The Curse within Me

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Mentally Gifted

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Submitted: May 03, 2013




Chapter Two

Mentally Gifted

We stopped outside a set of double doors, having wound so many hallways I was now dizzy, finally glad to see the professional display of a “Lucas Mullen M.D-Psychiatrist.” Mrs. Lorenzo gently knocks on the door and we wait patiently to be called in. I don’t actually know if it showed on my face or not but I was so surprised, on seeing the amazingly organised office, at how many certificates he had for someone so young. He must have been what, like twenty-nine? His hair was a chocolate brown and neat, he wore a doctors’ coat too, but over a black turtle-neck and dark blue jeans, his ocean-blue eyes were so friendly and welcoming too. I saw his aura and it had a turquoise glow and when he got up from his large leather chair, extending his hand to me I felt calm. Forgetting for a moment about my abilities, I took his hand.

It was like a movie slide-show of his life… from the day he met and fell in love with his wife, to the very time his marriage broke down and he became a workaholic. All of those memories from years ago, only taking me seconds to evaluate. I felt sad for him.

“Welcome Chelsea. Please, have a seat.”

He indicated to two smaller leather chairs adjacent to his own but separated by a large, oak desk which displayed a state-of-the-art computer, a black plastic pen holder, folder tray, and photographs of himself and his… lover… a guy lover? Oh I see he must have fallen out of love with his wife because he discovered he was gay. Well there was nothing wrong with that, each to their own I guess. I mean he was really good-looking, like… shiny good-looking, the kind of beautiful glow a gay person has, except he wasn’t evidently gay.

“Thank you. It says on your door M.D, I thought M.D stood for Medical Detective?”

He gave a small chuckle but it wasn’t one to indicate my stupidity, it was rather a friendly, ‘sorry-for-you’ kind of smile.

“You’ll be surprised how many people can confuse me with one. It can mean that, however in my profession it means Medical Degree with speciality in psychiatry, meaning that my medical degree falls specifically under psychiatry. I give evaluations when doctors think their patient have progressed well enough to leave. Mrs. Lorenzo speaks very highly of you and judging from your record, I am happy to announce that there is nothing wrong with you, mental or otherwise.”

I knew it! I wonder what Janine will say now, when even the doctors can’t find anything wrong with me!? I can’t wait to see her face. I wasn’t entirely happy about being proven right; it should never have gotten this far in the first place.

“Well thanks, now it’s been confirmed that I was right all along, I can go back to Janine’s and…”

“I’m sorry to be rude but, I’ve already spoken with Mrs. Fletcher and she’s reluctant to take you back. She doesn’t want you around her children, therefore I have been asked to find you a more suitable home.”

Lucas looked rather regretful to be telling me this, infact from his thoughts he knew it was the cruellest thing anyone could do to an orphan… his thoughts, not mine.

“I’m not a pet!” I shriek rather angrily but a gentle hand from Mrs. Lorenzo and I shrink back into my seat… now I really am an orphan. When Lucas speaks again, his tone is soft.

“I have rung around a few places and one is willing to take a girl of seventeen. It’s a boarding house situated north from here… a pleasant drive to the countryside. The building is quite old England and gothic-looking but extremely picturesque. It’s got high tower spires and a few of our more needy… I mean, special patients have gone…”

“No, not happening! I am not going to another nut house, full of all sorts of insane and love-deprived people. Next thing I know, you’ll have me wrapped up in a strait jacket like that other guy. I’m not crazy or dangerous!”

Lucas sighed and tried a more gentle approach, his thoughts were coming in loud and clear on the fact that he, as well as Mrs. Lorenzo and myself, thought the situation awkward.

“I know, your test and physical exercises clearly show that, however, I do believe there to be something extraordinary about you and whereas our facilities do not specialise in those things… this boarding house does. It’s not for the crazy or dangerous… I’ve only ever come across one other miraculous being, such as yourself, who got transferred there too… he was also too stubborn to go, but went nonetheless. Chelsea, this is in your best interest… I believe it’s the best possible place for you to be.”

There was a rather long silence, minus the loud thoughts coming in from two doctors… sorry psychiatrists. I looked past Lucas to the long window with diamond patterns across it, to a large garden full of exotic flowers. I looked to the dark green carpet, the bookshelves containing tomes and medical books. His trophy cabinet for football… anywhere but at his or Mrs. Lorenzo’s pleading eyes, until I broke.

“Fine, whatever, I guess if no-one wants me, the only place is another loony bin, so...”

