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Cassie glared at the mirror, Sunday morning. How dare Clio complain about her behind her back! Cassie was sick of it and ran towards the limo. “Carlos! Take me to Marine Condos!” Cassie yelled, slipping into her seat. “Yes Ms. Williams!”
When they arrived at Marine Condos, Cassie told Carlos to wait and stormed inside.
Cassie stomped over to the clerk, “Which room is the Wavers family?” Cassie asked.
The clerk typed into her computer and frowned, “Uh, there are nobody living here by the last name of Wavers.” She concluded, snapping her Spear Mint gum.
“Maybe you spelt it wrong! W-A-V-E-R-S.” Cassie spelt it out.
“That’s how I spelt it, little girl!” The clerk snapped, suddenly annoyed.
Cassie sneered and rushed off, “Nice shoes! Where’d you buy them? Kid’s Foot Locker?” Cassie yelled over her shoulder. She ran out of the lobby.
“Nope. Let’s go home.” Cassie told Carlos.
On their way back, we had to drive down Blue Street. Everyone who lives on this street is super poor. Then, Cassie saw Clio’s head peeking out of the window.
“Stop! Halt!” Cassie hollered.
Carlos squeaked the limo to a halt, and Cassie ran out, “Be right back!”
Cassie knocked on the door, furiously.
Clio opened it, “No! We don’t have our bills yet!” Then she saw Cassie. Her face crumpled.
“Cassie?” she chocked.
“CLIO? You live on BLUE STREET?” screamed Cassie.
Clio began to cry, “Y-yes. I’m sorry, okay? We don’t live in Marine Condos. My daddy can barely pay the bills. My mom lives in California with some new husband and took all our money with her. My daddy thinks we might even not be able to keep the house; we are so late with the bills! You and everyone are rich and I’m afraid you might not want to be friends with me because I was poor. So I lied. And, now with me out of the clique…I have no friends…since we were mean to all the other girls. They hate me!” Clio stopped to take a breath.
“Clio.” Cassie said, softly. “I didn’t know. I’m sorry. Oh, Clio, you can stay in the clique.”
Clio smiled, “Really? Thank you! You’re the best”

Cassie hugged her, “I know.”

Submitted: February 11, 2009

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Ugh! That darn Cassie! I still love clio!

Wed, February 11th, 2009 11:39pm


:P Cassie is sooo dramatic!

Wed, February 11th, 2009 5:10pm

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