Quest For The Enchanted Gems Book 3: The Ruby of Fire

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

A while after obtaining the Amethyst of Physic Power Alex and his friends are ambushed and 5 cyborgs join Lord Spector who plot against them as they travel around the world to find the Ruby of Fire

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Quest For The Enchanted Gems Book 3: The Ruby of Fire

Submitted: November 04, 2015

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Submitted: November 04, 2015



Quest For The Enchanted Gems

Book 1:The Ruby of Fire

Chapter 1: The Secret Base

The house between Charlie and Lakiesha's wasn't owned. Alex had blackmailed the owner to give him ownership of that house. They had built it specifically to hang out and to track the rest of the enchanted gems

1 week after they had gotten the Amethyst of Physic power they had been hanging out in the base with Delta 8 their robot companion. "Ok so me and Zhane vs Sam and you" said Alex. They were playing on the wii u battling on super smash bros. “Ahhh! I’m dead” said Sam. “No no no no ah! I’m out” said Alex. “yes! I win!” said Zhane. BOOM! A cyborg broke through the wall. With an exo suit of black and red the cyborg pulled out a blaster and destroyed the tv. Alex and Zhane pulled out pistols and shot the cyborg. “I am Delta Red. I was made by Master Spector to destroy you people” said the cyborg. “Charlie isn’t one of your relatives names Spector?” said Damian. “i shall destroy everything!” yelled Red. “No!” said Alex. He pulled out a sword and slashed Delta Red. The whole house exploded with everybody in it. “LAKIESHA! ADAM! ZHANE!” yelled Alex. “NO!” yelled Adam. The Red Destroyer took Alex’s bag along with the 2 enchanted gems The Diamond of Peace and the Amethyst of Physic Power. 1 hour later Alex woke up in the wreckage of the house. Zhane and Lakiesha got up too. Sam and Charlie were gone though. “he took the gems!” said Lakiesha. “well at least part of him is here. He pulled a piece of hardware out of the wreckage. “That’s the hard drive! It will show where he is and where the next gem is!” said Zhane. Omega walked out of the wreckage. “Lets put it in the scanner” said Omega. Alex put it onto the table and hit the button. “No! Thats not the scanner!” said Omega. The hard drive broke into 4 memory chips and they were teleported away. “that was the teleporter!” said Omega. “well atleast we got one. Maybe it will tell us where the other ones are” said Alex. They scanned the chip and found one of the other chips location. It’s in….. the Amazon Rainforest. Ok well we got the Astro Cruiser so we can get there fast. Sarah, Drake and Ray will be mission control as usual. Alex, Adam, Zhane, Lakiesha, Erica and Damian boarded the ship and they took off not knowing where they will take them

Chapter 2:Delta Yellow vs Alex and Adam

Adam and Zhane were flying the Cruiser while Damian played basketball and Erica tweeted things on twitter about 5SOS. Alex and Lakiesha were playing truth or dare alone using the T or D app. “kiss the person to your right” said Lakiesha. Alex kissed her and they moved on. “look through the window” said Alex. “huh?” said Lakiesha. She looked through and saw 3 starships. 3 red, blue and yellow ships flew around and started to fire at the Astro Cruiser. “engine offline! Damian! Erica! Get to the engine room!” said Zhane. They ran into the engine room along with Alex and Lakiesha. The engine was exploding and sparking. Sparking cords were flailing around as they were disconected from the engine. “i got this” said Damian. He ran up to the engine but was zapped. “No! Damian don’t do it!” said Erica. He reconnected the cords but was zapped and collapsed onto the floor. “Damian!” yelled Erica. Damian was put into the medical room as they were being chased by the 3 fighters. “Lakiesha get to turret 01! Erica get to turret 02!” said Zhane. They shot at the fighters. “engage vaporizers!” said the girl. The yellow ship vaporized part of the wall to create a hole. The 3 fighters were hit and exploded. 3 Cyborgs entered through the hole into the ship. Delta Red was with 2 other cyborgs who looked exactly the same except with yellow and blue instead of red. “I am Delta Yellow and this is Delta Blue. We are here to destroy you!” said Delta Yellow. They pulled out swords and fought Alex and Adam. They dashed down the hall and into the armory. They grabbed swords but were blasted by Delta Yellow. “i will take care of this. Take care of the pilot” said Delta Yellow. “i guess we gotta use our powers. Theres no other way” said Adam. “Activate Knight Power! Activate Brawler Power!” said the 2. Alex pulled out their weapons and fought Delta Yellow. “AHHH!” yelled Zhane. “we gotta defeat her so we can help Zhane” said Adam. “Bye bye Adam!” yelled Delta Yellow. She shot Adam and he exploded into a ball of fire. “No! Adam! wait how did she know Adam’s name” said Alex. He kicked Delta Yellow and she fell. “HA!” said Alex as he slashed the cyborg’s helmet. A crack in the visor revealed a blue eye. “What the? Your human?” said Alex. “DIE!” said Delta Yellow. She slashed Alex. Boom! The bridge had exploded. Smoke and fire surrounded the entrance and Zhane’s screams were silenced. “lets go” said Delta Red. The 3 cyborgs jumped out of the hole and into oblivion. Alex grabbed Adam and dragged him to the medical room where he found Erica and Lakiesha. “The turrets are destroyed. A blue version of Delta Red trashed them and injured Erica.” said Lakiesha. “The bridge is damaged as well” said Alex. They both ran up the bridge to find a stunned but uninjured Zhane and a zapped console along with Omega on the ground de-activated. “Damage report?” asked Lakiesha. “the engines damaged and both turbo boosters have been frozen. The consoles damaged as well. Were gonna crash!” said Alex. The Astro Cruiser crashed straight into a huge nuclear power plant outside of a huge town.

