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Chapter 3 (v.1) - the first born

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The messenger



The first born



After the miscarriage we decided to wait and try again after a year, when we both was ready to start again. The pain we went through was too much to handle again, and just being there for each other helped us through the worst times in our marriage.
With all the things she ate and drunk, and after all the love making in the bedroom we kept our body's healthy. We was both ready to try again after a year for a baby, we had to have positive thoughts and keep our faith up and everything would be fine.
It was hard not to have negative thoughts, and worry that we couldn’t have any more. We made sure this baby would be strong and healthy, and stress free and we knew it can because problem's during the pregnancy.


Also at the birth and we didn’t want anything to go wrong, as we was desperate to have a baby.
Made an appointment for a checkup at our doctor's to everything else with me and my Wife. We should have no make sure, my sperm count was still fine and check problem's for my wife to full pregnant again, and after a few month's trying we buy a test to make sure if she is or not. We have done a few test's all ready and all was negative, as my thoughts are positive and my Wife's.
So we kept trying until she she had fallen pregnant, and we done everything right as the doctor explained a few things to do to help fall pregnant. We had time out to rebuild our body strength, and still keep healthy and get checkup's often as month's past. We didn’t try so much then before and took thing's easy, then we did before and hoped that would work better for us.
We had to stop thinking about it too much and let natural take its course, and hope it be quicker that way. And was ready to try anything that could help and keep yourself active. We needed to go out and enjoy yourself, as we was staying in ever night. We booked a table at our local Indian restraint, so we had a good meal.

We had Pitta bread and onion Chuckey for starter's and the main course, we had chicken korma and naan bread with special fried rice. We was that hungry that night, and the food just melted in our mouth's and it tasted so good we had to go back, there soon for an another meal. Then we had a coffee and payed the bill, it was cheaper than we expected and gave them a big tip to say thankyou.

After the meal we took a slow walk back home and when we got there, we just walked straight on and ended up miles away. We both enjoyed the walk together in the evening, as it was really quite on the roads. we didn’t feel like going back home yet so we kept walking, and passed our parent's house and took no notice as we was walking by.


Just as we was day dreaming walking along, her parent's saw up and called us back. We got offered a hot drink, and we said "yes please" and walked in their home and sat down and enjoyed the hot drinks. It was about Twelve midnight and with a full moon in the night sky, and we started to head back and are parent's offered to take us home.


But we both wanted to walk as it was a nice night, we got home quicker than we thought. And really enjoyed the evening and was very happy, and most of all enjoyed the walk together holding hands.

Then we went to bed and cuddling up to mine. Which made me frisky and excited and could 'not sleep, then we started to play with each other. We both wanted to make love, as we wanted to feel each other more deeply. We felt really tired afterwards and both of us was so relaxed we couldn’t move.

Together and I could feel, my Wife's body very tight next as we both was happy as we fell asleep, and cuddling each other. I woke up to go to the toilet in the night and my Wife was fast asleep, with hardly any quilt on or clothes’ as her body felt really hot. I finished in the toilet and went to get in bed, and I felt horny again looking at my Wife's body. I was sitting up in bed still looking at my Wife and feeling horny, and wanted to wake her up but I didn’t as she was fast asleep.

Few weeks later my Wife relied that she has missed a month on her period, and could be pregnant but she was still feeling fine and not being sick.

We got another test to find out and it was negative, and started to feel pain's in her stomach. We went to the doctor's and still in pain, while we was waiting in the surgery to be seen.

When we went in the doctor's office and he asked what's wrong, and told him she was in a lot of pain. She played down and the doctor was feeling around her tummy and pushed on it, and a loud noise appeared and smelt, and my Wife went red as a beetroot and said "sorry". The doctor said that she has a lot of gas, that's why you have got pains.

My Wife done a wee sample for a pregnancy test, as the nurse took the wee and done a test. We had to wait and my wife told the doctor, that she has missed a month on her period. Then the nurse came in with the test, and had a smile on her face. As we knew she was pregnant and the test was positive, we were both so happy.

As we was going home we couldn’t be any happier, for each other and we got a taxi home. We only told our parent's as it was still early days, and didn’t tell anyone else. Our parent's promised not to tell anyone, yet as we just asked them not too.
After a month everything, was looking good for us and the baby.

We brought new things for the baby as we gave the other stuff away, and we didn’t mind spending more money for the baby. We wanted to give the nursery a new coat of paint, and kept it white the same colour as before. Just too clean it up abet, and put some sticky pictures on the wall.

We had a scan booked and went to the hospital, when we both went in we got asked if we wanted to know the sex. Then we had a talk and said, "Yes" we would like to know. They told us it was a boy, and they double checked to be certain. It was a boy and we didn’t choose, a name until the baby was nearly born. And now we can buy what we needed for a boy, and not waste a lot of money on other stuff we don't need.

The nurse gave us a picture of the scan and the baby, and we went home and told the rest of the family's. They were all pleased for us, that they wanted to celebrate with a party. We was sure that a party wasn’t a good idea, after what happened last time and we lost our baby.

Had to make an excuse to not going to the party, and we just said we are tired and needed to rest. And we aren’t spent much time together as we both was working, and didn’t get in till late some nights from work. My Wife is Four month's pregnant and getting bigger every month, and she gets tired more quickly at night.

And I didn’t want her over doing it and home and rest more, and I was very nervous that she might hurt herself at home. We decided to have a few dinner parties a home, with our family's and not altogether. And invite four people at a time and their Children and we could cope, with that many people in our home and still have room to move about.

After all the family have been round for our dinner parties, we only had two month's left till the birth of our Son. And we both are excited and couldn’t wait to see our Son, and the last Three months have just flown by. My Wife gave up work and stayed home to rest, and I still was working and coming home earlier than before. I would worry that my Wife done too much at home, when she should be resting and wait till I got home to help.

Only a month left till whole nine months and we went out a brought, a buggy and stock up with nappies and creams. We couldn’t find a strong cot that we both liked, so we got one specially made for our Son. It was made out of oak wood and turned into a bed for when he's older, we had to pay in full and no refund if we changed our minds. The cot cost around Three Hundred pounds, and it was worth every penny and the shops were cheap and nasty.

My Wife had planned to stay in hospital for a few day's and get her strength back, and make sure our Son was also strong enough to bring home. We had a big bag for her to take, and filled it up with baby stuff and a few bit's for my Wife. So it was ready to take, with us when the time is right. And I didn’t want to rush around, to buy things at the last minute and could be with my Wife.

My Father-in-law offered to take us when the time was right and her waters have broken, and he was put on standby and waiting for a phone call. And we put her bag in the boot of his car, so we didn’t forget it and worry if we left it at home. Only weeks to go now, and we forgot to get a car seat to bring the baby home in.
I went down the town to buy one and didn’t find any I liked, and walking around shop's to find one was hard work.

I didn’t want to buy any car seat and get home and my wife saying, she didn’t like it after spending hour's finding one. After looking around I found a good seat that my wife would like, and took it home and showed her and she did like it a lot. I was so hot and stressed, that night that I needed a bath to relax. Then my wife also wanted a bath and she was having one first, as she liked it hot and I liked it warm and I could jump in her water afterwards.

After dinner I ran the bath for her and helped her up the stairs, into our bedroom to get her ready to get in the bath. I put bubbles in for her, and soft music in the back ground so she could relax.



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