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Chapter 6 (v.1)

Submitted: July 18, 2010

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Submitted: July 18, 2010





As Sonya and Jesse slowly walked back toward the house. Sonya felt the urge to ask Jesse more personal questions. She felt close enough to him now, it wouldn't seem too conspicuous. ' Jesse, why did you leave BridgeTown? I mean, Marcy told me you had left suddenly."

" My mother told you that? " His eyes seemed sadened, and a little distant.

Sonya felt a little sorry she had brought it up, seeing how Jesse's smile changed to him biting his lower lip. " Mother and I had a disagreement. Thats all." He lied. Jesse didn't want to lie to Sonya. But he couldn't tell her the truth. The truth would cause her to runaway, and he didn't want that to happen. Not now. Not now that he was getting closer to her.

He wanted deperately to tell her everything. About him being what he was and about what Marcy was and what her plans were for Sonya.

If Marcy got to her, her life would change instantly, and he wouldn't be able to be with her. Not like he wanted to. But if he took her, and made passionate love to her, like he has dreamed of doing. She would lose her life. As long as Marcy was in control. He wouldn't stand a chance.

Marcy was a powerful vampire. Who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. It was virgin blood she desired. It is what has kept her youthful for so many years. " If only i were strong enough! " He thought as they reached the rear entrance of the house.

Marcy hadn't made it home yet, and Jesse wanted to feel Sonyas lips upon his once again. " Your so beautiful." He spoke softly with passion, as he took her face in his hands. It was clear that Sonya was Asian. Beautiful and dark like a goddess. Her blue eyes glowed in the sunset, and her lips moist and full like a blooming rose.

He leaned into her and kissed her like he's never kissed anyone before. Sonya's body began to go limp, as she dangled from his arms. It was so romantic. Nothing like she had ever experienced before.

Jesse couldn't take it. He had to have her. The overwhelming feelings that exploded inside him, caused his mind to forget what might happen if he did. He just didn't care. He wanted to make love to Sonya at that very moment. He scooped her up and carried her inside. He quickly took her up the stairs to his room and locked the door.

Meanwhile, back at the cafe. Marcy finished straightening up, and was about to leave, when two cult members tapped on the glass door. She looked up to notice it was the two drunks that had harrassed Sonya the day before. She motioned to them that the cafe was closed, but they wouldn't take no for an answer.

Frustrated, she walked toward them. " I said we are closed!" She yelled through the glass, only to have broken pieces hit her in the face. She jumped back and held her face, as blood began to pour from her forehead. The man reached in through the broken edges of glass and unlocked the door. Marcy was blinded by her blood as they grabbed her, threw her in their car and sped off.

At the house, Jesse lay Sonya on the bed. He slowly began to kiss her neck, making his way toward her breast through her blouse.

She began to moan at his touch. She didn't know what to do. The feelings she was having were overwhelming, so she just let Jesse take control of her.

Jesse unbuttoned her blouse exposing her breast, and began to make tiny circles around the dark brown, and shrunken nipples.

" Your so beautiful," he moaned, as he took off his shirt exposing his masculine chest. Sonya was in a daze. She was beyond stopping now. The need for him grew as he took the last of her clothing off. He threw her panties to the floor and began to make love to her. She screamed in pain. Lustful pain.

They clutched each others hands as Jesse drove slowly and deeply into her. With each thrust, she moaned in passion. " Jessseeee! " Sonya managed to let escape her lips in a satisfied tone.

They both exploded in sensual pleasure, just as the house phone began to ring. Thinking it was Marcy. They quickly dressed and hurried down stairs. Both of them out of breath.

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