kasey & Ikuto

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Kasey is a cross dresser with many problems with at school and home, Kasey starts to see a new way to look at life when he meets Ikuto a boy that blows Kasey's mind.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - kasey & Ikuto

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013




Kasey wasn't like all boys his age he was gay and if that wasn't an of for his mother he was also a cross dresser, but his mother didn't care she loved him no matter what, it was his step father that was hard on him at times, and he would drink and cheat on his mother. Kasey took care of his mother after school sometimes when her nurse Sofia couldn't. Kasey was a cheerful boy but deep down he had problems that he never talked to anyone about.


Beep, beep, the alarm rung until Kasey reached over to smack the snooze button, he then got up to grabbed his blue towel and walked in to his huge blue bathroom to take a shower. When got out he grabbed his pink off the shoulder shirt and some black ripped jeans and some black and white gloves. After he got dressed he then started to put his black and white checker belt through his belt loops, then he pulled his short choppy long blond and brown strike hair into a pony tail and finished it off with a black bow. Then he put black eyeliner around his eyes and painted his nails black, finally he was done and he ran down stairs into his huge dinner room for breakfast. Kasey was rich because his mom used to be a famous singer in a band with his father. Kasey’s father was a very charming bright man but he died not long after Kasey turned ten. Kasey ran down stairs to see his mother in her wheel chair, she had the same blueish green eyes as him but her hair was brown , her face then lifted up when she say her son  coming into  the room.


“Good morning Kasey”, said his mother.



“Good morning mother”, said Kasey as he ran to hug her.


“Umm about to night is it ok if me and the guys say out late we sort of wanted to go karaoke to night, said Kasey as he gave his mother a puppy dog face until finally she gave in. They eat breakfast peacefully until his step father John came marching into the room grumpy and swearing under his breath, John was a tall dark hair man with a shaved clean face, he work in Real Estate, and he was a selfish man. Kasey didn't wait a minute till he saw John to get up and kiss his mother on the cheek and say good bye to Sofia. He then walked to a mirror close to the front door to look at himself, he was five -three and had naturally long eye lashes and naturally looked like a female. After he finished making sure he looked okay he then grabbed his black combat boots and putted them on and reached for his yellow neon book bag off the ground and rushed out the door to school.


On the way to school Kasey had to cross three roads and walk by two large gray dull buildings till he finally reached school. Kasey didn't have really bad problems it was just the teachers that gave him a hard time bad how he dressed over and over again they all said “Mr. Williams don’t you think it’s very unapporate to were such clothes to school you should be dressed as a young man and not a young lady and it all ways made Kasey angry. Kasey then started to walk up to the big brown bricked building, the school was nice and clean with three story’s and a nice roof top view plus not to mention the beautiful cheery blossoms  growing around the school. Kasey finally reached the gate when all of a sudden he slipped on a Pepsi soda bottle. Kasey started to fall but two strong built hands caught him, the hand then helped him stand back up straight, Kasey then turned around to thank to the person only to see a tall boy who looked six feet tall with bleached white hair with several pierce on his ears and lip he also had on a white shirt with gray jeans and white converse shoes on.


“Hey are you okay” the boy said with a smile across his face because he just noticed that Kasey had been staring at him.


“Ahhh yeah “, said Kasey as he pulled away from the boy.


Then the boy grabbed Kasey’s face “ I've never seen a boy that actually  was a cross dresser “, he said teasing Kasey.  Kasey stared at the boy shocked because no one had been able to tell he was a boy until he told them.


“Well to bad I have to go maybe well mat again princess, said the boy as he smelled a piece of Kasey’s hair in his hand , then he let it go as the wind blew  Kasey’s hair and the boy turned to go inside the school. Kasey just watched him leave as his cheeks were pure red.


“What the hack that was a scene just like in a anime”, said Kasey as he also made his way to his first block class which was boring Earth Science II. When Kasey got to his class he went to his seat which was all the way in the back of the class room by the window. Kasey then sat in his seat as people started to crowed around him saying,” good morning” and asking him annoying questions until their teacher Ms. Gwen came in and everyone groaned because she was the meanest and hardest teacher ever, she walked in wearing a purple dress with some blue heels, her hair was black and she had three warts on her face with two chin hairs.


“Good morning class it seems like we have a new student”, she said as the same boy form this morning had walked into Kasey’s class room. This is Mr. Ikuto, now please take your seat next to Mr. Williams, Ikuto looked around waiting for someone to tell him who was Mr. Williams until a girl with braids pointed to me.

  Ikuto slowly walked to take his seat and my usually boring class was not so boring any more with Ikuto throwing small balls of paper at people and annoying the crap out of our teacher. It turned out Ikuto had the same second block with me to which was Algebra II at the end of second block it was time for lunch.


Kasey started to walk out the door when Ikuto grabbed his hand” Hey where are you going so fast where friends aren't we”, he said.


“I-II don’t remember ever saying we were friends “, said Kasey as he felt his face getting hot.


Ikuto just stared at him for a second  then he busted out laughing and then he slowly bent down and whispered into Kasey’s ear,” you really are quiet cute when you blush” , now Kasey face was really redder than before . Ikuto smiled at the reaction happily with it and left Kasey breath less, Kasey then snapped out of the trance and fell to the ground, what is happening  Kasey get it to gather he told himself.


Kasey arrived at lunch late and walked to a table where there sat two boys and a girl. One boy was a red head with black sweats on named Rick the other boy was a jock with brown eyes, dark skin and black hair named James .The girl was a bit of a chatter box her name was Rachel, she had blue hair cut into a bob with hazel eyes. Kasey then finally approached the table and said, don’t ask while holding his hands up, he then sat down to look up to see Ikuto with two blonde twins  smiling and laugh until he got Kasey glancing at him, he then had the same devilish grin come across his face as he made his way towards Kasey and his friends followed by the two blondes. He loudly dropped into the chair next to Kasey and everyone raised and eye brow to question their relationship, the two blondes then introduce them self’s the one with the red shirt name was Ace and the other was named Allen.


“So anyone wants to go karaoke after school “, questioned rick awkwardly? 


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