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“Daaaad! No! Don’t make me go to a public school! They are so, like, out!” Cassie wailed, stomping my foot.
Dad sighed, “Cassie Victoria Annette Williams! I have had enough of all this nonsense!”
“But you don’t understand!” Cassie complained, “I cannot leave Washington High! Please! I have the dance—oh my god! The dance-off! No, daddy!” Cassie sobbed, clappingher hands together in the praying position.
Dad’s cold eyes softened, “Well…uh, here…I have a deal.”
Cassie wiped away her fake tears and smiled.
“If you promise not to ever do this ever again, I’ll let you stay in Washington High. But one more trick like this, and…” Dad put his thumb up and pulled back.
Cassie put out her pinky finger, “I promise, Daddy.”
They locked pinkies and Cassie strutted off.
“Yes!” screamed Nadine when Cassie told her the good news on the phone later that night.
“No way!” chorused Clio and Kellie. They were four-waying because Cassie wanted to tell them all at the same time.
“Yeah, my dad is so cool. Hey, Clio. What did your father say? Since, he’s all uptight and everything…”Cassie muttered the last sentence but everyone heard and Nadine and Kellie giggled.
On the other end, Clio blushed madly, “Eh, he said no television, computer, text messaging, e-mailing, and mall for a week.”
Cassie rolled her eyes in disgust even though the girls couldn’t see her, “Oh, gross. What a shame.”
“Yeah…” Nadine and Kellie sighed.
“Hey, Kellie. Nadine. Speaking of the mall, want to go on Monday? Since, we're suspended. I heard there’s a new store opening there called Arrow Heart!” Cassie squealed.
“I’m in!” Nadine clapped.
Kellie laughed, “Um, duh!”
“Oops, sorry Clio. I promise I’ll get you something!” Kellie apologized to poor Clio who was grounded.
“It’s okay. Um, dinner’s on the table. Bye.” Quickly she hung up.
Everyone was quiet.
“Do you think we should have said that?” asked Kellie, nervously.
“Well…Clio’s loss not mine.” Cassie decided, shrugging it off, “So what should we buy?”

Submitted: February 05, 2009

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Gift Of Noni


Your a very good writer. I'm looking forward to see where you take this story. It really has a feeling to it that in the end there will be a valuable lesson to be learned.

Keep up the good work!


Fri, February 6th, 2009 4:27am


Yup, there sure will be a lesson! Thank you so much for reading it all. ^^

Sat, February 7th, 2009 4:36am


Awsome! I have feeling theres something up with Clio...

Sat, February 7th, 2009 1:45am


Hehe. I, myself, is not really sure what happens next. I'm one of those writers that just write as they go. But, you're right...I can tell you that. ^^

Sat, February 7th, 2009 4:35am

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