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Chapter 4 (v.1) - our son thomas

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Submitted: May 02, 2015



The messenger


 Our Son Thomas.


Our Son Thomas was born on the Fifth of September, after the summer holiday’s ended. As it was getting colder, and winter was on its way. When we first got Thomas home after being in hospital, and my Wife has had her rest.

Then our lives’ changed as there wasn’t two of us and now three, we had the Nursery already for him. We relized that he had to sleep in our room, to he was older enough to sleep in his bedroom. We couldn’t get his cot in our room, and be no good for him at his age. Then we had to buy a mose’s basket for our son to sleep in, we found someone close by us selling them with stands.
We phoned the women up and luckily enough she still had one, and arranged to pick it up the same day. She done it with blue linen inside the basket, and didn’t take too long to collect it.

He was like any baby slept all day and some nights, and wake up when he is hungry and got a dirty bum. We took turns to feed him during the night, as we would be tired as well.

Then give him a bath, and it is too much for one person to handle. We found it hard work getting up in the middle of the night, as he would wake up to be feed. When we did finally drop of back to sleep then it was time, to wake up again which it lasted for a few week's until we got used to it. When he didn’t sleep and kept us awake all night, our bodies did feel drained and more tired.
We needed a break and our Mother helped us with Thomas, and had him once a month to help us. So we could have a night out for a meal, and have a good night sleep to regenerate our bodies’. Thomas was Three month's old and his Nan and Granddad, loved having him and still abet young to play with and just eat and sleeper all day and night.

After we had a good night sleep we would take our parent's out for a meal, to say "THANKYOU" to them for having Thomas.
We are grateful for their help, and would find it much harder without a break. Thomas was sleeping more during the night, and staying awake during the day. And smile at you when he got picked up, and cry when he got put down.

When Thomas was nearly born we both choose a name, and didn’t tell each other. And put the name's in a bag and asked one of the nurse's, to pick one and the one she picked will be our son's name. Thomas was my Wife's name for him that she choose, and I didn’t tell anyone my name as my Wife would of said "NO". Only my name was going to be our first son, which we lost through a miscarriage. We would have called our first one AJ, or junior short for his Dad's name.

I was happy with our son's name, and it suited him more than mine would have done. Our families are so excited to see Thomas, when they came round to see us and gave Thomas present's and card's for him. My Wife also got flower's from them and was running out of room to put them all, and also Thomas got present's they gave him.


And put them behind the sofa and was getting to many behind there, then we put them in his bedroom out of the way.
With all the card's we was giving had money in them, and we opened a bank account for him. Then put all the money in his account for him when he's sixteen, or we would have spent it on him anyway. But we brought everything he needed anyway, and we didn’t need the money and it was the best choose to put it away. When we did open all the present's Thomas had more clothes’ and a few toys and some cuddly bear's to play with.

Thomas is six month's old now and doing a lot more thing's then before, he was crawling and making silly noises. When he first smiled at us and we knew, Thomas was very happy to be with us. Thomas is ticklish on his feet and love's to blow raspberries, but he don't like being chucked in the air and he would cry. Thomas notice's us as he's parent's, and like's us picking him up for a cuddle.

We started Thomas on solid foods and he loves it all, we don't have problems feeding him. Thomas tries to feed himself some time’s he makes a mess all over his face.

At night when we put him to bed and he goes’ to sleep, we clean up and go to bed as well. In the night I would get up and go to the toilet, and look on Thomas before getting back to bed

. And I stand at the doorway and hear him laughing, and I look at him and he's got a big smile on his face.
For our Son Thomas as he would be one year old we decided to book a hall, and have a party for him and invite all his Cousin's, Auntie's and Uncle's. Most of all his Grandparent's, we booked a DJ that also entertained Children with game's they played. A friend told us about booking character’s from frozen the movie, and she had them for one of her party's and they are good, Only the Three main character’s came and they are elsa, alna and the snowman, the Children knew who they are and was excited when they heard they are going.

Thomas is a little shy with large groups of people he didn’t mind other children, as they played with him and made him laugh. We had a month till his birthday, and started to send out invites to help us celebrate Thomas birthday.


We didn’t know what to get him and none of the rest knew as they kept asking me and we had the same problem.
So they all gave him money in a card and we put it in his account. I knew of one thing Thomas would like for his birthday, and my Wife would agree or not agree. And asking for another baby so soon after Thomas, that it might put her of for a long time. We enjoyed spending time with Thomas, and teaching him new thing's every day. When we got everything ready for the party, we forgot one main item we both never thought of.

His birthday cake we forgot to order in a shape of a number one, so we went out looking for one and had hard job finding one. We phoned one cake shop and asked them if they had one, and they said "NO" but they could make us one for the night before his birthday. We was happy with him making us one and we could pick it up later , and it was a sponge cake with blue and white icing sugar on top and it had to go between Twenty or Thirty people.