Chapter 3:Nuclear Battle

Alex and Lakiesha had crash landed the Astro Cruiser into the Nuclear Power Plant outside of Zack’s town. “Look!” said Lakiesha. Adam was sliding down the vaporized hole into a vat of nuclear waste. Alex caught his hand and pulled him up. Erica, Adam and Damian were injured so Alex, Zhane, and Lakiesha left the ship to scout around. Suddenly a laser bolt shot at Alex and he fell over the railing but caught onto the ledge. “I got you!” said Lakiesha as she tried to help Alex up. “No…. It can’t be… Zen and Alexa?” said Zhane. 2 more Cyborgs in Pink and Black had arrived with the other 3. He pulled out another version of Alex and Adam’s morphers but silver and black. “Activate Techno Power!” said Zhane. He gained an awesome silver pixel suit. He fought Zen and Alexa while the other 3 went after Alex and Lakiesha. Alex jumped and kicked Delta Blue. “i will battle those 2. You 2 get back to the infirmary.” said Delta Red. Delta Blue looked injured as well as Delta Yellow from the battle with Zhane. They teleported away and Alex fought Delta Red. Lakiesha fought Delta Black and Zhane fought Delta Pink. Lakiesha was knocked down and Alex drop kicked Delta Black over the railing and into the vat of waste. As he burnt to death and smoked he threatened them. “Master Specter shall destroy you! You won’t survive for long!” yelled Zen as they saw his bloody face sink into the waste. Zhane knocked Delta Pink into the waste as well. “Why me! Master! Forgive me!” said Alexa as she melted away into the waste. “ You won’t make it” said Delta Red. He pulled out a blaster and shot Zhane. He fell off the ledge and was about to fall into the vat but was saved by a cloaked human. She put Zhane down and pulled out twin silver katanas. She ran up the stairs to face Delta Red. “You will pay for what you did!” said the girl. She slashed Delta Red but before she could strike him down for good he teleported away. “Alex are you okay?” said the girl. “Ally? Is that you?” said Alex. The girl pulled off her hood to reveal Allison, Alex’s and Adam’s past crush and Sam’s best friend. “Specter turned Sam and some blonde kid into Delta Yellow and Blue. I tried to stop him but he destroyed my home.” said Ally. For the next 3 days they hung out there while Zhane and Ally worked on a project and Damian and Erica healed up. “Guys take a look at this” said Zhane. He revealed to them their bikes. They were shiny with rocket boosters and buttons on a keypad. “and for Alex. Wear this morpher on your other hand. It has hidden powers” said Zhane. He gave Alex a morpher with a keypad. “the Astro Cruiser is too damaged to fly us to the jungle so were taking the bikes said Zhane. “the Astro Cruiser will recharge over the next few days so when we return it will be ready to take us to our next destination” said Ally. “Who will stay here and defend the ship?” asked Alex. “us” answered Zack. Zack and Tyler were in the doorway watching them. “i called Zack and Tyler to stay here and defend the ship while were in the jungle” said Zhane. The 7 heroes got onto their bikes and rod off to the jungle to find Delta Reds hard-drive chip.

Chapter 4:The Temple of Arachnia

Alex and the others had rode to the Amazon Jungle to find the missing hard-drive chip and find the next location. They stopped to rest in the forest. “the hard drive shows a temple. and there’s some ancient writing on it” said Alex. Ally took a look and deciphered it. It says…. oh my… it says Arachnia” said Ally. “Arachnia!?” said Zhane. “who’s Arachnia?” said Lakiesha and Adam. “She is an invader who has taken over several planets. She was the one who destroyed my planet. She fell to the former user of the Knight Powers” said Zhane. They camped out and in the morning rid their bikes through the jungle. “whats that?” said Erica. 7 saber toothed tigers chased after them. Alex and Lakiesha rid left, Zhane and Ally went right, Erica and Damian went straight. Adam took off through a detour. Alex and Lakiesha rode through the jungle. Alex pulled out a grenade and tossed it at one. It exploded but the other one knocked Lakiesha off her bike. She fell down and hit a tree. A branch broke off and fell on her. “NO!” said Alex. Meanwhile Zhane and Ally had cut their 2 in half and Adam had gotten bit but still shot his tigers eyes out. Erica and Damian were surrounded by 4 saber toothed tigers. Suddenly their watched had become silver and gold morphers. “Activate Lunar Power!” said Erica. She had gained a silver cloak and a staff with a silver moon on the tip. “Activate Solar Power!” said Damian. He gained a gold cloak and a staff with a gold sun on the tip. “Lets beat em bro!” said Erica. “Got it sis!” said Damian. Damian shot a ray of golden sunshine and blew 2 of them into the sky. Erica shot a ray of silver moon rays at 2 and they exploded. Meanwhile Lakiesha was trapped under a branch while being threatened by a tiger. “Stop!” said Alex. He jumped off his bikes and activated his power in midair. It started to storm and rain hard. Alex and the tiger fought in the rain until Alex was knocked back. The tiger ripped part of Lakiesha shirt off but before the tiger could finish them off Alex tackled the tiger into the nearby ravine. “Alex NO!” said Lakiesha. Alex climbed up and stuck his sword into the ground. “Lakiesha…. are you ok?” said Alex. He helped her up. “i’m fine…. Alex. That was amazing” said Lakiesha. “i’ll do anything for you” said Alex. They kissed as the storm raged on. Lightning struck and the light from it had revealed the temple. The others arrived and they went in. “watch out…. this place is rigged with booby traps” said Adam. They kept on walking and they stepped on a pressure plate. Arrows shot from the walls at them. Ally was shot in the leg and fell. They continued and stepped on another. A huge boulder fell from the ceiling and rolled at them. They kept running. “me and Erica will hold it off. Keep going” said Damian. Erica and Damian activated their powers. “Lunar staff! Moon Shield!” said Erica. A forcefield was created blocking the boulder. “Solar staff! Heat buster!” said Damian. He used his staff to slowly break the boulder. The 4 arrived in the final chamber. “Hey look. This picture on the wall says to place an object in the huge statue spider’s mouth. “Wait a minute. This looks like… The orb from Paris!” said Alex. He pulled out a stone orb and put it into the spider statues mouth. The spider statue broke and a human sized Arachnia statue appeared. It started to glow and suddenly Arachnia was standing right in front of them. “Time to destroy the world” said Arachnia. “Activate Techno Power! Knight Power! Brawler Power! Blaster Power!” said the 4. 4 spiders attacked and Zhane fought them while the others fought Arachnia. Lakiesha shot Arachnia into a wall but she jumped off the wall and zapped Lakiesha. Adam jumped over her and punched Arachnia repeatedly. She kicked Adam and he fell and crashed into Lakiesha. “Stop hurting my friends!” said Alex. He jumped up and slashed her staff in half. She fell and started sparking. “Nooooooo!!!” yelled Arachnia and she exploded. “Cheese power!” said Lakiesha awesomely. “whats that?” said Alex. He bent down to examine Arachnia’s staff. On the tip was a crystal spider and inside was the hard drive chip. He broke it open and scanned the chip. “AWWW! SERIOUSLY!?” said Alex. “Where is it?” said Zhane. “Egypt…….” said Alex. Alex and the others escaped the Temple and got on their bikes. They were right about to enter the power plant and when the door opened they saw the grueling fate of Tyler. A sword was running through him and into a support beam. A cloaked man with a staff arrived and zapped them back. 5 cyborgs approached. Delta Red, Delta Blue, Delta Black, Delta Pink and Delta Yellow were in front with sharp blades and heavy guns. “Lets do it! Knight Power! Brawler Power! Blaster Power! Techno Power! Solar Power! Lunar Power!” said them all.

