fightless bird

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Raven is a boy well he knows that but everyone else thinks hes a girl by his looks but raven has had a hard life but one day when his dad finally deiced hes taking raven he meets a very strange yet loving boy named Skylar.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - fightless bird

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013



chapter One 

 I sat on the cold wet steps as I blasted Papercut by Linkin Park from my headphones, I then then turned around to see my dad walking out of our apartment complex looking pissed off, when he saw me he opened his mouth to say something but I turned back around and picked up my suite case and a bag with extra clothes.
You see this was completely normal for me, my parents would fight usually because of my mom's drug habit or the fact that my mom thought that my dad's new wife Rebecca was a total bitch and hated her gusts.
I walked to my dad's red pick up truck and got in as I watched my mother come out of our apartment cussing and yelling at my dad as he walked to his truck.
"Hey Kido, said my dad as he got into the truck and started the old engine.
I pulled my ear phones off of my head an smiled faintly at him before reaching for the radio and turned the station on.
We arrived  at my dad's house in an hour, the house was huge and white with bright green grass and a black gate fence around it.
My dad then interned a password  in a key pad by the gate, it then opened and he then pulled into the drive way.
I then opened the door to see a redhead  smiling at me.
"Hello, dear how have you been", asked the women.
"Hello, Rebecca", I said trying to smile.
I then walked  inside the house and went straight up the brown wooden stairsand into  the white spear room since the other three rooms belonged to two of my step siblings.
I then flew back on the blue comfortable and looked at the ceiling as I felt wet droplets fall down my face, I quickly wiped my face,I was sixteen for god sake and I was locked in this stupid ass room crying like a fucking baby what a wuss I 'm I thought out loud.
I then got up off the new bed and  started to unpack my clothes and other things I bothered to pack after I was done I then went to the black dresser and looked at my self in my mirror, my pale skin  showed sighs of the wet droplets on my skin and my eyeliner was smeared, my black hair stuck up in all directions and my green eyes were red . 
I sighed at my appearance it was bad an off I looked like a fucking girl and had the organs but clearly I'm a guy and I really didn't want to look weak, I brushed the negative thoughts my mind  was thinking and deiced to get some fresh air.
I felt the fresh cold air hit me and it felt so dam good, a real smile spread across my face as I closed my eyes.
  "Hey, come wake up kid, can you hear me", asked a deep voice.
I opened my eyes as every thing swirled around me, after a minute The swirling faded away but I still felt dizzy.
"Hey, kid are you okay", repeated the stranger with other faces surrounding his.
"Yeah, I think so, I said siting up off the concrete, now that I could see better the stranger had bleached white hair peach skin, sky blue eyes and an amazing six pack, wait what the fuck scratch that last part.
"God, now what is the fuck wrong with you , you can't walk on the side walk with your eyes closed your lucky it was only a basket ball that hit you, yelled the stranger
This person wasn't rubbing off on me in a good way I mean who yells at some they don't know, I stood up to leave only to find my legs give out, the stranger sighed before I felt strong arms lift me up.
The whole walk back to my house was silent and awkward and It was starting to bug me so I deiced  to be the first one to start a conversation.
"So, whats your name", I asked raising my eyebrows.
The boy rolled his eyes before deciding when to speak "my name is Skylar",said the boy coldly.
"What about you",asked Skylar a minute later after some more silence.
"Rave", I replied as I felt my cheeks warming for an odd reason.
"Well, Rave maybe next time you can stop by the basketball court without being hit", said Skylar as he chucked as he put be back on my feet.
"Bye',said Skylar as he turned around and left. 

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