Little Rat

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Submitted: March 09, 2016

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Submitted: March 09, 2016



My family, when I was younger, threw me out onto the streets to fend for myself. But that was many years ago.

Ever since, I have waited outside The Brooklyn Bowl when there are shows playing, begging for money. For a while, I’ve lived off of old, greasy fast food from the dumpsters, so this is how I earn my living.

I heard that tonight, one of my formerly favorite bands was playing at the Bowl, so I hurried over, now I’m here, slouched against the wall near the entrance. I know that the band was gonna come in a little bit, but that’s only part of the reason I’m here. Besides, once they get here, there will be crowds of people already, paparazzi, fangirls and truly thankful people. I sigh at the thought. I’ve dreamt of meeting Black Veil Brides for as long as I can remember, long before I was thrown out of my own home.

Once I had started to grow accustomed to living on the streets of New York City, I found a way to relieve my suffering.

I flinch even as I think of it, but I hear the rumbling of a large bus around the exit of the Bowl. I cock a brow and push off of the wall, stuffing my fingerless gloved, leather clad hands in my pockets, hunching over to ward off the wind. I walk past the corner into the alley, where the light had gone out a while back, and I see it. The Black Veil Brides’ Tour Bus. My eyes widen and I stumble back, grasping for a handhold. I end up slipping on a frozen puddle and fall back, hitting my head on the cold pavement below me.


“When do you think she’ll wake up? She hit her head pretty hard.” An eerily familiar voice says somewhere in my consciousness. My eyes still closed, I try and sit up. Talk about instant regret. Pain shoots up my spine like a bullet, spiking a nerve in my head. I groan and fall back against… A couch? My eyes are crusted with silent tears and I break them open, reaching up to rub the crust away. It takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. There are people standing around me, clad in black leather, with tons of tattoos. I shoot up straight in realization, panting.

“Whoa, calm down there, hon.” CC puts a gentle hand on my shoulder. I shake with fear, not of them, but what they might do to me.

“W-where…?” I trail off as I study each face around me, suddenly realizing that one of them is missing from this almost-perfect picture.

“Tour bus. Jake, go get Andy.” Jinxx demands. I lean against the soft pillow behind me.

“What am I doing here?” I finally ask. I had been too afraid to say much of anything for fear that I would embarrass myself.

“We found you lying on the ground, so we had to make sure you were okay. We’re those kind of people, if you don’t know.” CC says, “We’re actually a band,” He states proudly, “Black-“

“-Veil Brides. I know.” I smirk, “I may be homeless, but I’m not deprived.”

“Wait… Homeless?” Jinxx repeats. I look down ashamedly and nod.

“So we brought a street rat on the bus?” The rough, cracking voice I know much too well says amusedly from where I’m guessing is the front of the bus.

“Guess you did,” I reply, smirking.

Andy smirks back at me and flicks his hair from his face, “You need anything, Little Rat?” He asks. I sit in shock for a moment, I could ask for food, they would give it to me. But I don’t want to seem desperate in front of my role models.

With reluctance, I shake my head. Andy studies me up and down thoughtfully, “Someone get her some water and food.”

CC hurries off, arms sleeves of designs.

I gulp and start to stand up, “No really, I shouldn’t be bothering you guys. You’re getting ready for a show. I wouldn’t want to get in your way.” I straighten out my ratty clothes, pulling my long sleeves down over my knuckles.

“We have a few hours, why don’t you stick around?” Andy insists, nodding his head to the couch.

“I…I really shouldn’t.” I argue. That’s when all the boys start to whine and complain like the children they are at heart. I chuckle, but shake my head, “I really should be going.”

“I mean, if you have family you need to take care of, by all means, go right ahead.” Andy gestures to the front of the bus with his long arms. I flinch and grimace, rubbing my arms up and down. Andy realizes his mistake and walks over, pulling me into a strong embrace that many girls could only dream of. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I’m very sorry for your loss.” He pulls me a little closer. I don’t need him to pity me, celebrity or not. I push away lightly to indicate that I’m finished with the hug, he gives me one tight squeeze, then let’s go, apology clear in his stormy blue eyes.

“Um, actually…” I hug myself as CC comes in with a small plate of pizza and suddenly, my mouth is watering so much. CC hands me the plate and a paper cup, which I drain of its contents right away. “My parents didn’t want to put up with me, so they kicked me out, leaving them with their extremely successful son.” I sigh and bite into the cheese pizza, instantly regretting denying them their hospitality. Andy’s mouth parts as if he means to reply, but closes it again, seeing me, at the very least, shoving the pizza into my mouth.

Once I finish my food, I get up to leave once more. “I feel like I’m leaving you guys because I used you, though I didn’t, but it still feels wrong.” I mutter. The boys glance at each other.

“Then you can make it up to us by coming to the show tonight. Front row seat.” Andy says. I stop in my tracks.

“I don’t have any way of doing that. Unless people are very generous tonight.” I argue. Andy holds his hand out and shoves some paper slips into my hand.

“Good thing we are.” CC pipes up. I want to squeal, instead I throw my arms around Andy and thank him.

“I’ve never been to any sort of show, I’ve never even watched TV shows!” I exclaim, looking down at the slips. VIP Pass is typed perfectly on a neat little card, hanging by a lanyard. My mouth drops open. “This is a joke, right?”