Chapter 5:Trapped Truth or Dare

Alex and the others had been defeated. Delta Red slashed Alex and Delta Yellow kicked Lakiesha in the wrong spot. Adam was punched into submission by Delta Black. Damian and Erica were whipped into a cactus by Delta Pink and Blue. The cloak man zapped Zhane and Ally and they exploded. “Who are you?” said the weak Zhane. He removed the hood to reveal a black mask with a red visor. “I am Master Spector” said the man. Alex had fell asleep and woke up in a room. He was in a closed room with the others who were asleep and injured. “Lakiesha wake up” said Alex. The others all woke up eventually. “Looks like we won’t be getting out of here anytime soon” said Adam. “How about we play truth or dare to pass the time” suggusted Zhane. “I dare you to… prank call mcdonalds!” said Adam. Lakiesha call mcdonalds and ordered a pizza to Zack’s address“Have you dated anybody while i was away?” said Alex. “no…. well yes. Remember that school assembly when that girl winked at me. Her name’s Kiala and we started dating about a week after you left” said Adam. “ i dare you to lick the wall” said Lakiesha. Adam licked the wall and gagged as the wall was covered in slime. “i dare you to tweet something embarrassing on twitter” said Damian. Erica posted “i like to eat dirt” on twitter. “i dare you to eat this pie” said Erica. Damian took a bite out of Erica’s pie. “AHHHH!!! BLUEBERRY!” said Damian as he didn’t like blueberries. “i dare you to kick the wall” said Zhane. Adam jumped and kicked the wall. A trapdoor opened sending Ally, Damian and Erica to their doom. “i dare you to show me what you got in that book” dared Adam. Zhane opened a book to reveal pictures. They showed his home planet being destroyed. “i dare you change clothes” said Alex. Lakiesha changed into a different outfit. “on a scale of 1 to 10 how cute do you think she is?” asked Zhane. “10” answered Alex. “IM SOOOOOOOO BORED!” yelled Adam. He jumped and kicked the wall and a doorway appeared. A sign appeared next to the entrance. “Toxic Dungeon?!” yelled Zhane. The 4 ran through the dungeon to find the others and defeat Spector to retrieve their ship.

Chapter 6:Toxic Mutations

“ok so according to this directory we have to pass all 5 levels to escape the dungeon while avoiding the toxic waste” said Adam. They entered level 1. A toxic waste lake with several platforms that lead to the exit. “i got this” said Adam. He did a flip onto the platform and jumped through them all with ease. Zhane used his techno powers and digitized himself and un-digitized at the other side. Lakiesha jumped through all the platforms but fell on the last one. She hung on for dear life as toxic waste was right under her. “No!” yelled Alex. He flipped and quickly ran through the course. “The platform broke and she fell. Alex quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her up. They jumped and made it. “Time for level 2” said Adam. The door closed and toxic waste started pouring into the room. They were completely surrounded. Alex tried to slash it with his sword but it just melted it. Lakiesha tried to blast the waste but it just bounced it back at her and burned off the shoulder part of her shirt. Adam punched it but it burned off his power fists. “i got an idea! Techno Power! Engage!” yelled Zhane as he activated his power. He turned into a pixel and flew around. “Oooooooo a button!” said Pixel Zhane as he floated over to the button. He poked it and the waste grained out. “Yay level 3!” said Lakiesha as they entered. A huge mutated crab was inside. “i got this. Blaster Power activate!” yelled Lakiesha. She gained her powers and blasted it. It resiested and slashed her. I shot waste at Zhane and Adam and they fell back. Alex flipped over it but was slashed and fell down. Lakiesha got up and while the crabs back was turned she blasted its back and it exploded. They continued to level 4. A button was on the other side of the room. The middle was filled with pressure plates. Zhane walked through and was repeatedly shot with arrows. “owwww” said Zhane. His watch beeped. “the upgrade is done!” said Zhane. Their powers were upgraded. The upgrade had temporarily shielded them. They ran through and the arrows just bounced off. Level 5 was grueling. A platform over toxic waste and a giant crab on top. Pressure plates covered the platform and arrows shot from the walls. “Lets use our powers! Knight Power! Brawler Power! Blaster Power! Techno Power!” yelled them all. Alex gained a golden shield and his sword was restored and gold. His outfit was also red with gold highlights. Lakiesha’s outfit was yellow and black and with the push of a button her hand blasters turned into machine guns. Adams outfit became green with black highlights and spikes were added to his huge metal fists along with spiked boots. Zhane got a pixel blade and pixel gun. Zhane slashed the monster with his sword and Adam punched it. Alex uses his shield to block the arrows with super fast speed. To finish it Lakiesha and Zhane got their guns and shot it from behind, Destroying it and opening the door to the surface. They ran up. Zack and Tyler were hurt but alive and the villians were gone. Damian was tied up, Ally was injured and Erica was covered in toxic waste. They reclaimed their ship and took off as the 2 brothers headed back to Texas.

