Changed for Who?

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

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Hey guys, so i fixed the format and everything is back to normal. xD

Chapter eight-

“ OW!” I screamed throwing the eyeliner on my vanity. I touched my watering eye that I had just poked with this god for sicken makeup. Makeup was the worst invention in the world. I looked at myself in the mirror, and then grabbed the eyeliner again and eyed it. “ I will win,” I muttered, and I tried applying it again, and it… somewhat worked out. I grabbed the massacre and let out a sigh. “ End of world war I, the beginning of world war II,”I said shaking my head. I put the massacre on, and only stabbed my eyes twice.I finished doing my makeup, and I wanted to rub my eyes so badly…. Oh god! I let out little whimpering noises and know it was time for world war III, war of the clothes. I groaned.

“ Ty be ready in twenty minutes!” I heard Clay scream from downstairs. I let out a sigh nodding my head, and I walked over to my closet, and slid it open and examined my new wardrobe. I looked out the window, and it looked like a sunny day. I reached in and grabbed a dark jean skirt, and a purple tank top, and a black shirt that had a whole bunch of rips in it, and threw it on my bed. I put the outfit on and realized it was showing a lot of leg, and some cleavage. I slipped on a pair of black gladiator shoes, and then looked at myself in the mirror. I guess I am a girl…. My curly hair looked nice today because I took a shower and took the time to dry it into neat curls. I had on purple eye shadow with the eyeliner and mascara. I turned around and looked at myself.

“ Lot of skin,” I mumbled. I looked at the clock and realized it took me twenty minutes to get dressed. That’s crazy! I threw my book bag over my shoulder, and ran out of my room walking down the stairs. I looked around and realized they were already outside I opened the front door, and shut it behind me and looked up and saw the six idiots already packed in the car. Can’t they carpool with someone else? All the guys turned to look at me, and complete shock was written all over their faces. Clay rolled down the window and looked at me.

“ Where are your pants?” He yelled at me. I brought my hand up and flicked him off, and opened the back of the truck, and threw my book bag in, and pulled myself up, and sat on the ground. Gabe, Joe, Mark,and Art where all staring at me.

“ What?” I hissed

“ Ty,” Joe muttered.

“ What?” I asked.

“ You’re a girl,” He smirked. I glared at him.

“ Oh fuck you Joe!” I said looking away from him.

“ I mean look at you, you have hips, breasts, and the whole body!” he said gawking at me. I felt my face going red.

“ Shut up!” I muttered. Hewent quiet and we all where the rest of the ride. We pulled up, and I opened the hatch, and leaned over jumping down, and the damn skirt kept riding up! I growled, and pushed it back down and turned around to get my bag, and all the guys were staring at me except clay who had already left and went into school. He wasn’t in a very good mood today. “ Will you all stop looking at me?” I said throwing my book bag over my shoulder.

“ Hard not to,” Troy smirked wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

“ Nuh-huh,” I said stepping away from him. He gave me a pouting face and I rolled my eyes and set off to go find Evian. Everyone… and I mean everyone was staring at me. Did I feel weird? YUP! I walked towards the field, and saw two people sitting on the bleachers, and I made my way over to them and saw Evian and his… Girlfriend maybe….

“ Evian,” the girl said. Evian looked up and saw me, and he looked at my outfit, and then back at me confused.

“ Hey Ty,” he said smiling. I smiled and nodded my head, and sat at the bottom bleachers below them.

“ Um Liz, this is my friend Ty, Ty this is Liz,” Evian said introducing us.

“ Hey Liz,” I said holding out my hand.

“ Girlfriend,” she said and she just looked at my hand. I pulled my hand away nodding my head.

“ I’ve heard,” I smiled, but I was fuming on the inside. She was a total witch! “ Im gonna get going ill cya around,” I muttered sitting up, and I left my book bag there, and I turned to go back and get it, but I stopped behind a tree because they were talking about me.

“ Evian you told me she was like a dude, and ugly…. She is like a total slut!” Liz cried.

