Chapter 2: Students of Hecate

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Headmistress Dean shuffled along in front; long dress trailing on the floors, explaining a lot about this school. The castle had 470 rooms, taking ten years to build and just about as many students, from pre-k to twelfth grade. The elementary is on the west side and high school on the east side. In here and out there, we stuck with our own kind. Everybody had a roommate from pre-k on.

Female fairies with their brightly colored butterfly or dragonfly wings gawked, their befriend giving me dirty looks. Werewolves sniffed the air, grinning. The senior dorms were on the fifth floor, close to a hundred feet above the ground.

I asked every question I could think of, pointing to portraits of past headmasters and mistresses.

Dead seemed to get annoyed by my constant questioning. It was early in the morning, a day after waking up here, right before classes started. It still hurt to walk. Going up six flights of stairs made it worse. Apparently being too curious can get you killed or injured. Sounds like I’ll be hurt in a matter of minutes. She knocked on a door, towards the end of the senior dorms, waiting for an answer. A Chinese girl with coal black eyes and bleach brown hair jumped out, speaking nonstop. Veins popped on Dean’s forehead, getting annoyed. She obviously didn’t tolerate things like this.

“Ohmigod hey you’re the new kid,” Asian girl said. “I’m Kaylee Carter, a half werewolf. My dad’s one and my mom’s a human. I’ve grown up here my entire life. Wow you’re kind of cute. You want to hang out later? I got period free. Do you like pie?”

“Just go Kaylee,” Dead angrily said, veins in her neck more prominent. “You aren’t supposed to be in Alex’s room.

“Alex, the guy who saved me?”

Dead groaned. “Stop asking questions.” Dean led me inside. Alex had dark brown, and equally as dark eyes. When he spoke, I heard a thick Southern accent.

“Hey headmistress. You must be Jayden. Glad to finally met ya now that you’re conscience.” He shook my hand. Like Nathan, his hands were calloused. “Oh sorry, playing guitar don’t mean you get nice hands. And I done what you told me Headmistress. He has all his books and things.” There in the corner sat a black bass guitar and acoustic guitar. Up against the other side of the room a made bed and wooden dresser.

Pictures of Alex, his family and of another guy our age neatly organized on Alex’s dresser. Headmistress Dean said she was heading back to her office, sweeping up her dress, disappearing behind a corner. The door closed.

“That’s my cousin Dante. He recently came here from Rome.” He handed me a picture of a guy with thick dark brown hair, almost black, and lightly tanned skin.

I crossed my legs, plopping down on the bed. “You guys are Italian.”

“Yeah, but my parents moved to Taxes after having me. Technically I am Italian too.”

I paused for a second, thinking of another question. “Who’s Kaylee Carter?”

“Oh Kaylee.” He sighed. “Her mother gave her AHDH since she’s still half human. But she still has a wolf’s hunting skills. We are the best hunters besides a Wendigo.”

“She’s very…interesting,” I said, and ran a finger along my long pointed ears. Alex seemed nice. He’s very artistic and laid back. A little hard to understand with his thick accent. Alex told me a lot about Huston where he grew up, spending a lot of vacations in Rome.

He’s very family orientated. And a talented musician. He made money playing in Black-Hawk Park. While speaking, he toned his bass. A petite blond girl with such heavily lashed green eyes, they almost weighed them down, burst in, looking livid, dark blond cat ears twitching underneath her hair. Isis, he said her name was, when she left, the queen bee and most self absorbed person in school. Hundreds of hallways looped around the school, pictures and tapestries nailed into stone, fairies floating inches or close to the ceiling, wings vigorously with great rapidity. A dark skinned male fairy, dragon fly wings protruded from his black, complained his parents didn’t buy him the latest Mac computer for his room back home.

A young witch girl with a pixie cut got harassed by seniors.

Alex was my guide. We had the same exact schedule, so that made it easier. History on Tuesdays and Thursdays may have been the best class so far. Mrs. Stanton, a new and young werewolf teacher, was very nice and fun. She enjoyed playing games to help us learn. Terry Wealth, the complaining fairy, didn’t seem to like anything unless it’s bought for him and over eighty dollars.

“Look, my parents don’t understand what it means to be a teenager here,” Terry whined during Math, a period after, as Mrs. Gold handed out papers. She yelled at him to quiet down. He sat next to me, messy black hair falling over his eyes.

“Shut the hell up Terry,” Ash Silver, a witch with black hair streaked blue, red and pink, said. “Or you’ll get a fire ball in your direction.”

“At least he’ll have some!” Mrs. Gold tried desperately to calm everybody down after the comment. Heading up a flight of stairs from the first floor to the second for lunch. He had to help because of my ankle. Ms. Greaves said there’d be scars left by all the deep gashes, resulting in over eighty scars when they healed. I wouldn’t mind having those scars, might actually be cool. The dining hall was huge and beautiful. Tall stained glass windows let in colorful light. A large stone fire place encircled by a steal gate. Two glass chandlers hung above twelve big tables, candles glowing brightly.