“It’s not a loony… I mean, it’s not a hospital. It’s a boarding house for the specially gifted. I see no reason in hiding the fact that Mrs. Lorenzo and I believe in your clairvoyance and aura-seeing gifts.”

I shifted in my seat uncomfortably but it was actually nice to hear those words for once. And as everything was getting finalised by Lucas with the boarding house, I suddenly felt this huge void in my chest. I’d never been alone before, not truly anyway because after the death of my parents, I’d moved in with Janine straight away. I wasn’t in her home long before she’d called Maria (Mrs. Lorenzo) and had her come and pick me up… ever since then I’d lived here until my evaluation was up. I suppose I shouldn’t really complain, seen as how Janine was only protecting her children from a ‘fruit cake’ in her words. I’d attempted to tell her about one of her children, Jillian… a twelve year old girl who was really head-strong, getting ill and she hadn’t believed me, just hugged Jillian closely and told me to get to my room. However, four days after that, Jillian had gotten sick… really sick. I’m pretty sure she just accused me of ‘jinxing’ her daughter for my own selfish reasons… probably her last straw, forcing her call to Maria. I didn’t know how Jillian was, but I hoped she was alright. I got up from the chair then, once Lucas replaced the receiver and stood up, escorting Mrs. Lorenzo and I to the door. Before I followed Mrs. Lorenzo out of his office, I turned to him in the hallway and stated.

“You’re mad if you think that my abilities are gifts, but thank you for the benefit of the doubt.”

He just gave me a sympathetic stare as I followed Mrs. Lorenzo to the exit of the institute and out into the main gravel courtyard, to await my transport.

Another nurse was already out there with my black suitcase. She’d already packed for me, whilst I’d been unaware of the changes about to be thrust upon me. I really hadn’t had a choice in the matter of the boarding house, had I? Basically it was leave quietly, or leave by force… either way, I’d be going. As I glanced at the nurse I noticed she was quite young too, in a royal blue uniform, a stopwatch on her left breast pocket and black pen. Her ash-blonde hair was pinned back into a bun and her emerald green eyes watched me, cautiously. Her aura was actually quite nasty for a nurse… dark and murky pink.  Her thoughts were horrible too, she was basically thinking things like. Why did I choose to be here? Why is she so special? She’s such a freak! Well like I cared what she thought anyway. I turned to Mrs. Lorenzo and smiled, the cool summer breeze dancing over me and caressing my dyed-black and blue hair.

“Thank you for helping me, Mrs. Lorenzo.”

I hated goodbyes… I really hated goodbyes which is one of the reasons I never got close with anyone because like I said, one day, they’ll be out of your life. Mrs. Lorenzo had become such a great friend to me this past year and I would be quite sad to leave her and our quirky chats.

“It was my pleasure Chelsea. Remember I’m always here if you ever need to talk. You have my number in your phone right?”

I nodded trying to choke back the tears that were creeping up in my throat and stinging my eyes.

“Yeah I’ll be sure to call or text you if I need to.”

I knew I needed to tell her that she’d become more than just my doctor, I knew I needed to let her know how important she was to me. She had been there and supported me in my most difficult time, and not once judged me which, after the year I’d had with all of the sceptics and non-believers, really meant a great deal to me. But before I could even continue, a rather posh black Sedan pulled into the institute and rounded the driveway to stop in front of us. A (ridiculously) tall man stepped out of the driver’s side in a top hat and long dinner jacket of all things… much like a rich person’s driver. He was rather good-looking too and blonde which was rare to see on a guy these days. He briefly smiled at me, before taking my suitcase and placing it in the back of the car.

“Well Chelsea, take care and good luck.”

Mrs. Lorenzo pulled me into a warm embrace and stroked my hair as I held back my tears and welcomed the hug.

“Thank you again.”

I pulled away, not being able to look her in the eyes as I feared I would definitely break down. So I just turned and made my way to the neatly parked Sedan, where the driver patiently held open the door to the backseat. He really was young on a closer look… like, two years passed my own age. He gave me a gentle smile and bowed his head in true traditional English form and I climbed inside.  I waved my hand to Mrs. Lorenzo and seeing her aura change from royal blue to a light and bright pink as she waved with one hand and wiped her face with the other. I would most definitely never forget her kindness toward me, because the truth is, she’s been my only real family since my parents passed away. On that thought, as the car began to drive round the large fountain in the middle of the courtyard and through the big iron gates, I finally let my fragile tears fall as I secretly said goodbye to my only real, decent friend all year.

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