Chapter 7:The Phoenix’s Golden Feather

Erica and Damian were dropped off at a local hospital for Erica to recover from the toxic waste. The 5 heroes landed in a desert in Egypt. “ok so the chip shows a golden pyramid. I don’t see anything” said Zhane. They walked for hours and eventually found a shrine. A golden shrine with a button on the top was laying in the sand. Alex hit it and the golden pyramid appeared nearby. The 5 got on their bikes and ran towards it. They entered and as soon as they took their 1st step, a trapdoor sent them down a hole. They landed in a pile of pillows and got up. “Great… the chip must be at the top. We gotta climb. They walked through and found a staircase with a sworded mummy. “You guys go on! I got this!” said Ally. She pulled out dual thin silver swords and battled it. Alex and the others continued up. A huge puzzle was on the wall where the staircase was supposed to be. “Looks like were supposed to solve the puzzle to continue” said Zhane. He used his super speed and solved it quickly. It showed a picture of an eye. A bat with an eye as it’s body attacked. It shot ray blasts at them. It zapped Zhane and tied his feet up with mummy rolls. “go on! I’ll defeat this bat thing!” said Zhane as he battled the bat. Upstairs they found a scroll. It says we are on the main floor and 2 more floors are above. They found a staircase and climbed it. Upstairs they found 4 mummies with daggers. “Blaster vs Dagger! Long Ranged vs Melee!” said Lakiesha. She battled them and shot them. Alex and Adam ran up to the final floor. They found a phoenix statue and something small was lodged in the beak. “Look! It’s the chip!” said Alex. “Don’t touch it! What if it’s a trap!” said Adam. Alex pushed it out with his sword and he started to glow. The phoenix started to glow as well. Alex gained a new ability and the Phoenix came to life. Alex could slash his sword in midair to create a sonic boom that  the Phoenix could fly into to get turned into light and when it flies through any enemy it instantly kills them. “Watch out!” yelled Adam. An armored mummy grabbed Adam from behind. Alex used his sonic power and the mummy was zapped and exploded. Zhane and Ally met them downstairs along with Lakiesha. They exited the pyramid but suddenly they were blown out of the sky. Spector was holding his staff alone. “Ally and i will hold him off! Get to the ship!” yelled Zhane. The 3 ran to the ship. “Our turn” said a familiar voice. They were blasted again as the 5 cyborgs approached. “Our upgrades will make us stronger! Alex go!” yelled Lakiesha. Lakiesha fought Delta Yellow and Pink and Adam fought Delta Black and Blue while Alex raced off to the ship with the chip as Delta Red followed. “No!” yelled Delta Red. He pulled out a dark blade and slashed Alex. They fought but Delta Red was able to defeat him and steal the chip. “NO!” yelled Alex. He started to glow and realized that he had unlocked 2 abilities! “Activate Phoenix Mode!” yelled Alex. His golden sword was flaming, his golden shield was given a Red and Blue eye, a Phoenix designed helmet appeared on his head and he gained Golden flaming wings along with red and gold armor. “Your going down Delta Red!” yelled Alex. He slashed Delta Red repeatedly with ease. “Time for the finisher. Eye of the Phoenix!” yelled Alex. The eye on his shield opened and a ray of fire flew out and blew up Delta Red. He was laying on the ground burned and sparking. “Power down!” said Alex. He walked up to Delta Red and took the chip from him. “He found a compartment in his leg and found a button. He took it as well. “I will be fixed….. i will return….” said the cyborg as he teleported away. The others arrived and they scanned the chip. “The chip shows the final chips location. “It’s…. in the center of the earth” said Omega. They took off in the ship back to Hospital to pick up Damian and Erica.

Chapter 8:Medusa in Egypt

They landed behind an old building and cloaked the ship so nobody could find it. They 5 heroes ran upstairs to find Damian talking to a doctor. “hey guys. She’s had a bit of a reaction to the waste….” said Damian. Erica was a foot taller, had spiked hair and claws. “The medecine they gave her will turn her back in an hour” said Damian. They went outside and just hung out in the town square. “Whats with the medusa statue?” asked Adam. A Phoenix flew and landed on Alex’s shoulder. “Oh… well i guess i got a new pet” said Alex. The Phoenix started to glow and so did the medusa statue. “The magic from the Phoenix must be enchanting the statue” said Lakiesha. Suddenly the Medusa statue moved. “It’s alive!” yelled Zhane. It stared straight at them. “Quickly guys! Use these sunglasses!” yelled Zhane. They put on the sunglasses to block Medusa’s stare. “You guys go! I got this!” yelled Ally. She pulled out her dual swords and attacked her. Medusa pulled out an electro sword and attacked. She stared into Ally’s eyes through the glasses and turned her to stone. “Cmon! Into the hospital” said Alex. They ran through the door but Medusa smashed through it and tossed grenades at them. They dodged and ran. She ran up the stairs and slashed Lakiesha and she tumbled onto the ground. “Techno Power Engage!” yelled Zhane as he rushed into battle with Medusa. He slashed her repeatedly but it did nothing. Medusa slashed him but Zhane jumped back and turned his sword into another pixel gun and using his dual guns shot Medusa and she smashed into a wall. She got out and threw her sword and it knocked Zhane’s weapons out of his hands and they fell down the stairs. She ripped off Zhane’s glasses and turned him to stone. Lakiesha ran up the stairs but she tripped and was turned to stone. The 3 ran up the stairs to Erica’s room and blocked the door. She started to yell and awoke. She got up and started to mutate even more. She grew a few more feet and turned green. She grew fangs as well and broke out of the restraints. Medusa broke through the door and turned Damian to stone. “Knight Power! Brawler Power!” yelled the 2. Alex threw his shield and knocked Medusa’s blade down the stairs. She turned her hands into blades and battled Alex. Adam punched Medusa at the wall but was turned to stone as well. Alex used his shiny swords reflection to see Medusa as his sunglasses fell off. He closed his eyes and backflipped and slashed Medusa. She wasn’t even phased. She slashed Alex and he smashed against the wall. “My sword!” yelled Alex. His sword fell out the window. Alex flipped out the window and grabbed his sword. He stuck his sword into the wall and grabbed on. Medusa stuck her head out the broken window but before she could turn him Erica grabbed Medusa. She smashed her against the floor and she continuedly to smash through floors and right through the ground until she fell into a cave. Erica picked up Alex and pulled him back into the room. “Uh oh!” yelled Erica as she turned back. She fell to the ground and the floor broke. She fell back and was trapped in the cave as well. “I better go into Phoenix mode” said Alex. The cave was sealed off and Adam turned back to normal. “Erica must have defeated her! The others are still stoned though” said Adam. “We gotta get down there! I remember Charlie had built a drill that could reach the center of the earth. They moved their friends into the ship and took off for Holland.

