Andrew John.




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