Chapter 7:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Victoria was starting to feel uneasy, " What have i gotten myself into? " She thought, as her eyes followed Kristy to their table. It wasn't that she was worried about being caught with Jason, it was just a feeling she had, that Kristy seemed a little on the crazy side...

The look on Kristy face, revealed hostility, and jealousy. Victoria wanted to leave, and let the two of them work their own problems out, but she couldn't. She found herself falling in love with Jason, and it hurt knowing Kristy was no good for him.

Victoria wanted to give him the love he deserved, but she was afraid Kristy was obsessed with Jason, and would do anything to make sure no-one else would have him.

" Kristy! What are you doing here? " Jason asked, surprised.

She stood next to him with her hands on her hips, and a look of deciet was on her face.

" I could ask you the same question? " She answered angerily. " Why didn't you tell me you were meeting with Victoria? "

" I'll answer that," Victoria interrupted. " It was my idea! I wanted to talk to him about the encounter we had at the beach, thats all."

Kristy invited herself to sit at their table. She looked at Jason, and said, " Well! I'm waiting."

" Oh no she didn't! " Victoria thought. " She just downgraded him."

She could see, it hurt Jason to be treated like this, so out of the blue, Victoria says, " Why are you marring her? "

Kristy looks over at Victoria, and demands her to stay out their conversation. Now that made Victoria mad...

" First of all, you come to me, with accusations. Then you stalk me. What is your problem, Kristy? I have done nothing to cause you to think theres anything going on between Jason, and me."

After listening to the two of them argue, Jason excuses himself, and leaves.

" Now see what you've done? " Kristy yelled, and followed behind him.

Victoria just sat there with a blank look on her face. " Waiter! " She yelled, " give me a double."

Jason pulls in his drive, and Kristy was right on his tail. She jumps out of her car, and runs over to his. Beating on his window, she was crying. " Jason, please! Talk to me. I love you! "

He had to get away from her somehow. " What do you want, Kristy? I'm too tired to argue with you anymore,' he told her,rolling down the window.

Tears were streaming down Kristy's face. " Lets go inside, ok. We need to talk, andi have something important to tell you." Her sad eyes begged him.

" No! " He insisted, " I'm going to bed. What ever it is, can wait til the morning. Now go home Kristy, get some rest."

Kristy didn't want to leave, but by the look on Jason's face, she thought it best to leave him alone tonight.

" Ok! Jason, sweety. I'll see you first thing in the morning."

Kristy kisses him on the cheek, and gets in her car and leaves. Jason was so relieved she was gone. He was having second thoughts about marring Kristy. All he could think about was Victoria. How beautiful she was , how sweet she was, and most of all, how honest she was.

Jason takes a shower, and gets in bed. He lay there thinking about Victoria. He pictured them on the beach, hand in hand, walking along the shore. Then the sun goes down, and the sunset bloomed with magic. Jason takes Victoria in his arms, and passionately kisses her.

As the moons rays glowed upon her face, Jason wanted desperately to make love to her. He pulls her stringy straps off her shoulders, exsposing her perfectly rounded breast. He begins to kiss her neck, making his way to her ear. He moans with desire, " I want you, i need to be inside you right now." He lays Victoria on the cool sand, and kisses her again.

Suddenly the phone starts to ring, bringing him back to reality. " Damn! " He thought picking it up.

" Hello! " He answered in disappointment.

It was Kristy. " I just wanted to tell you good night," she whispered.

" Good night Kristy," he frowned, and hung up the phone. Jason lay back on the bed, and falls asleep.

Back at Victorias, she had already gone to bed, and was asleep. She too, had been thinking about Jason. She dreamed they were on the beach, holding hands, and talking about the good old days. They talked for hours, and when the sun went down, they sat there on the beach, watching the sunset.

" Is'nt it beautiful Jason," She smiled.

" Very! " He told her looking in her eyes.

Victoria wanted him to take her in his arms, and make love to her. She pictured him unbuttoning her blouse, and exposing her breast. He started kissing them, his tongue made tiny circles around her pink nipples. She was burning with desire. Victorias body ached for him to be inside her. He began to make his way down, When suddenly something woke her...

She jumps out of bed, and goes to the window. The only thing Victoria could see, was tail lights turning the corner, off her street. Victoria wasn't sure, but it looked like Kristy's car...

Submitted: June 08, 2009

© Copyright 2021 angellynn. All rights reserved.


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uh-oh! Crazy biscuit Kristy is doing something! OMG OMG! I'm off to the next chappie!

Thu, June 11th, 2009 9:24pm


Lol! Thanks!

Angellynn :)

Thu, June 11th, 2009 3:22pm


omg they both had the same dream thing!!!! gahh telepathy!!!!! and dang, hotness lol!!!! jason totally doesnt love kristy!! he's wayy into victoria!!! awesome chapter omg crazy kristy!!! :D

Sun, June 14th, 2009 12:44am


Yep! Lol! A stalker...

Angellynn :D Thank you for the comments!

Sat, June 13th, 2009 5:56pm

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