“ Babe,” Evian said.

“ No Evian, you cannotbe friends with that girl,” Liz said angrily.

“ Okay,” Evian agreed. I felt my heart being torn in half. I sucked in a deep breath, and walked forward. I was quiet and I went to go grab my bag.

“ Oh hey Ty,” Evian said. I looked up while swinging my book bag over my shoulder.

“ hey,” I muttered.

“ Um…”

“ Suck it Evian,” I said turning on my heel, and I made my way towards the school. I felt tears in my eyes but I quickly shut my eyes holding them back. I won’t cry. Im not going to cry over him. He was only… he wasn’t even my best friend. Just another guy that causes problems. I walked towards cooking class, and I stopped outside the door, and leaned against the wall looking down. Skirt so short. I need to change.

“ Damnit,” I muttered leaning against the wall. I have Alec, Mike, and Johnny in this class. I really don’t want to face any of them…. Damnit and they are probably going to ask my about when we went paintballing and blah. Blah. Blah. Gr. The bell rang, and I brought my hand up hitting my forehead, and I sucked in a deep breath, and opened the door. Mr. Ore looked up and raised an eyebrow.

“ Your late again,” he sighed.

“ MH,” I muttered walking over to my table. I sat down and I felt three sets of eyes on me. I slowly looked up and Alec, Mike, and Johnny where all staring at me. “ What?” I hissed. I felt someone’s hand touch my bare knee, and I jumped looking at Mike.

“ What happened to you?” He smirked. I glared at him, and pushed his hand away leaning back into my seat, and crossing one leg over the other.

“ I swear to god, im going to scratch your eyes out if you don’t stop looking at me,” I hissed.

“ It going to be really hard to stop,” Mike said wiggling his eyebrows. I turned my head to glare at him, and he was tilting back in his chair, and I gave him devious smile. He raised an eyebrow, and l lunged my leg forward kicking his chair. His arms sprung in the air, and his chair tipped back. He tried grabbing onto something but there was nothing to grab onto. THUMP! I put my head down on the table biting the inside of my cheek trying to hold back my laughter. I turned my head to the side, and saw Mike laying on the ground with the chair next to him.Our eyes met, and I bit my lip.

“ My leg kind of spazed,” I shrugged. He opened his mouth but nothing came out. The look on his face was priceless. I broke out laughing, and held my sides because I was laughing so hard. My eyes where watering, and I heard a chair scratch against the floor, and Mike sat down next to me again. I kept my head down.

“ Mike and Ty,” Mr. Ore said. Mike and I both looked up, and I was wiping my eyes. “ Do I need you two, to take a trip the principles?” He asked.

“ No Mr. Ore,” mike said. Mr. Ore then looked at me, and I cleared my throat nodding my head.

“ Nope,” I muffled. He nodded his head, and I rested my head back down on the table bit my lip, because I wanted to laugh so hard. Mike looked at me and he shook his head mouthing bitch. i put my head back down closing my eyes because oh god all I wanted to do was laugh. I tooka deep breath, and exhaled, and sat straight looking around. Johnny and Alec had an amused look on their face and I smirked looking over at Mike. Oh boy did he look pissed.

“ Well today since its Monday we are not going to really cook anything. I have a meeting to go to, so there will be a sub, so today this class can be a free period,” Mr. Ore stopped and looked at our table. “ Don’t make me regret this,” he said narrowing his eyes at us. My jaw dropped a little, and I put my hands up in the air as if I was surrounding. He had an amused look on his face and he shook his head. Just then I guess our sub walked in. He looked like a student though! I think he is a freaking student. “Class this is your Sub. His name is Mr. Riccadi, and he is a freshman in college and he is starting here for practice, for the next couple months for his schooling he will be subbing here, so make him feel welcomed,” He stopped and looked at our table once again. “ And BEHAVE,” he said glaring at us. I nodded my head leaning back into my seat, and I heard Johnny trying to suppress a laugh. I rolled my eyes. Mr. ore walked out of the room, and Mr. Riccadi stood there and gave us a weak smile.

