What Could Happen on a Boat

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: September 21, 2011

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Submitted: September 21, 2011



school time. the worst time. i was already ready so all i did was get all my new school things. once it was time to go, i took my grey hoodie, put it o0n, and left the cabin. after i walked to the room where the class was, i stopped. one class, one teacher, and worst of all, one seat left. i groaned as i waljed over to it. i sat down with i plump and avoided looking at the guy next to me. i finally turned around when i heard him chuckling. " yes, Trey? what did you do to me this time?" i asked, feelin my back for any sticky notes.  he just stared at me with a smile. " nothing...yet" he said. i gave him a confused look and went back to work on the Do now.

after i was done with the entire school day, i felt like heading for a smoothie. i looked at the order menu, there were only like, i dont know, a gazillion things. " can i have the... cherry and blackberry smoothie please?" i asked the guy. he was too busy cleaning up a mess." hello? i said i want a cherry, blackberry smoothie." i told him again. he wasnt listening. OMG, its Trey. OMG, he has a job here. i asmost bursted out laughing. he looked like he was hiding behing his sunglasses and hoodie. i looked at the menu, there was walnut, cherry smooth/. i took a walnut and threw it at him. he turned around quike and said" ugh, what are you doing here?" i looked at him and replied " i just want to know why you hate me so much." he looked at me, and did nothing. he turned around and continued cleaning. i sighed. " can i at least have my smoothie?" i asked. he turned around, smiled, then threw blackberries and cherries at me. i gasped. he smiled. i got mad. he got pleased. i left. he laughed.

after i got cleaned off, i went to the smoothie counter again. " tell me why." i said. he turned around and said" *sigh* well, i dont hate you. its just that-" he got cut off when we hit a big wave. i stumbled back and fell off the ship. i was holding onto the rail, but i was slipping. he ran towards me and said" i dont hate you. my parents said 'no distraction' and i liked you so much, that in order to not get distracted, i did those things. im sorry" he said. i looked at him. he was trying to pull me up, but i wasnt trying. he liked me. he...liked...me. i looked at him. "  i like you too. i really do" i said to him. the boat kept rocking back and forth. i pulled up and gave him a kiss on the cheak. i couldnt stay up much longer. he would fall in too if he kept trying. so i did what i had to do, i let go of his hand and fell in the water. before i fell, i heard him say " i guess its too late" and then there was water. all around. and nothing else.




THE END! Sorry it was a super short story, but i feel like i wouldnt have enough time to make more cause of school, homework, clubs, my sister, and cross- country so, this is it!im really good at supernatural and vampire and ghost stories, like the rerally good and cool ones. if any one wants me to make one of THOSE then just say so on my page. :)  but its the end, of the normal stuff for now. :P


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