Hater Or Lover?...Mismatch

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Ellie really hates Parker, who makes fun of her a lot...But what happens when she comes to know that Hallie dates Parker?
Soon, Ellie finds herself falling in love with Parker...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Hater Or Lover?...Mismatch

Submitted: July 03, 2010

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Submitted: July 03, 2010



Ellie's POV

"Ellie!! Come down quickly!", certainly, it was my mom...
My eyelids half-opened heavily and I looked towards the window through which light filtered and shone on my bed. I tried to wake up and mumbled, "sure mom..coming.."
I was having a really bad headache. It was only Saturday, for God's Sake, why did I have to get up so early? Who liked to wake up at six in the morning? Ugh! Not me! I didn't like to wake up, that was my problem everyday, I found it hard...

I quickly stepped on my Barbie rose slippers and combed my hair before taking a shower.
"ELLIE!!! We're having guests today!! Come down quickly!!"
Did I just heard 'guests'? Oh shit!! I HATED guests!! I wanted to run out of this house!! How many times should I explain to mom that? I tied my hair in a messy ponytail. Right then, my phone buzzed and rang.
"Hello? It's Ellie talking here."
"Hey Ellie!! Could you come with me see the movies today? You know, the new film, 'Blood Suckers or Life Suckers?'"
I froze, hearing my heart pounding hard. I stayed still for a few seconds, until Ryan said, "Ellie? Are you there?"
"H-huh?", I managed to stammer.
"Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah..am okay", I noticed my voice was trembling.
"What happened?"
"So..you wanna go out with me?"
"Yes. But one one condition. I'm NOT going to see that movie..I'm sorry babe.."
I heard him burst out into laughter.
"What!", I asked.
"Hah..you..were already s-scared when you heard the movie title?", he tried to say between his giggles.
"Hmm..yeah..yeah....sure...but you know that I HATE horror movies!!"
"K..how'bout erm...'Your life's my se-"
"WAIT!! Not that!! It''s TOO romantic! And keep in mind, mister, we're ONLY fifteen!"
"Oh..YOU are..I'm sixteen!!"
"But you're NOT yet an adult!!I'll watch..'Under my socks'!'"
"Okay then..see you at eight in the park then?"
"Sure pumpkin..bye!"

I put on a deep blue top and a black mini skirt.
I was about to wear my scandals when the door burst open..
"Mom! Could you please KNOCK at the door next time?", I said without looking up.
"No but I already called you three times, what were you doing anyway?", a strange voice came out...
I looked up and my gaze landed on a strong, muscular body.
"Your mom called you three times!!"
I frowned. Who was this guy? Who told him to open the door without my permission? And I started to hate him at once. How dare was he to mimic my mom's voice!!
"Who are you?", I asked with venom.
"Shh..don't shout..I'm not gonna bite you, you know..I'm your new neighbor.."
Oh gosh..Neighbors!! There had been nearly seven years since I had no neighbors..
"What's your name?", he asked.

I rose my head higher, and prodded out of my room.
"No need to know..", I simply said.
"Oh..good. So, well, I'm your new neighbor, No Need To Know! And by the way, you've got a long name...but a nice one..it's rare nowadays to have such names..."
He was really getting on my nerves..
"Just Shut Up!! And Mind Your Own Business!", I exclaimed.
"Hmm..Who's Ryan..and well, we were going to watch 'Blood Suckers Or Life Suckers' today, your mum just bought it!!", he said waving his hand with a film CD.
My eyes went wide and said, "WHAT!! You've been spying on me!! You JERK!!! And there's no way I'm gonna watch this film..."
I felt the veins in my temple throbbing.

"Oh..oh..No Need To Know..actually, it's not call spying, it's called OVERHEARING..And who's Ryan?"
"Will you leave me alone or not? And I'm not called 'No Need To Know!! Plus it's not of your business to know who's Ryan!"
"Okieee Dokieee..But I'll find out soon who's Ryan!!". He winked at me.
I just smirked and poked my tongue at him.
I leaped downstairs where, to my opinion, were the guests.

"Here, this is my younger daughter, Ellie. Ellie, meet Mr and Mrs McKinley. And this is their son Parker." I smiled at his parents sweetly, but grinned at him evilly. He returned it to me.
Mr McKinley had black jet hair, from which Parker had inherited. He had piercing green eyes.
I stared in Parker's hazel eyes for some time, then, when he looked at me, I quickly turned my head towards Mrs McKinley She had blond hair and hazel eyes as well. She was very pretty and fragile indeed, unlike my mom, who was a little, somewhat sporty. My mom had layered blond hair as well, like me, with blue yes. We were alike and we both loved swimming and beach volley. In our free time, we played volleyball(her friends against mine), and she often won! My dad owned a big business company, which kept him away from us at times. He was alike to my sister, Hallie. Red cropped hair and gray eyes.

Actually, Ryan has been my boyfriend since three months. We were both cute together, and we loved each other deeply.

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