Chapter 9:Kaely at the Center of the Earth

The remaining 2 heroes along with the other 3 fly to Holland to obtain Charlie’s drilling machine and rescue Erica. “Oh no not again! Fly the ship i’ll stop them” said Alex. 5 jets were flying behind them. Alex climbed up into the turret and started to shoot at them. “Delta Black. You know what to do” said Delta Red. Alex shot down yellow and pink but Red, Blue and Black weres still up. Black flew down into the clouds and Delta Red abandoned his ship and jumped into the ship. He climbed inside and Alex ran out of the bridge and confront him. "Knight Mode!" yelled Alex. He pulled out his golden sword and slashed Delta Red. They fought and Delta Red smashed into a wall. "Your not gonna take the ship down this time!" said Alex. Alex used his Phoenix Slash ability and Blew Delta Red straight out the ship. "Power Down" said Alex as he turned back to normal. He ran back into the bridge to see Adam. "How much longer" asked Alex. "Look down" said Adam. He opened the landing pad and walked down. They were landing on Charlie's roof. They climbed through the trapdoor and down the stairs to Charlie's basement. Suddenly they were tied up and they fell to the ground. 2 shadows were in front of them. “Wait a minute. Kaely? Erik?” asked Alex. His brother and sister were standing in front of him and they turned on the light. “We saw the ship in the sky. We thought Delta Red had stolen your ship. You landed on Charlie’s roof so we guessed you were going to steal something” said Kaely. “The others were turned to stone and Erica has been captured by Medusa at the center of the earth” explained Adam. They entered the drill and started it up. They started to drill through the floor and kept going down. 100 feet…..200 feet……..300 feet…...400 feet….. “AHHHH!” yelled the 4. They drilled into a rock and the console started sparking. “Were almost there! We gotta leave the machine!” said Erik. They abandoned it and grabbed some shovels out of a compartment and started building. They started digging down and dug straight into the cave. Erica was turned to stone and Medusa had a sword made of lava. The cave was a circle and in the middle was a ball of lava covered by rocks. They fell onto the ball. “Brawler Power!” yelled Adam. “Knight Power! Your going down Medusa!” yelled Alex. Adam was turned to stone after one punch. Kaely jumped and kicked Medusa back. Kaely spinned and repeatedly punched Medusa. Medusa retaliated and used her tail to knock Kaely off her feet. Erik jumped over her and kicked Medusa back. He pulled out an uzi and started shooting her. “NOOOO! I may as well take your powers with me!” said Medusa as she pulled out a control. She hit a button and suddenly their powers were gone. “My Knight mode! The others must have lost their powers too” said Alex in alarm. Medusa and exploded and Erica, Adam and the others were revived. The ball of lava started to crack open so the 5 climbed through the hole and back up to the surface. “Wait the chip!” said Alex. He dropped back down the hole and saw the chip in the ball of lava. “Alex its me Zhane. I’m contacting you using your power band. Adam informed me about the situation and i think i can temporarily give you your powers” said Zhane. “Knight Power!” said Alex. He got his awesome outfit but not his golden sword and shield. “I can’t fully restore you powers but ZZZZZZ. Your too deep ZZZZZ get out of theZZZ” said Zhane as Alex lost connection with him completely. “Phoenix Mode!” yelled Alex and he transformed. He was losing his life energy as his knight power and the others powers power source was destroyed by Medusa. “Only my Phoenix armor can withstand the heat” said Alex. He reached into the lava and slowly reached foward. “Cmon….. just a little farther” said Alex as his hand started to burn. He grabbed the chip and yanked his arm out. He then fell and powered down from energy loss and fainted. Kaely and Erik climbed back down the hole and dragged him out. He awoke several hours later in the ships infirmary with Lakiesha along with his brother and sister next to him. “What happend?” asked the injured Alex. He was covered in burn marked and cuts and his arm was in a cast. “The ball of lava exploded and the room was drowned in it. Luckily me and Erik dragged you out” said Kaely. “Cmon lets play some Terraria” said Erik. He pulled out the monitor and they started to play terraria. Zhane walked in. “we scanned it. The next location is……. Hawaii!” yelled Zhane happily.