We both got a lot of people in our families and we both got Niece's, Nephew's and Grandchildren.
Then we made sure there was plenty of room, in the hall for all our family's and friend's. The Children had plenty of room to run around, and no one should get hurt. And it would be very noisy when the Children are screaming and shouting, and we won't be able to hear other people talking to us. Unless we shout as well to be heard.

Thomas couldn’t walk yet and we took his walker as he loved pushing it around, and bang into things as he thought it was funny. Then he would try and chase the other Children, as they are running up and down the hall. Thomas also liked to run over people's feet, with his walker when he ignored.

We have never talked about how many Children we wanted, and I knew my Wife want's a Girl. I guess she only want's Two Children a Boy and a Girl, and I was happy with just the Two of them. If we had another Boy after Thomas, and I would know that she wants a Girl and try again. Maybe until we get a Girl and how many would we have, before we got a Girl. Would it be Three Boy's and a Girl or will it be more Boy's and one Girl, we couldn’t pick and choose what we had.


So we had to decide what we was going to do, shell we just have one or try again and end up having Five, Six or more. On the day of Thomas birthday and we got everything ready, and all the food was taken to the hall. The DJ turned up early to set up, and family was getting the hall ready with banners and balloons. All we had to do was just turn up on time, and enjoy our self’s on our Son's birthday. The DJ played a few more game's with them, and got there parent's to join in and made the Children more excited

As we was preparing the food our guest's was giving us present's and card's for Thomas, there was so many of them we put them in one corner to take home. The entertainment turned up through the back door, and hid behind the stage as they got changed and ready. Then the food was ready as the Children would help them self’s, and sit down and eat and some Children was running around eating. As some other Children, didn’t want anything to eat and some just picked at the food.

We just picked as well as we was going to have dinner when we got home, whatever food was left people could take home and the rest in the bin.

They had about Fifteen minutes, to the entertainment would come on and some Children eat slowly. When all the Children had finished, we gathered them all up and sat them down in front of the DJ.

The Children got asked to sing happy birthday to Thomas, the DJ put the song on and Most of them got there early. To greet us as we walked into the hall, and some people we knew was running late and will turn up later. We booked a taxi to the hall and it didn’t turn up, on time and we would be late our self’s. When it did arrive we got in and headed to the hall, as we pulled up outside I phoned my Sister. To let them know we are here so they could greet us, by the door as we walked in. When we opened the door to the hall everyone was waiting for us, and the DJ was playing happy birthday.

Thomas saw the balloon's and with a big smile on his face, as he wanted them to play with. We took some head ache tablets, just in case anyone needed them. As the Children would be screaming and shouting, and running around and over powering the music. The Children knew the song's the DJ is playing, and dancing on the floor in front of him.
Then he played a game with them, to guess who sing's the songs and artist.

I knew most of the song's he is playing and never had a clue who song them, and I only know the Eighty's song's better then today’s ones. We booked the hall for a couple of hours, and there was other people would be waiting to us it. Then the

entertainment come out from the back of the stage to the front, and singing along with the Children. Then the Children are excited as the character’s from frozen, the movie is standing in front of them. The Children was jumping around them and the Girls are screaming, but sadly only two of them turned up as Alma was sick and couldn’t make it.

They gave Thomas a present and sung there song from the movie for him, and all the Children are singing with them. Then they lined up to take photos with the Children one by one, as parents are taking pictures of them. Thomas got his picture taken, and got a signed photo of frozen from them.

After all the pictures are done they had a little time, to run around before there parent's turned up. Everyone are helping to clean up and put the table's and chair's. Away and help sweep up the floor and throw the waste food in the bin's. We cut the cake and put a bit in their party bags for the Children, and the parents are turning up and the Children are hiding from them.

Most of them are behind the stage, and we got them all out and getting their coats on ready. As they are going home one by one, we are standing by the door giving them there party bag's. And saying "Thank you for coming" as they went out the door. Thomas is getting tired and wanted me to pick him up, so I took him out of his walker and is carrying him around with me. As my Wife is with my Niece with her new born baby Girl, my Wife can't put her down and she was getting broad.

The baby is wearing all pink with frills and she was lovely, and Thomas tried to lean over me to look and kissed her on her head. I said to my Wife to put the baby Girl down as she isn’t a doll to play with, and my Wife told me she knows it's a baby and wanted a little Girl. When we got home after the party, we talked about having another baby. We can guess what she wanted, when she is pregnant again.

If my Wife didn’t get a Girl would she love our other Son as he wasn’t a Girl, would she want more or give up and settle for what we have. Only time will tell us that, and my Wife if she want's any more or not.

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