Planet Travelers

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If you were to go up in to space right now, you would see no life up there. Well, in 500 years, if you thought that, then you were crazy. In this book, you will find the adventure in space that will force your eyes to keep reading. the story of Hank Robin and his fellow crew travel the edges of space as they struggle to survive against starvation, Feds, and a criminal mastermind at the worst. This book has inspired me from the old TV series Firefly.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Planet Travelers

Submitted: February 25, 2013

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Submitted: February 25, 2013



In the deep dark edges of Space, There is a ship. This ship is owned by none other than me, Captain Hank Robin. I am a tall muscular man with deep clear blue eyes. I have a long bony nose with a little bump on the tip. My teeth are as sharp as knives and my ears are so large that I can hear a whisper from across my entire ship.

Now, I am not just the captain of my own ship. I am also a wanted criminal. Yes, I am accused of many different crimes.I am mainly accused of smuggling and robbing banks and many houses. But I don't just work alone, I also have a wonderful but small crew and many other criminals who need me to do a job for them.

My first mate Frestion isa master at weapons. He has an entire wall of his favorite guns. Frestion is an average sized but tough looking man. Frestion has a thick curly beard with brown eyes and a big scar all across the left side of his head. He fought in the war with Hank several years back. We were fighting the main planets where the leader all the power. The leader Daren Wash believed that everyone should follow under their rules. Well, some people disagreed.

These people have drifted to the edge of space where they could be far away from the leader's control. They named themselves the Rebels. The leader gathered up his army and sent them to attack. They had a very bloody war over the next several years.

Then one day, during one of the biggest battles of the war, the alliance had gathered up every single one of their soldiers and attacked an entire planet of them. Later on that day, the Rebels retreated and the war was over.

"Hey Hank!" Frestion called out "Where are the goods?" "Oh, I stacked them over there by the control room."I replied." I don't see the...Ow!" yelled Frestion. The goods had fallen off the top of the ledge they were sitting on and fell right on to him. "There they are."I said with a slight laugh.

"Hey Captain, the pilot needs you, now!" said Sera with an edge of panic in her voice. Sera is a short, young woman with brown hair that is always curled up into a ponytail. She has large narrow emerald eyes with a crooked nose and a large scrape on her arm. Sera had run away from her parents when she was 16.

We had picked her up one day while we were out flying around, looking for a job to do. She asked us to bring her to the planet Niribu.We decided to take her there and look for a job while we dropped her off. On the way there, the engine had broken down and we were stranded there.

We all didn't know what to do. Our mechanic Daniel had died last week from a heart attack. Then Sera had told us she was an expert at fixing engines and said she could fix it.

After she got us flying again, I asked her if she wanted to work for us. She was so thrilled and started to work as our mechanic the next day.

"I'll be up there" I said.

I flew up the stairs and down the hall to the pilots room.

"Hey James, what seems to be the prob..." I had stopped dead in my tracks. In front of me was not just James, but also His enemy, Daren Wash.

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