Chapter 10:Alex vs Spector, Lakiesha vs Sam, Adam vs Charlie

Everybody was invited along to Hawaii. Alex, Adam, Lakiesha, Zhane, Damian, Erica, Shuhen, Ray, Ally, Drake, Sarah, Kaely and Erik all got in the ship and readied for departure. Drake and Sarah were going against Adam and Ray in ping pong while Lakiesha watched, Zhane and Shuhen were upgrading the ship, Kaely and Erik were watching tv with Damian and Erica and Alex was looking through his bag. “My old pocket knife, a rock, some blankets, whats this? said Alex as he picked up a button. A grey mettalic box with a red button was inside his bag. “This is what i took from Delta Red. He called Adam, Lakiesha, Erik and Kaely. He hit the button and they were teleported. They were in the lair of Spector. “How did you get in here!?” yelled Spector as he grabbed his staff. His hand was inches away when he was shot. Alex was holding a pistol. “Don’t move Spector. We’ve got you now” said Alex. The 5 were blasted back as the 4 Delta’s entered the room. “Lets take em out once and for all” said Adam. Adam ran at Delta Blue and Lakiesha ran at Delta Yellow while Kaely and Erik ran at Delta Green and Pink. Alex summoned his gold sword and fought against Spector with his staff. Adam jumped over Delta Blue and kicked him in the back but Delta Blue punched him in the stomach and kicked him on the ground. Lakiesha ran and kicked Delta Yellow and fell back but punched her as well before being slammed into a wall. Kaely grabbed Delta Pink’s arm and spun her around and into a wall. Erik repeatedly punched Delta Green. Alex and Spector clashed and slashed swords and continued to fight. Delta Green and Pink were defeated and Kaely and Erik gave their energy to Adam and Lakiesha. Delta Blue punched Adam but he grabbed his fist and spun him around until he slammed into a console. Lakiesha jumped and kicked Delta Pink in midair repeatedly and she smashed into a console with 2 glass bubbles on top. It broke open to reveal the Diamond of Peace and the Amethyst of Physic Power. Lakiesha grabbed them and ran. Alex continued to fight and eventually was able to land a strike and Spector was zapped. Part of his cloak ripped and but he remained masked. He zapped Alex and he fell down. Spector teleported away with a strike of lightning. Alex grabbed onto him and they teleported away. “Where are we anyway?” asked Erik. He looked out the window and saw that Spector’s lair was a space station. He saw lightning strike on the moon. Alex and Spector crashed onto the moon. “Zhane…. I need my Knight Power” said Alex. “I will drain the ships power and transfer it to yours. “Activate Knight Power!” yelled Alex. “Phoenix Mode engage!” yelled Alex. He gained his sword and shield, his armor and wings and his helmet. Spector took off his cloak to reveal black armor along with a pistol hand and his black mask with a red visor. They ran at eachother and fought. Alex slashed Spector 4 times before he could counter with his hand and shot Alex’s armor. Alex dived over him. “Eye of the Phoenix” yelled Alex in midair. Spector was blasted with fire and started to spark. He exploded with no words. But he was still alive but on his knees. “I will be back” said Spector as he teleported away. Alex flew back up to Spector’s ship and they all teleported back. “Lift off!” said Zhane as the ship flew up into the air. With the 2 other gems in Lakiesha’s pocket they set off to Hawaii to find the Ruby of Fire.

Chapter 11:Weapons

“My new weapon will destroy them once and for all!” yelled Spector. He was hiding out in his space station. He had created a Quadcopter “Sky Killer” to destroy Alex and his ship. “The tracking device that Delta Red attached to the ship will tell me where to strike” said Spector. Meanwhile on Earth, Alex and Lakiesha were watching a horror movie. Lakiesha jumped as somebody was killed and hugged Alex as hard as she could. Alex’s Phoenix “Flare” was sitting on a perch sleeping. “Alex, Adam, Lakiesha, Damian, Erica and Zhane report to the bridge. They paused the movie and walked down to the bridge. Inside was Ray and Shuhen and on the table was a crate. “Me and Shuhen put our minds together and have created a new weapon using Zhane’s technology and our modern day technology.” said Ray. They opened the crate to reveal a heavy looking gun/cannon. “You’ll notice your Power Bands have a small key-like hole in the side. These 6 USB chips will be the source of your new upgrade. Also when put into this new weapon it will power up so it can be used. Depending on which combination of USB’s you put in different power will be used.” said Shuhen. They handed the group the USB’s. “The upgrade will add new things. Armor will be added to Knight, Brawler, Blaster and Techno instead of the normal suit. Solar and Lunar already have armor so they get helmets.” said Ray. “But the weapons color and future design is undecieded. So your gonna be fighting over this USB. Your idea will be uploaded into this USB from your mind and when plugged into that console it will change the design of the weapon. Now go!!!” said Shuhen. He threw the USB into the air and Adam caught it. Damian ran and tackled him out the window. “Time to fly! Brawler Power!” yelled Adam. He put his usb into his watch and he gained armor and a flight suit besides his normal powers. Damian plumetted to the ocean while Adam flew back in. “Solar Power! Activate fire ray!” yelled Damian. His staff shot fire and he blew himself back up. BOOM! A drone in the sky shot a blast and knocked Damian’s Solar Staff out of the sky and he powered down from the blast. He grabbed onto the control panels wire and held on. Adam climbed through the window and ran down the hall into the armory. Erica followed but was shot will a blaster and smashed into one of the wall panels and it started to spark. “Uh oh!” said Adam. “Malfunction! Something happend to the ship!” yelled Zhane. Lakiesha ran and kicked Adam and the USB flew at the wall. Alex got it and ran. Lakiesha kicked Adam in the leg and followed Alex. Zhane jumped and punched Alex and he fell out the emergency hatch. “Oh god!!!” yelled Alex as he fell out. Damian grabbed his hand and they hung onto the wires. Zhane grabbed Lakiesha and tried to hold on and he took the USB. “You know i could just forget Alex and start with you cutie” said Lakiesha. “Wait a minute…. Really?” said Zhane. She kneeded him in the leg and he fell down. She kicked Zhane out as well and he grabbed Alex’s hand. Adam got up and found Lakiesha running down the hall. “Brawler Power!” yelled Adam. He jumped out and sucker punched her to the ground. “You don’t hit a girl! Blaster Power!” yelled Lakiesha. She shot Adam repeatedly into the wall and he was knocked out. “Yes i win!” yelled Lakiesha. Suddenly she was knocked down the hall and out of the hatch. She grabbed onto Zhane’s leg and held on. “I win! I win! Haha suckers!” yelled Erica. She had the USB in her hand. “Bye bye. Lunar Power!” said Erica. She used her staff to cut the wire sending the 4 plumetting to the ground. “Haha i waaaaaa!” yelled Erica. Adam punched Erica and she flew out the hatch. He ran to the console in the bridge and plugged it in. His idea was uploaded and the weapons design was changed. It was red with 6 USB ports on top and a 7th in the front. “Ok time to pick them up” said Ray. He flew the ship down and they landed on the top hatch. “Were almost to Hawaii!” said Shuhen.

