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Clio slammed down the phone. When would she ever be able to tell her friends that she really lives of Blue Street a.k.a Poor Street? She never invited her friends over because then they would find out where she really lived and Cassie would make her life miserable!
Her friends think that Clio lives at the Marine Condo by the beach. Clio really lives in an old apartment building. Her father is really strict because he’s scared Clio would spend too much money and they might even lose the apartment! The only way Clio got money was because she worked for old Mrs. Ruth. Oh dear, if her friends ever found out about that!
Clio sighed. Her life revolved around what her friends think.
Clio sat at her old computer (not the new expensive laptop she told her friends about) and logged on to her e-mail. Kellie quickly sent her an IM.
Kellie: Hey, Clio. Sucks u can’t make it to the shopping spree!
Clio: WTH? I thought u were my bff! But nooo. U laughed at me! <=(
Kellie: Sorry.
Clio: Ugh! I hate Cassie! She got me in SO much trouble just for some stupid competition. I hope Grace wins!
Kellie: Clio, shut up!
Clio: No! I hate Cassie, I hate Cassie, I H-A-T-E Cassie!
Kellie: Clio! Plz! Stop!
Kellie: Oh, $h!t…
*Kellie logged off at 9: 30 pm Saturday*
*Cassie logged on at 9: 31 pm Saturday*
Cassie: Hey, b!tch. It’s Cassie. I’m over at Kellie’s house. I saw ur messages.
Clio: Cassie? OMG, Kellie! Cassie…I didn’t mean it!
Cassie: Yeah. That’s what u say now. I got 5 words 4 u, Clio.
Clio: No! Cassie! I’m sorry!
Cassie: You’re. Out. Of. The. Clique.
Clio: Oh, Cassie. No!
Cassie: Yeah. Whatever.

*Cassie logged off at 9: 40 pm Saturday*

Submitted: February 10, 2009

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Awwww...i love clio!

Wed, February 11th, 2009 11:37pm


Ya, she's my fav character, surprisingly. She is just a girl who wants to fit in and her only way in is through Cassie.

Wed, February 11th, 2009 5:08pm

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