My new experiences

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Everything the boy knew was now crashing down upon him and his life. It all started with a special someone.....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My new experiences

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013



The young boy rubbed his eyes, glanced around, sat up, yawned, and scratched his ears. His tail flickered behind him as he groggily out of bed. His legs were still asleep and he carefully made his way toward the restroom. Frigid water splashed from the faucet and onto his face. Now he was awake. He stared at his reflection and ran a wet hand through his long cinnamon–brown locks. He exited the bathroom, twisting the faucet as his nail grazed the light switch off; he sat down on his bed, staring at the ceiling until his phone rang loudly. He answered it, knowing who the caller is.

“Sandra, why are you calling me?” He growled.

“Well it looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” She snickered and continued. “I actually called to tell you something about JoAnne. She wanted to meet you for-“

The call was ended. The girl Sandra mentioned was JoAnne. She was an old enemy of his that he didn’t want to have any contact with. It was because of a situation that happened years ago. Just hearing her name could’ve plunged him into a fit of rage that he didn’t need anyone to see. Pushing his troubles aside, he sat up and pulled himself out of bed. He urged himself toward his closet where inside was the gift for a special someone. Her smile made his heart swell until he thought it might actually burst. She had some flaws, though not everyone is perfect. He changed into his holiday themed attire and made his way to the living room.

After what seemed like an eternity, he made it to the door, with jacket in hand. He took one last look in the mirror that hung from the wall and proceeded outside.

“Hey nii-chan! I have something for you!”

Thomas turned his head, silver-blue eyes scanning the horizon, and finally spotted the one who called his name. It was Samantha, one of his many friends. She was always lively and so positive whenever you were around her. She wasn’t as tall as him but she could still give him a run for his money if she felt he was too protective.

“Hey imouto, why are you now seeing me? Don’t you have a Valentine?”

She shrugged her shoulders and gave her brother a hug. She held out a heart shaped gift and gave him a gentle punch on the shoulder before running off to meet her date.

“See you later, Thomas, and I hope you two are having a great time together.”

His cheeks flushed a slight pink at the last comment she made and began his walk. He turned the present around in his hands and decided to open it. It was adorned with little hearts, all in his favorite colors, and chocolates.

‘Sweets for the Sweet.’

He shook his head at the way he sister made his gift. It was handmade and he could tell she spent hours making it. He tucked it away and noticed a familiar presence to his left. He closed his eyes and inhaled slowly. Time seemed to stop and he opened them again. He saw the outline of her and walked over to the bench.

“Hey Justice, how’s your day been?”

She brushed her onyx black and emerald green locks from her eyes and smiled weakly. Her rabbit ears drooped sadly as she sighed. The thought of her sad made Thomas feel less than a person. He cared deeply for this girl but if she wasn’t happy, then the whole situation was bitter with tension. He pulled her closer in an effort to brighten her mood. And then it happened; she broke out into tears. It took Thomas by surprise but he gently cradled Justice and reassured her that everything would be fine. Once she calmed down, he wiped away her tears gently.

“Why are you crying? You know you can always call or text me when you’re down.”

She pushed him away and he stumbled back. She stood up and casually made her way over towards him.

“Thomas, I don’t really love you. All those times we shared; the laughing, the dancing, and all the other moments meant nothing to me.”

He tried to stand, but she had one of her boots on his ribs. When he looked into her eyes and saw no emotion. His eyes flashed an iridescent crimson and he gripped her boot in his hands, throwing her off. He dodged the poisonous weapon that grazed his cheek, leaving a noticeable wound. It bled slightly and he turned toward Justice, who smirked and brushed the dirt from her hands. He clutched his wound and chanted something under his breath. The wound began to heal and it left a small scar.

“Why are you trying to kill me?”

Justice smirked and pulled a sword from its hidden holster. She held it in her hands and pointed it towards him. Thomas held his head down and chuckled under his breath. Now he knew.

Thomas leapt forward and sidestepped the attack that she made. Justice stabbed the blade in the ground and her foot made contact with his chest, making him fall back to the ground. She forced the weapon out, and swung it, tearing through his shirt and scraping his skin. He flinched and caught the blade in his palm.

Justice smiled and forced it away, wiping the blood on its sheath, and left. Thomas sat up and clutched his abdomen. He chuckled under his breath and took out his cell phone. He quickly called Samantha’s parents and they picked him up a few minutes after he called. They took him home and his father helped his clean his injuries.

“What happened here? I wasn’t expecting you to visit us and have injuries this bad.” He said.

He looked at his hand and asked, “Do you know Justice?”

They nodded. Tears sat in his eyes but they refused to fall. He stared at them and lowered his head.

“She tried to kill me.”

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