Chapter 12:Hawiian Hangout

The cruiser had landed in a abandoned warehouse and cloaked so nobody can find it except them. “Ok we will go get a room at the best 5 star hotel” said Alex and Lakiesha. “Ok so me and Adam will pick up some food for later” said Zhane. “Me and Erica are gonna go shopping” said Damian. “YAY CLOTHES! JEWELERY! PHONE ACCESORIES!” yelled Erica. “Wait what?! I meant video games!” yelled Damian as he was dragged away. Alex and Lakiesha got the best room the hotel had and went upstairs to lay down. The others came back later with bags of stuff. “Cmon guys lets go down to the arcade” said Adam as they put their bags down. Erica, Sarah and Kaely had a coffee at the cafe and Adam, Ray, Shuhen, Zhane, Damian, Drake and Erik played games in the arcade. Alex and Lakiesha stayed upstairs and they watched a movie. “I’m gonna get a gadorade” said Alex. He got up and went to the fridge but before he could grab an orange gadorade something swooped down and grabbed him. “Alex? Alex where are you?” said Lakiesha. She went onto Ray’s computer and turned on the security cam hacker program. “Alex was kidnapped by Delta Red! What’s that?” said Lakiesha. She picked up a note off the floor. It was a to do list. “Oh no!” yelled Lakiesha. Shuhen, Zhane and Ray had gone back to the ship to fix the engine. They entered the engine room but once inside the door closed. “It’s locked” said Ray. Delta Red appeared on a screen on the wall. “Your friends shall die!” said Delta Red. Lakiesha ran downstairs. Adam was talking to Damian and Erica. “Guys we gotta go!” said Lakiesha just as the lights went out. Damian and Erica were gone. Lakiesha and Adam were alone in the hotel and the employees and their friends were gone. “Hey he dropped this paper” said Adam. They picked it up and it showed coordinates. Adam typed it in on his gps and they ran through Hawaii. “hey…. isn’t this the warehouse where we hid the ship. Adam? Uh oh” said Lakiesha as she turned around to realize that Adam was gone. She ran inside but the others where nowhere to be found except Adam who is strapped to a pole. She ran and untied Adam. “Theres a bomb in the ship!” yelled Adam. She ran to the door but it was locked. “Blaster Power Activate!” yelled Lakiesha. She blew the door down and saw the others tied to a console in the bridge. “We don’t got time to untie everybody! Just untie one person and run!” yelled Lakiesha. She pulled out Alex’s pocket knife but before she could cut Alex loose he kicked her and she untied Shuhen by mistake. “GO!” yelled Alex as he broke out and pushed them out the ship. “Knight Power! Techno Power! Solar Power! Lunar Power!” yelled the 4. BOOM! The ship exploded as Lakiesha, Shuhen and Adam watched. The smoke cleared and the ship was mildly damaged. Alex was in Knight mode and using his upgrade he survived. Damian and Erica were protecting Erik and Kaely from the blast with their staffs and Zhane was using a pixel shield to protect Ray. “I used the panel in the engine room to shield the ship” said Zhane. The 5 Delta’s walked in the room. “Time to battle!” yelled Alex. Spector came as well. “Ok Alex take red, Lakiesha yellow, Adam black, Erica pink, and Damian blue. I’ll take Spector” said Zhane. “Brawler Power!”” yelled Adam. “Phoenix Mode!” yelled Alex. Damian jumped up and knocked Delta Black down. “Heat Ray!” yelled Damian as his staff melted Delta Blue. Erica kick slashed Delta Pink off the ground and she fell. “Moon Ray” whispered Erica. The moonlight melted Delta Pink as well. Lakiesha on the wall using her machine gun barrel blasters while Delta Yellow walked foward to her while being shot. She started to spark and collapse. Adam was punching Delta Black and he collapsed to the ground and sparked. “Eye of the Phoenix!” yelled Alex. The eye opened and shot a ray of fire to smash Delta Red into the wall. “Lets try out the new weapon!” suggusted Alex. “Call Delta Cannon!” said Adam. The cannon appeared with 5 USB ports plus the main port. They put in their USB’s and they fired it with Alex’s being in the main port. It shot the blast and it destroyed the 5 cyborgs for good. Sam and Charlie were laying on the ground injured. Spector zapped Zhane and teleported away. They ran into the ship and scanned the chip. “The gems in the middle of the Mauna Loa!” said Shuhen. “The ships wrecked and theres no time to repair. Kaely, Shuhen and Ray will stay back and help Charlie while we get the gem” said Zhane. “Whats that?” said Erik. They looked outside the warehouse and saw Spectors quadcopter soaring through the skies toward the volcano. “We gotta go now!” said Sam. They got out their bikes and rode toward the volcano. “Time to go old school” said Alex.

Chapter 13:Road to the Mauna Loa

Alex, Lakiesha, Adam, Damian, Erica, Sam, Erik and Zhane were riding their bikes down the road to the volcano while Spector flew his Quad copter above. “Nice to be back. Look out!” said Sam. Grenades dropped out of the quad copter and onto the road where they were riding. Erik was blasted off and flew into some guys car. The owner fell out the window and Erik took control. A turret came out of the quad copter and started to shoot at them. It grazed Sam’s shoulder and a bit of blood came out. “ow!” said Sam. “I got this!” said Alex. He pulled out a pistol and started to shoot the turret. “Need any help” said Adam. He pulled out Zen’s old uzi’s and started to shoot the turret as well. It started to spark and it exploded. Zhane got off his bike and got into the backseat of the car. “Time for lightning!” said Spector. Lightning struck the street and zapped them. Alex and Adam were zapped hard but Lakiesha was unaffected. “Uh oh! Switch cars!” said Erik. Their car exploded and they jumped into another car while the owners were run over. Sam pulled out a grenade. “How are you gonna get that up their?” asked Lakiesha. She took her gum out of her mouth and stuck it to the grenade and chucked it. It stuck onto one of the quad copters rotors and it exploded. “Arghh!” yelled Spector. He shot lasers and blew cars out of the road. “another turret” said Erica. She pulled out a basketball, some duck tape and a bomb. She taped it to the basketball and threw it to Damian who dribbled it and chucked it onto the Quad copter destroying another rotor. “No! What else can i do to destroy them?!” yelled Spector. He sticked his staff out the hatch and zapped them. Erik crashed the car into a building and they jumped out as it exploded. Alex and the others stopped their bikes next to the car. “I got this” said Erik. He pulled out a sniper and aimed and shot the staff out his hands. Spector pulled out a rocket launcher and aimed. “You guys go….. i’ll take care of him” said Erik. They got back on their bikes while Erik pulled out a machine gun and shot the Quad Copter. Spector fired the rocket and blew the whole building to the ground. “AHHHH!” screamed the 7. Sam was lying under a structure. “You guys go on…..I can’t do anything more” said Sam. They 6 ran off and got on their bikes and rode down the street. “Me and Erica are gonna blow the Quad Copter out of the sky from the inside. When i give the signal use your Phoenix slash to hit it” said Damian. “Solar Power! Lunar Power!” yelled the 2. They teleported up to the ship to face off against Spector alone.