We took two seats, Kaylee bounding towards us. I grabbed an apple and two slices of pineapple pizza. Kaylee’s high pitched voice audible above the noise of fifty students. A heavily made up cat girl, red ears barely visible among her tight red curls. I found out she isn’t that friendly. Kaylee liked her though. Alex never complained. The cat girl held a slightly demented look at me, green eyes narrowed. All the cat people had green like cat eyes. She didn’t seem like a sociable person at all. For a long time I thought somebody was watching me. Kaylee suddenly stopped her ranting and shot a glance behind me, causing all three of us to turn. Nathan whipped motor grease off his face; leather biking jacket zipped all the way up, a ragged towel draped over his shoulders. His gaze met mine, thrusting his hand in his jacket, digging for something.

He revealed a note, slamming it down in front of me, and walked away, smelling strongly of grease and motor fluid.

“I reckon you already met Nathan,” Alex said mid-chew.

“When I first came here.” I unfolded the note. “Guess nobody likes him because of his record.”

“He told you that? He wants attention because he doesn’t have parents. Getting into trouble just causes people to be more distant from him-Oh sparkles!”

“So Nathan going to jail doesn’t bother you? I fill he want to get to know you better in more ways than one. I been livin’ here my whole damn life and never met anyone as rebellious as he.”


“Yes fill. It fill nice here?”

“Feel?” I said.

“That was I said isn’ it? Come one ya’ll. We had ten minutes left.”

I shook my head. “No not really. Nothing freaks me out.” Scribbled out in large, messy hand writing was: You promised I’d show you around? What happened? “If he wanted to strangle me, then why not when I was limping down the hallway by myself? He seemed to want to do more than strangle me.”

“Speak up fella. Nobody can hear you over this racket.” Alex surprised me at how much he knew about each student. Nathan in particular. I guess everybody knew all about him: the orphaned rebellious vampire who challenges the law.

Self defense was plan torture. Mr. Wolfe, a deeply tanned vampire, spit a lot when he yelled, which was all the time. Military like and tough, he’s not one you want to cross. They let us wear what ever we wanted. Class took place outside on the ground.

I casually stayed behind the group, casting a side glance at the fountain where snake girl climbed out of it last night. That legend may not be legend after all.

Ash stalked besides me, fiddling with silver chains on his pants. He got easily distracted. Hands gripped my waist. Nathan’s clear blue eyes suddenly appeared. He wore black pants; a full length sleeved blue shirt and biker books, again a ragged towel on his shoulders.

“Looks like we’re in self defense together Little Elf,” Nathan said. “Wonder how much of a fighter you are.”

“I don’t think fighting with this would be effective,” I said, weakly moving my broken arm. “It still hurts to move when you have six broken ribs and gashes everywhere. Not to mention a badly sprained ankle. How would you feel?”

He shrugged. “Vampires heal quickly from any injury. But it doesn’t mean we don’t feel pain when attacked with wood.” Wood is the only true thing that can injury or kill a vampire, like iron is to fairies which is why there is no iron anywhere in this castle. “Let’s hope you’ll never get shot in the groin.” Compared to other students in class (which were mainly fairies and witches) he had the greatest strength. But not as swift as fairies or elves or as agile as the werewolves.

Only using brute strength probably isn’t a good idea. He round house kicked Ash in the face. A nasty bruise would form tomorrow. Mr. Wolfe dragged Ash aside, screaming, spit flying everywhere. I backed against a pine tree all during class, wishing it would end soon.

Watching people fight eachother proved to be entertaining. Being next to Black-Hawk Forest though, a little creepy. All the students said a Wendigo, a cannibalistic creature that was one human, roamed the forest that they named Jacob.

Sitting in the senior lounge, a good sized room with silver and gold furniture, Kaylee bounced in. She always had such a happy face on. Can somebody be that happy all the time? She proclaimed herself as my new best friend, doing all the talking pretty much. She enjoyed pointing out random facts and being honest.

“All I’m saying is that Nathan would so totally throw you against the wall and make out with you. I will bet you ten bucks it will happen by Christmas. Or Thanksgiving. Sometime before 2010 ends. Oh shit is this from Pac Sun? I love that store? Want to go there some time?”

“Yeah sure,” I said slowly, rubbing my brown eyes. “As long as it doesn’t involve tunnels,” I added quietly. A confused expressed crossed Kaylee’s face. Other students entered. A red haired witch said two words in a different language and a miniature fire dragon appeared in her hand, roaring, fire shooting out its mouth. Magic is cool.

An awkward black haired fairy girl with round glasses made snow swirl round her arm. All this magic was amazing.

Surprisingly, our table grew when Ash and Jade Chase, a bossy junior vampire, joined. I used a fork to push meatballs around, thinking. How many more lamia are in this school. My thoughts were shattered by Alex saying something. I could tell there was a full moon coming because both Kaylee and Alex were a little weaker. Finishing dinner, classes ended. Over two hundred students flooded in the halls. To keep up with the medieval theme, hundreds of candles were a lit, sending shadows dancing. I saw no electronics here. Guess they didn’t want students ruining the affect. The crowd thinned down, after getting closer to our dorms.

Alex ditched me, calling out to his cousin Dante. Even from here, I heard a Italian accent. Not as thick as Alex’s southern one. Passing by the senior lounge, heaving breathing caught my attention. It was low and fast.

“H-hello?” I called out, barely above a whisper.

“L-l-leave n-n-n-now Jay-Jayden.” Nathan. His outline rocked back and forth, breathing rapidly in a corner.

“I’m not scared.” In the moon light, I saw his eye were blood red. I knelt down half way when he lunged at me, sharp canine teeth bared, aiming for my neck.

Submitted: April 18, 2012

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