Love Has NO Boundaries!

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When Nao Fujimoto was just six years old he was told to never loss his light and to never fall inn love with a demon, but he had already broken the second rule because he was head over heels in love with Shiro Koizumi.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Love Has NO Boundaries!

Submitted: January 14, 2013

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Submitted: January 14, 2013



Nao pov'
My body shifted in my full sized bed as my lime green blanket fell to the cold wooden floor.I then opened my amber eyes in anyonce as my alarm clock beeped until I pressed the dismiss button, I then crawled across my bed to my window and pulled my gray curtains back to feel the warmth of the sun. Nashveil wasn't so bad, the weather was mosty sunny with little rain and some snow. I then got off my bed and yawrned as I walked into my bathroom to brush my teeth and flat my hair secen it was sticking all over my head.
When I got out of my bathrooom I quicketly walked downstaires to the kitchen to find my mom cooking dinner as he weared an black apron.
"Good morning son",said My mother as he turned around and saw me.
I smiled at my mama , before walking on the freezing marble floor to sit on a bar stool seated at a small counter in the big gray kitchen.
"So are you excited about your thrid year in highschool",asked my mama as he turned to look at me with his aqua blue eyes.
I bushed at the thought of seeing Shiro Koizumi and his friemds walking down the hallway.
"Nao",called my mama as he raised his black eye browns at me while waving a speula.
"Huh, sorry mama and Yes I am happy to be starting my third year", I said smiling .
Just when my mama was about to question me father my little brother Yui came down stairs in his pj's with my older bother Akira. Akira and Yui looked like my father scene they both had his brown hair and green eyes, me on the other hand gotta few traits from my mom side.
I watched as Yuki sat in the empty seat beside me, while Akiara nugged my black hair which was back to sticking up again.
Mama then severed us breakfast, after we eat and got ready for school.
Shiro pov
I woke up at ten fifteen and jumped out of my black bed spread and walked into the bathroom across my room which was messy as hell ,I mean their was a piece of chicken in the sink for peat sakes. After I bushed my teeth I throw on a pair of black shinny jeans and a white tank top with a black lather jacket and a pair of combat boots, I wasn't in a hurry to be honest scene I'm already late anyways so I took my time then I went down down the small hallway and out of the door of my family's small apartment.
I then made my way to school which was peace as the cold wind blew on my plae skin, after walking for a while I turned to see who elese was late for school and I couldnt't beleave who it was I mean Nao Fujimoto of all people, he never was late for school seeing he was allways on time. I stooped walking and watched the boy as his bed hair blew in the wind, he must've not been paying attention to his surroundings because he bumped right into my chest.
"AHH, s-sorry", said Nao as he lifted his head to look me in the eyes.
I couldn't swore that he blushed but I pushed the thoughts away and left Nao behind and walked ahead to school before Nao cursed.
When I arrived at school I sighed before taking another step to my hell hole, the hallways where empty as I walked to my first block history class ,about our kind which wasn't a totaly bummer. The teacher didn't say anthing to me as I enteruppted his class by walking in late.
Nao pov
I felt startled when I say that I bumped into Shiro and my heat was beathing so fast that I thought I would die. I didn't mean to blush either but his blonde hair was in his face a liite and the look he was giveing me was just, Okay stop Nao get it to gether and fousc on some thing eles.
"Oh fuck", I hissed.
I wouldn't have been late if Akira hadn't messed up my hair and lost my lucky pair of converse, now today was going to be awful I thought after walking what felt like forever.
When I reached school first block was over and second block was my lunch so I headed to the cafeteria and found a table near the back by
a window.
"Hello, cupcake why are you so happy, said Summer as she rolled her hazel eyes at me.
"Nothing much, just miss first block because of my stupid brother", I said as I scratched my head.
"Oh", said Summer as she turned her attention to a red head boy walking by.
"Earth to Summer", I said to her as she partial drooled over the boy.
"What", she said as she arched her eyebrow.
"Well excuse me but aren't fairies suppose to be innocent and nicer", I said playfully as Summer rolled her eyes.
The brown cafateria doors then opened as Shiro, Nate and Austian came in. Nate was about as tall as Shiro with brown hair and blue eyes but Austian was the shortist, his hair was red and he had green eyes. The main differce between them was Shiro was a demon, Nate was a vampire and Austian was a nekio. My breath stopped when I saw Shiro and his friends headed towards my table.
Shiro pov
I walked to the table where Nao and his friend Summer because there were no more open seats and plus it was a little bite cold out side for Nate and Austian but it was just me I'ld be okay.
I pulled the empty blue chair back from the table before siting in it, Nao baried his face in his hands while Summer raised her eyebrows in the direction of us.
"Hey, stop being so girlly", I said as I reached acrossed Nao body and pulled his hands away from his face. My heart started to beat fast for some reason as I saw his dark pink face and big round tearly amber eyes, I atmeidtay pulled a way and looked down at my feet as I felt my cheeks also turn pink.
"Well, well loke at those two blushing",said Nate laughing as Summer and Austian smiled.
The bell then rung and I quickly got out of the lunch room in a rush leaving Summer, Nate, Austian and the cute Nao behind wait I didn't just say that, I thought as I pulled at my blonde hair.

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