“ Ugh, hello,” he started. I snorted out a laugh, because god it looked like he was about to shit himself. He stopped to look at me, and he looked so familiar… where have i?

“Oh shit,” I muttered underneath my breath. I tilted my head down trying to hide my face. My brother knows him. They are friends. Yeah my brother is friends with everyone. A couple years ago we went to one of his house parties and even though I was only in seventh grade I still tagged along. We were by the pool, and he was pissing me off, so I pushed him in the pool, and his so expensive i-phone was in his pocket and it got ruined and he also got embarrassed in front of all his friends. He hates me. I hope he doesn’t remember me though.I mean this new look maybe he won’t. He is only five years older than me.

“ well I’m just going to over the attendance list,” he said sitting at the desk. OH CRAP! He is going to see my name. oh lord shoot me know. He started going down the list reading the names, and then he stopped. I slowly tilted my head, and our eyes met. “ Ty,” he said but it sounded more like a question. I raised my hand, and he cleared his throat nodding his head, and he continued to read the rest of the names. I leaned back in my chair, taking a deep breath, and I tilted my head back closing my eyes. I felt myself falling back, and my stomach dropped. My eyes flew open and my hand searched for something to grab onto, and my feet flew in the air, and I went tumbling back. I landed on my the air knocking out of me. A moan escaped my lips, and then I remembered I was wearing a skirt. I felt my face heat up and I quickly sat up pulling my skirt down. I shot my head towards mike who was looking the other way. He looked at me smug.

“ Payback,” he whispered. I felt something go loose in my head, and I lunged for him. He fell out of his chair, and we both went tumbling onto the ground him falling on top of me. I need him in the groin and he rolled to the side gasping.

“ That’s enough!” Mr. Riccadi said. I stood up pulling my skirt down and I pointed at mike.

“ He fucking started it,” I hissed.

“ Ty, that’s enough!” Mr. Riccadi growled. I threw my hands up in the air defeating, and I picked up my chair sitting down. “ Mike are you okay?” Mr. Riccadi asked.

“ The little fu-.”

“ Mouth!” Mr. Riccadi said glaring at me. I huffed and sat in my chair shaking my head. I looked at Johnny and Alec and it looked like they were crying because of how hard they were laughing.

“ It’s not that damn funny,” I said loudly at them. Alec’s laughter got even louder.

“ Nice hot pink lace thongs Ty,” He said so loud the whole class heard. I felt my face go into a whole new shade of red in a split second. My mouth hung open, and I looked at Mr. Riccadi, and he even looked like he was going to laugh.I just stared at Alec, because I didn’t know what the hell to say. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. I just shook my head, and leaned back glaring at him. The rest of the class was quiet, and everyone just did their own thing. I just sat there watching Alec. Im going to freaking kill him. Like…. I am. Alec looked up, and he saw the rage in my eyes, and he looked scared.

“ Dead,” I whispered. He cleared his throat looking away from me, and I continued to glare at him. The bell rang, and I put my book bag over my shoulder, and Alec bolted out of the class and so did Mike. I will kill them both. I was just about to walk out the door when my name was called. I stopped and turned around to see Mr. Riccadi sitting at the desk looking at me.

“ Close the door Ty,” he said. I glared at him, and shut it with my foot.

“ What the fuck do you want Corey?” I said angrily. He had an amused look

“ Its Mr. Riccadi young lady.”

“ Shove it dude,” I hissed.

“ So what the hell happened to you?” he said looking me up and down.

“ Oh what do you mean?” I asked sounding stupid. He let out a chuckle.He sat their looking at me. I shifted from foot to foot. “ When did you come back?” I finally said sitting at one of the tables.

“ shouldn’t you be heading to your next class?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“ It history, I don’t care. You can write me a pass or something,” I shrugged. He let out another chuckle. I looked at him and smirked.“ Why did you come back?” I asked.

“ What do you mean?” He muttered.

