blood holds no sacrfifce

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the world of supernatural, and killing
blood holds no sacrifice

Chapter 1 (v.1) - newblood

Submitted: May 13, 2012

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Submitted: May 13, 2012




As I opened the door I couldn't believe what I saw, it was true she was dead, I sighed as I felt tears about to fall. I had dreaded this moment this horrific moment of reality, for the very thought of coming into this room had my stomach doing somersaults. There was nothing left to say, Francine was dead, she died a horrible death and suffered fatal blows of betrayal by her own flesh and blood the last of her family, the only person she should have been able to trust. Me. As I kneeled on the floor I swore that I would vanquish the evil that had brainwashed me into this. I was too weak now but when my strength returned

......... 200 years later............

CHAPTER ONE ROZ My alarm clock went off quickly my hand shot out to silence it. The good news? I shut up the alarm clock, the bad news? I broke it, Hmm I was going to have to get used to my new powers that was the fourth alarm clock this week. I gingerly sat up feeling the muscles in my back pull as I did some had had another tough time yesterday fending off demons and evil vamps. Yep just your average night in hell, I rubbed my eyes then yawned as I got up to make the bed, i sighed this was going to be a long night.

Before leaving the house I briefly glanced at the newspaper , the headline read ''Suicide or Homicide?'' then on the bottom right hand corner there was a picture of a tall, slender man with oval-shaped and black rimmed glasses and a grey linen suit. Irecognised him as Trent Malcolm the owner of a very popular club [The Bronze] that I often visited. I felt a wave of sadness as I finally came to the realisation that the man who had been my friend for many years was of no more. And the fact that he had two sons and two daughters only made it worse ,one of the boys was about 19 named Lenny, one girl was about 7years younger than me (Roxy) was 15 years old , his other daughter Anucksuanamon was my age and the last born son had just had his third birthday party . They had lost their mother not 8 months ago. I read the

article ,then re read it just to make sure , Trent Malcolm , aged 49 was struck by a heavy object at the back of the head , however it wasn't determined whether that or the slitting of his throat was the cause of his death. The more gruesome part was that the body had been bloodless. He was found at 11pm lying on the lounge room floor when his daughter Anucksuanamon found him. Police were urging anyone who had information on who or what had played any part on this to step forward.

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