Chapter 14:Damian and Erica vs Lord Spector

“Lets hope they can pull this off” said Alex hopefully. Damian and Erica had flew up to Spectors Quad Copter “Sky Killer” and planned to destroy it from the inside. They reappeared inside the ship. “Solar Power! Lunar Power!” said the 2 heroes. “Heat Ray!” yelled Damian as he blasted the console Spector was using and melted it. “Moon Ray!” yelled Erica. The ray coming from her staff stunned and slightly burned Spector and he smashed against the wall. They jumped over the melted console and kicked him in the chest. Spector grabbed them and threw them against the wall. “Time to get serious” said Spector. He took the orb off his staff and 2 sparking blades appeared on each end. He battled them in staff to double blade combat. Meanwhile on the ground Alex and the others had teleported their bikes back to the ship and started the climb to the top of the volcano. Spector was jumped and spinning, blocking every move they made. The 2 slipped up and were slashed and zapped. “Lighting Ray” screamed the 2 and they combined their staffs and zapped Spector into the wall. He got out and ran at them. He opened the hatch and kicked Damian out the hatch and he fell  then slashed Erica badly. Luckily he grabbed onto part of the landing gear. Erica was laying on the ground powered down because of the slash. Her shirt was cut a bit and the bottom of her pants were ripped. “Have mercy….AHHH!” screamed Erica as she was poked and stabbed with Spector’s staff. “Nobody messes with my sister!” yelled Damian as he flew back up and kicked Spector into the wall. “Lunar Power!” yelled the injured Erica. She ran and battled Spector while Damian set the charges around the ship. She dodged all of Spector’s attacks and slashed him repeatedly. Damian finished and joined Erica in battling Spector. “Alex! Do it!” said Erica over the comm in her watch. “Phoenix Mode!” yelled Alex. “Good luck Alex” said Lakiesha. She kissed him on the cheek real quick and he flew up to the Quad Copter. The turrets were activated and they fired straight at him. Alex dodged and destroyed the turrets. “Ok….. gotta do this. Phoenix Slash!” yelled Alex. He slashed in midair and Flare flew in and it shot straight through the ship. It started to exploded. “Release the Drones!” yelled Spector. Damian and Erica jumped out and landed on the cloaked Astro Cruiser and it landed on the side of the volcano with Erik and Sam onboard. Sam got out and ran to meet up with Alex and the others. The Quad Copter slowly fell. “Look! The gem!” said Alex. In the middle of the volcano there was a small platform sticking out and on it was the Ruby of Fire. 5 drones flew out of the falling wreckage that was Spector’s Quad Copter and flew over the volcano. Time to get that Gem!” said Alex

Chapter 15:Battle of the Mauna Loa

“I got this. Stand back” said Adam. He grappling hooked one of the drones and and flew over the volcano but fell. He grabbed onto a ledge. “Ok Zhane’s turn. Zhane jumped and landed on a rock next to the Gem. “well that was eas” said Zhane just as we was crushed by wreckage. He climbed out and grabbed onto the ledge Adam was on. The drones started to fire lasers at them. “I’ll take care of those things! You guys get the gems! Blaster Power!” said Lakiesha. She fired at the drones with her hand lasers. Sam jumped down and fell on the ledge Adam and Zhane were grabbing on to. “We need some more room” said Sam. She punched the wall and it broke to reveal a small cavern. They climbed up and looked at the falling wreckage. Spector was alive and he jumped out and landed in the cavern. “Brawler Power! Techno Power!” said the 2. They fought Spector along with Sam who had no special powers. “DIE!” yelled Spector as he zapped them with his staff. The cavern caved in and they were trapped. “Time for me to shine!” said Alex. He jumped and landed on the platform. The platform with the ruby grew and Spector jumped on. “Knight Power!” yelled Alex. He got his sword and fought Spector. He jumped and dodged then slashed Spector in the chest. Spector zapped him as he backflipped next to the edge. “Eye of the Phoenix!” yelled Alex. He blasted Spector and he fell straight into the lava. His staff flew and got stuck in the rock and Spector sunk away. “I will be back…… i will return…… and none of you will be safe” said Spector. Lakiesha shot the last drone. “Alex! It’s coming down!” yelled Lakiesha. Adam used his metal fists and punched his way out with Zhane and Sam. Alex picked up the Ruby and put it in his pocket. Suddenly he was powered down for no reason. “Whats going on?” said Alex. “The wreck is too close. Its sending out a signal to block your powers” said Zhane. Alex saw Adam’s grappling hook on another ledge. He picked up some rocks and started to throw them at the ledge. It eventually fell off and he jumped and grabbed it. He attached it to the top and climbed up. “RUN!” yelled Alex. He ran down the stairs leading to the bottom of the volcano with Lakiesha. The wreckage fell straight into the volcano and it erupted. Lava poured out and Adam, Sam and Zhane got in the ship and they flew off. Alex and Lakiesha got on their bikes and rode to the edge of the island until there was no land left. The ship flew by and Alex jumped on. They circled around. “We can’t get any closer. The blast in the warehouse damaged the heat shield. Alex reached and grabbed Lakiesha’s hand and pulled her up. BOOM! One drone remained and shot at the ship and Lakiesha fell but grabbed onto the ledge. The gem fell out of Alex’s pocket and was about to roll off the side. He didn’t have the strength to pull up Lakiesha with one hand. It was the gem or Lakiesha. He grabbed Lakiesha’s hand and pulled her up and the gem fell off the ledge and into the ocean. Adam flew up and landed on the ledge. “I went out the emergency hatch and got the gem” said Adam. “set a course for Holland” said Alex. They all returned to Holland and awaited their next adventure.


Who should we hook up next time. Adam/Sam, Erica/Zhane. Email me and tell me who should hook up in the next story “The Sapphire of Water”.

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