Lady in Black

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: July 18, 2010

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Submitted: July 18, 2010



Weeks passed, I was rather occupied at work. When suddenly my mobile phone rang, it was flashing Sam’s name on it but I heard Elizabeth’s voice.

She seemed to be in some kind of shock, she said, “Sudip... this is Elle; please come home quick... Sam has fallen down the stairs. For God’s sake please come home”.

I could hear little Sandra crying in the background.

I left for Sam’s house immediately. Elizabeth knew I would be rushing to their house she did not call me while I was on the way but I could sense her anxiously walking up and down on the porch of their house, desperately waiting for me. Minutes must have seemed like hours to her.

Finally I made it to their house. Thankfully it was mid day when Elle had called; I did not have to face the morning rush hour traffic. I straight away went to check on Sam.

Sam was unconscious. He had fallen down the stairs for some reason, neighbours and the doctor had carried him upstairs to the master bed room; there were minor cuts on his fore head otherwise he seemed alright to me, but as soon as I touched his forehead, I realized Sam was running a high temperature.

The lively sunny master bed room seemed to have plunged in some kind of gloom.

“What happened? ,” I asked.

“Sam has not been going to work for the past few days... he has been behaving very strangely. He hardly talks to anyone. He just sits in this room; he does not let us enter this room and he blabbers... something... he shouts even at Sandra if she walks in... and today morning. I realized he was having such a high fever. ”

“What else?”, I enquired.

“Daddy keeps talking to the closet”, little Sandra had been spying on him.

I noticed the almost empty bottle of Black Knight was placed at the top of the closet. Still some of the liquor remained in it.

“I think this house is haunted”, Elizabeth broke down in tears. I gave her a hug to comfort her.

This was a spine chilling message for me. In my experience as a paranormal investigator, this would mean Sam is haunted or even worse -possessed. Without losing another second I called up my team. I also instructed a friend and a team member Shelly, to do some background search on the house and the land.

“Okay everyone calm down. I will see what I find...”

Luckily, Sam woke up late in the evening his fever seemed to have mysteriously vanished. To me he seemed absolutely normal than what Elizabeth had described.

“Thank God you are here, Sudip,” said Sam his tone was that of a grave concern, “You remember that Lady in Black of yours?”

“Oh, her definitely,” I tried to assume a boyish excitement; I wanted to take his mind off the tensions “who is she? Where does she live?”

“There...”, Sam pointed at the closet in the corner of the room, “She has been haunting me... she wants to kill me...” his voice started to tremble, “She is a ghost Sudip... she is a ghost!”

My mind was racing a mile a minute. By that time I could hear two jeeps pulling up at the porch. It was my team. They were armed with magnetometers, thermographs, EVP recorders (Electronic Voice Phenomenon recorders), infrared cameras and good old camcorders.1

“Stay with me Sam!”I said, “Please tell me everything...”

I asked Elizabeth to go the neighbours along with Sandra, after all if things went wrong, I did not want a woman and a child to be in the vicinity. I wanted to know everything from Sam and the same time I did not want little Sandra to develop some sort of phobia.

“Stay with me Sam!”I said, “Please tell me everything...”

1. They were setting up every thing that was needed.

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