Chapter 3: The First Killing

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Nathan’s teeth sank into my neck, nails digging in my skin, keeping a firm hold.  He made a horrible slurping sound. One hand gripped my waist, other knotting itself in blond locks. I gasped, tilting my neck so he could have better access. Not like what humans write about in books where a bite from a vampire is pleasurable and wonderful. It hurt. Alex said humans tended to exenterate things about what we’re really like.

Nathan stopped drinking; his lips brushed my skin, sending shock wave after shock wave. My heart stopped beating so intensely, clamping a hand over the bite marks.

“Either you’re a brave son of a bitch for doing that or just plain stupid,” he whispered.

“I really didn’t have a choice in this matter now did I. You jumped. Not as pleasant as all the books say.” He smirked, standing.

“Go before our monitor sees you or get house arrest your first day here. We get house arrest for stupid rules. I’ve broken just about every single rule we’ve had.” Alex snored loudly after getting back, vision blurry from blood loss, room dark as hell. So glad these beds were warm and soft, much better than the ones in Ms. Greaves office. Through the open window, a warm fall breeze blew in, sounds of crickets and trees cracking. Only September and the nights were getting cold.

Alex had a old clock that ran only on batteries perched on his dressers, ticking away. 9:02 pm. Oh god, nine more hours. Finally, sleep came. Violent nightmares pushed themselves in. A small bed room. Lord of the Rings and other fantasy books stacked on a shelf. A man, a big man, serious brown eyes, hovered over me, sweating, hand at my throat. Headboard of the bed vigorously hitting the wall. It hurt more than the last time. A woman stood in the doorway, watching. Tears streamed down my cheeks, splashing on an ivory pillow.

A scream woke me up. Alex had concern painted all over his face. Screaming continued, rousing students from their bed. Some girl, Liv something, cowered in the corner of the dead end hall. Her door was open. Savannah Winfield, her roommate and a witch judging from all the herbs and jars of stuff in the room, sprawled out her back. Limbs dangling over the bed side. Eyes open in fright, a pale blue color. Her skin such a translucent and sickly blue-green color her veins stood out, running red and blue underneath. Lips a corpse blue. Before being pushed away, I noticed two small puncture wounds on her neck. Somebody whispered all her blood had been drained.

Kaylee, Alex, Dante and I waited in the senior lounge to be questioned. Kaylee nodded off on Dante, hair severely disheveled.  Alex gave me a concerned again, finally speaking in the silent room, tensing rising. “Ya’ll ain’t scared there’s a killer in here. I done thinking it’s a risk to kill a girl in a dorm of people.”

“Shut up werewolf! Maybe you killed Savannah!” Isis snapped, flouncing around in a lacy pink nightgown. “I KNOW it wasn’t me. Or it could be him!” She jabbed a finger at me. “We don’t even know him!” A shadow loomed over us.

“Yeah well he didn’t. I drank from him earlier,” Nathan said. Dressed in only pajama pants, pocket watch dangling from his hand, he must enjoy showing off his muscles. Marks from being stabbed by wood mostly covered his arms and chest. One long scar went from his shoulder to his wrist. From that many it’s almost as if somebody tortured him. “It’s not unlikely that a half cat did it to her either.”

Isis scoffed. “Maybe you did this. With what-”

He menacingly towered over her, all six foot three of him. “That has absolutely nothing to do with this.” I clasped my hand over his, flipping hair out of my vision.

“Nathan, just calm down,” I said, feeling him calm down at my touch. Soon everybody started talking again.

Nathan jerked out of my touch before gently petting my shoulder, hesitating on taking his hand away. Alex finally worked up the courage to ask what’s on his mind since we woke up.

“Jayden, what were you dreamin’ ‘bout? You were thrashin’ and cryin’.”

“A dream.” I paused. “More…like a memory. Some older guy was on top of me, apparently raping me, and a woman watching me.”

“You were molested? Done thinking they’d want you back.” That made sense. They wouldn’t want me going to the cops. But what state or town did I even live in? That’s a bigger question. If true, then there’d be a missing person’s report or news article. Hopefully, I lived here.

