Lady in Black

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: July 18, 2010

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Submitted: July 18, 2010



I calmed myself down with a series of deep breaths, a relaxation technique that I had mastered for years. I opened my mind to all the vibrations available.

I started to invoke the mysterious spirit, The Lady in Black.

Soon I started to drift into a trance. I could see through my mind’s eye that indeed she was – a noble lady. She was definitely married to a land lord much older than her, as Shelly’s research indicated. The man she married was not at all nice. He would often get drunk and get into fights with his young wife. She was very disturbed with all this.

It did not take me long to get an answer. All the furniture in the room started to tremble, and soon they began to violently as if alive and shivering in a terrible cold. The noise rose to a crescendo. All the lights in the house started to flicker, gushes of cold wind started to flood the room. I and my research team breathed a sigh of relief as the cold indicated the sprit we are dealing with is not demonic1.

Then everything was still.

Alfred, one of my team mates had already positioned the camera towards the closet as it seemed to have significance in what Sandra said and Sam had narrated, the magnetic field in the room increased abnormally, he knew got something.

He said, “Guys... guys... I think I got her,” Alfred could see a silhouette of a woman in his monitor.

We all looked up, I saw the apparition of my Lady in Black standing in front of me. It was her full body manifestation2. She seemed to be translucent. I could see the closet through her. She looked just like the way I remember her, after all she is definitely beautiful. Her attire, her appearance clearly indicated her aristocracy, wealth and her elegant charming grace.

But this time she was angry, she was looking at Sam with hate. She had her elegant fan was folded up, like a baton in one hand and she tapping it on her other. Just like a police man trying to intimidate a local burglar, who is caught. Sam froze with fear.

“Who are you my Lady?”, I asked very politely and courteously as if I was addressing a queen.

“My name is Lady Elizabeth Washington,” her tone was commanding, “and Sir, who are you?”

“I am Sudip, a paranormal investigator”, I answered with a bow.

“Is that a profession?”, she seemed to be wondering.

“Yes my Lady,” I courteously replied. No doubt she had royal blood in her (when she was alive).

“So what are you doing in my property?”

I was out of words but I said, “I am here to help Sam... he is rather ill.”

LadyWashingtonthinking“Samuel?” she gave a burning look towards Sam, “He is a wretched soul... he tricked me. I will kill him”, she was fretting with anger she was staring at Sam.

I kept my wits about me, “Pardon me my Lady, he is not Samuel but Sam, my friend Sam....”

“No he is not a friend, he is a murderer.... he killed many women and... me”. That explains the anger and hate she carried. My polite and courteous words had helped me to open a psychic channel between me and her. I realized she thought Sam was Samuel, her husband.

But why would a husband murder his wife? It became clear to me the very next instant, I realized a wealthy man like Samuel Washington could have gotten into lecherous acts with women in drunken stupor and later killed them to protect his honor.

“When was this my Lady?”

“When? I don’t remember when”, she was lost.I fine tuned my senses again; my psychic bond with her was even deeper now. She seemed to trust me and I was sure she is the key to a great mystery.

1. This is just an assumption, call it the writer's licence.
2. See Ghosts, Full Body Manifestations.
3. Image credit: The movie Potrait of a Lady, Nicole Kidman

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