A Man's Death: The Story of a Western Gunslinger

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A gunslinger named John has gone into hiding in a large town known as Blackmills. At first everything seems alright but he soon discovers there is a deeper and darker secret within Blackmills.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Man's Death: The Story of a Western Gunslinger

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Submitted: March 02, 2012



Chapter 1: Welcome to Blackmills

John kneeled down and had cupped a small pool of water in his bare hands. He then splashed the water in his face and looked up into a dirty, broken mirror. He looked at himself and was convinced that he had changed greatly since he had last looked in a mirror. He did not change physically, except for the newly grown beard, but he did notice a difference in his eyes and in his opinion a difference in his expression. He slowly slipped his pants on one leg at a time. He then threw on a clean yet wrinkly shirt and tucked his shirt in. He frantically buttoned his pants due to the fact that he had noticed footsteps outside and did not recognize them. He threw on some boots and clipped his pistol belt. He then holstered his .32 caliber colt six shot. He continued towards his hotel room’s door. Before he could open it there was a knock. He stopped for a second. There was then a second knock.

“John this is the sheriff. Now I don’t want no trouble John. Just come out here peacefully and accept the terms of arrest!” yelled Sheriff Adams.

John then replied “I don’t think it’s gonna be that easy Sheriff.”

John then reached for his double barrel shotgun pointed it at the door.

“I’m comin’ in then!”

The door swung open and with it was Sheriff Adams. John did not hesitate and pulled the trigger. Adams was sent back about three feet from the shot. Blood had covered the room entrance and Adams Colt Peacemaker was bathing in a pool of blood. John then continued to Adams’ body.

“You’re gonna die John. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but you will die of unnatural causes.”

“You knew you weren’t gonna walk outta here with your life, so why did you come here?”

“To alert the others.”

“What others? Who are you talking about?”

“The horsemen.”

Adams had then died from choking on his own blood. John stood up and created a confused expression on his face. He tried to make sense of what he had been told but he didn’t have time to think. He grabbed his things and headed off to a new town to elude the law that dwelled within Maytown. After riding for four days he came upon a fairly large town. He rode up to what looked like the post office and tied up his horse. He entered and directed himself towards an employee.

“Hi I’ve been riding for days on end and I really don’t know anything about his place, would you care to familiarize me with this town?”

Ellis turned around and replied “Why hello! My name is Ellis Clayton and I would be happy to inform you on this here town. Welcome to Blackmills, Blackmills happens to be one of the most modern and industrialized towns located west the eastern sea board. The mayor, Franklin Hughes, has brought this town many jobs and money. However, the man can be a real stubborn old horse and does not really care for newcomers. But you must speak with him before you can stay here.”

“Thanks, where’s his office located?”

“It’s right next to the barbershop on the left over there.”

“Alright, thanks again.”

“Don’t mention it, I got nothing else to do with my time. It was a pleasure talkin with ya.”

John then turned to the door and headed for the mayor’s office. He opened the door surprised to see the mayor had been sleeping with his head on his desk. John closed the door trying to create some noise to wake the mayor up. After the loud thud of the door closing the mayor jumped up out of his chair.

“Who, what!?”

“Sorry for waking you.”

“Oh no it’s fine. So what can I help you with?”

“Well my name’s John and I just rode in today, and was wondering if I could stay here for a while?”

“Well there should be a room available at the hotel across the street. But you must promise to, erm, keep your peace so to speak.”

“I’ll do my best sir.”

“Well then I guess I’ll be seeing you later. Goodbye John.”

“Good bye.”

John turned and walked out the door. He then continued to the saloon/hotel across the street and was disturbed by the man puking outside the side entrance. He then pushed open the double doors and stopped for a second. Everyone who resided in the saloon turned to look at the strange newcomer. John continued to the bar.

The bartender asked, “What’ll it be?”

John replied slowly, “Whiskey and a room.”

The bartender stopped for a moment. He then pulled a drawer out from under the bar and picked out a key. He then handed the key to John. The bartender then continued to pour a glass of whiskey for John.

“Here you go. Your room number is 4. How long are you looking to stay?”

“About a week or two.”

“Ok. Well when you check out bring the key and you will be asked to pay for the room and for your tab.”

“Sounds good to me.”

John picked up the glass of whiskey and guzzled the whiskey down. He then knocked on the bar signifying that he wanted another glass. The bartender then poured him some more whiskey and continued washing the glasses. John guzzled this one down too but instead of asking for another drink he stood up and walked upstairs to his room. He pulled out the key from his pocket and opened the door carefully. John then sat down on his bed and threw his hat onto the dresser. He then removed his coat and shirt and threw them on the cold, wood floor. He then kicked off his boots and lay down. He then took in a deep and calm breath and exhaled slowly. John turned on his side and began to fall asleep. John then fell into a deep, relaxing sleep. He had not had one of these in a long time, and he loved every second of it.

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