“Good luck, Little Rat.” Andy whispers to me.


The night air is crisp and nippy, so I clutch at my leather coat, trying to contain my warmth. I see the long line of people up ahead, then a much shorter line with a sign reading: VIP. I walk forward, receiving the coldest stares as I walk into the VIP line. The bouncer stares at me with an exasperated look.

“You need a VIP pass to get in through this line,” He states. I thrust the pass to him and he stumbles back. He nods me through and I walk in, instantly overcome with the smell of wax and fake cheese for the nachos. I look around, hugging myself now as I take in the lights, the sounds of bowling shoes against the neatly waxed floor. I take my VIP pass and string it over and over on my wrist, till it looks like a bracelet.

Everywhere I look, people are dancing, bowling, getting food or setting up their seats. I gulp down the nervousness that had been building in my throat and make my way to the front rows of tables next to the stage. The security guard is just about to stop me, but I flash my pass and he doesn’t object. I take a deep breath and sit down at a nearby table- for-two and wait.

The lights start to flash quicker than when I walked in, families with younger kids start to leave and an announcer comes up on the stage with a wide, welcoming smile.

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys!” He says dramatically, making wide gestures with his arms and small flicks of his wrists. He chuckles into the mike, and starts again. “Welcome, I hope you are all hyped up for this show!” The announcer exclaims. Everyone cheers and claps, but I stay perfectly still. “Alright! Give it up for Black Veil Brides!” The announcer walks off stage, admitting the band who waves and smiles, but CC manages a quick wink to me. I smirk and stand up, coming up to the front of the stage, along with the large crowd of VIP’s.

“Hey guys! How’s our army doing?” Andy says calmly into the mike. Everyone cheers and screams and squeals. I flinch at the sudden wave of noise and smile. “That’s good. Now, if you would, please sing along with us, since my voice is a little off today.”

I hear one girl scream, “It’s always perfect Andrew!” I chuckle and the band laughs. I guess one of the reasons I’ve always loved them is because they are so laid-back, even when the fangirls freak out. Then the band starts blasting out my personal favorite: “Goodbye Agony.” Andy is hopping on the balls of his feet, whipping his head back and forth in rhythm to the music. I sway and nod, not daring to get too hardcore. I remember that at one time, whenever Andy would sing, I would get extremely excited and jumpy. Maybe part of me knew that this would happen.


People stream out of the doors, chattering and laughing. I make my way to the line of people waiting to meet the band, while the other people start to line up for the signing. I sigh when two more people are admitted to the private room. I remember this kind of experience being my only dream. I pull my sleeves down self-consciously and take a step forward, keeping in line.

“C’mon in.” The security guard from earlier says, placing a hand on my shoulder as he opens the door, letting me into a small lounge where the band sits, still waving goodbye to the last set of girls. I made sure that I was the last person in line, knowing that most bands will have pairs sent in to see them.

Jinxx stands up and smiles gently, even past all his makeup. He folds me into his chest and I sigh into the warmth, still always used to nights of cold, of rain, and sometimes snow.

“You didn’t seem too excited during the show,” Andy states.

“Well, if I would have known you’d be looking for me, I would have put on my best smile.” I joke.

“Well, yeah. You are different than the other girls we’ve met,” CC admits.

“Why? Because I’m a hopeless rat?” I spit the word out like poison. I see Andy flinch out of the corner of my eye.

“We never caught your name…” CC replies, trying to stay off the sensitive subject.

“Hirigya. Blayke Hirigya.” I say, hugging myself more tightly.

“Well, Blayke, why don’t you come sit down?” Andy offers, patting the cushion next to him. I stride over and collapse into the seat, feeling as if I might sink into the cushion. I let out a deep breath and rake my hair back.

“We have an offer,” Andy says, flicking his own hair from his face.

“You don’t say,” I say sarcastically.

Andy chuckles and slings his arm across my shoulders. I barely tense, this somehow is comfortable. Once you get to know a celebrity, you don’t see them as someone who is above you, someone who is just equal. “We’re offering you a spot on the bus. You can travel across the U.S with us. You’ll become part of the family.” Andy squeezes me thoughtfully. After a few moments of complete silence, I recoil from Andy’s touch and stand.

“I… I don’t know. It doesn’t seem right for someone as popular as you to drag along a lowlife like me. I’ll only get in your way.” I protest, hands up to ward them off.

“What makes you think that you’ll get in our way?” Jake asks, eyebrows pinched in concern.

I stiffen and gulp, hard, “That’s what happened last time someone trusted me. And they ended up booting me from their life.” I feel tears stinging at my eyes, but I manage to blink them back. That’s all I can do, now that it’s been almost three years since I last cried.

The boys look stunned, but Andy remains with a cool look. He stands up from the couch and places both of his slim, yet strong hands on my thin shoulders.

“’No one can tell you who you are.’” He quotes from one of his songs and I fall into his chest, wanting to cry, but I can’t summon my tears back up. Andy just stands and strokes my hair gently. “So what do you say? Will you join us?”

I don’t bother with words, I nod firmly into his chest and a tear slips out. “Thank you…”

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