The teachers made everybody, including underclassmen, to stay in their dorms so they can be questioned. People kept mentioning a certain incident involving Nathan but never exactly specified when I asked. They either left, told off by a teacher, or scared by Nathan, still shirtless. Whatever this incident was, nobody wanted to talk.

I stayed away, taking refugee on the stairs, cringing at the slightest movement. Reminder to never sit down with six broken and two fractured ribs. Ms. Greaves politely said hello on her way to Savannah’s room, promising to come back to check on me. Either she never slept, or she always dressed for work.

Suspicion already spread it’s a vampire’s work. No other monster would drain blood from a body. Reading from various books, vampires needed blood because they only produced half the red blood cells everybody else made. Four in the morning and the whole castle was awake. Mr. Wolfe carried Savannah’s body outside in a bag, tuffs of pale blond hair exposed. I stayed on the stairs, shaking a little. My calmness disappeared right now. A presence loomed above, smelling faintly of grease.

“Remembering now, a Little Elf once told me to sit down and be calm. You’re not taking your own advice are you?” Instead of an actual shirt, he wore his leather biker jacket. “Besides, getting seriously injured or killed is normal in this town. Trust me.” Why people hated him baffled me. His golden watch dangled from his hand, catching the early sun’s rays. Nicolas Green was etched on it, worn out by the years. His father? He must have noticed me staring at it because quickly he stuffed in in his pocket, slowly turning.

“My dad. He died when I was fourteen. He tolerated my constant run in with the law and worked hard,” Nathan explained. “Than humans killed him. Learning to survive became second nature to me.”

“Do you mind?” Hesitantly he lowered his watch on my outstretched hand. He obviously took great care of it if it was his fathers. Engraved under the name were the years 1973-2006. “He must have been a great father to you.” Thinking about that nightmare, I chewed my lower lip so hard I drew blood.

“Just don’t lose your trust in me what ever people say. About one-third of it is made up anyway.” Running a hand in dark dirty blond hair, he helped me up, stuffing his pocket watch away.

Over the next couple days, the school was in mourning.

Sydney, the werewolf grounds keeper, a big, burly guy, pounded a plaque in memory of Savannah near another one, but I couldn’t read the name. Ms. Greaves let me take off the cloth sling, examining how healed my ribs were. Bruises gone and ankle better, this week isn’t as painful. Fingers had been pointed a lot at me. Nobody knows who I am, a complete stranger showing up and two days later, somebody dies. Books in hand, Kaylee shoved me in a seat behind a giant bookshelf. We had a free period, so Kaylee dragged me here to do her homework for her. She hates homework and can’t concentrate  to save her life. Everybody’s surprised she managed to become a senior. Bright pink dress visible against the brown shelves, she searched for books. I tapped my pencil on the wooden table, an uneasy building up inside me. I caught myself in Kaylee’s compact. One long scar cut across my forehead, millimeters above dark blond eyebrows, four shades dark than me hair. All stitches removed to show thick, pale scars.

A loud bang brought me back, stacks of books concealed Kaylee. Have you ever been to a graveyard that felt melancholy? Well that’s how here felt. The school held a memorial for Savannah after they released her body to her parents.

I ignored comments giving, saying while she died, I’ll live forever. I sprinted out to archery, running across the court yard to get there.

Nobody else roamed the halls. My footsteps echoed off the stone walls. If I hadn’t stopped to catch my breath, I would’ve missed her. Long, perfect straight black hair to her waist. Freckled fair skin. Ten foot long snake tail replaced human legs. Her eyes the color of sapphire. She spotted me, eyes grew wide from fear, then dashed towards the fountain.

“Wait, I want to talk to you. I don’t think I’m that dangerous.” I gripped her shoulder, she jerked, shooting heads first through the open trap door. A tunnel went down like a slide. Water slashed as she dived into the tunnel. My shirt got soaked. Who is she? Somehow not a single person saw her. I hope to god nobody questioned why my shirt’s wet. People will think I’m insane for seeing a lamia. They live in Greece. Mr. King called out instructions to the class while I sat back to a tree. Rethinking what happened over the past week, this has to be the most intense year of my life, even if I don’t remember it.

Submitted: April 29, 2012

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