“ Last time I saw you was at that… party,” I finished remembering what had happened. I started laughing.

“ You were a real bitch for doing that, you know that right?” He asked. I nodded my head laughing.

“ how old are you anyways dude?” I asked.

“ Nineteen,” he shrugged.

“ how the hell are you a sub?!” I gasped. He shrugged.

“ So how high school?” He asked.

“ How do you think?” I laughed shaking my head. I looked up and he was staring at me. I stared back at him. I cleared my throat looking away.

“ How’s clay and the guys?” he asked after a while.

“ Clays good, and the guys are,” I stopped remembering Art. “ They are fine,” I finished.

“ Which one do you like?” he asked. I snapped my head at him.

“ What the hell are you talking about?” I gaped.

“ You obviously like one of them,” he said raising an eyebrow. I shook my head.

“ Well your wrong,” I whispered. It was quiet once again.

“ I guess we’ll see about that then,” he said quietly.

“ What is that supposed to mean?” I snapped.

“ I’m back Ty. You don’t think Im not going to hang out with my buds?” He asked. Oh no… Oh no….it used to be the seven idiots, but then Corey left and it was only the six idiots and know it’s back to the seven idiots.Corey is two years older than my brother and the rest of the guys but he doesn’t even act like he is older than me.

“ Please don’t tell me your going to be back at my house every single day,” I cried.

“ Ding. Ding. ding!” he sang.

“ Clay didn’t tell me about this,” I growled. He looked a little shocked.

“ Well I wonder why?” he asked himself. I stood up.

“ Write me a pass I’mma get to class talking to you is wasting my time,” I said standing in front of him. He wrote out the pass and held it out to me. I went to go take it but he wouldn’t hand me the damn thing. I grabbed his arm and ripped it out of his hands. “ You’re an ass,” I hissed, and I started walking away.

“ By the way your ass looked good in those things,” he said. I stopped at the door taking a deep breath, and I just continued to walk not looking back. I’ll get him later… just he wait…. I’m not going to even go to history today. Math and English sucked. Everyone looked at me, the guys messed with me, and I ended up hurting them. Lunch finally came, and I let out a deep breath.I’m going to be sitting alone once again. I walked into the lunchroom, and as I was walking past Clay’s table someone wrapped their hands around my waist and pulled me. I stumbled at first and looked over and saw Gabe.

“ Cut it out,” I growled. He laughed.

“ hands off the sister,” Clay said walking up to my, and wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

“ Stop touching me,” I growled walking around him.

“ Where are you going to sit?” Clay called out to me.

“ That is for me to know and you not to,” I said walking outside. I looked around, and walked towards the pond, and sat down on the grass pulling my skirt down. I let out a deep breath, and heard footsteps coming towards me. I turned around and saw Gino, Eric, and a not so happy Alan. What’s new right?

“ Hey Ty,” Gino said sitting down next to me. Eric then sat down next to Gino kind of facing me, and Alan leaned up against a tree looking away from me.

“ Ugh, hey guys,” I muttered.

“ New look?” Eric asked tapping my knee. I shrugged.

“ I suppose you could say that,” I laughed.

“ You going to be a whore to know?” Alan said. I looked up at him, and we glared at one another.

“ Ignore him,” Gino said. I put my hand up.

“ No I want to hear what he has to say. I mean Alan you act like you know so much about me,” I said tilting my head up. I nodded his head. I stood up pulling my skirt up and I walked up to Alan standing in front of him. “ Enlighten me Alan, tell me about myself. Tell me something I don’t fucking know,”I said getting in his face.

“ You’ve never had guys get in your pants or like you because your just Clay’s younger tomboy sister. You want to be noticed for a change as actual girl, and you want to have some fun.You want to start partying and fucking guys,” He stopped.

“ Your wrong,” I spat.

“ how wrong?” He smirked.

“ Half wrong,” I glared at him.

“ Which half was wrong then?”

“ The ending.”

We stood in front of one another until I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder, and I turned around and saw Gino. I let out a breath and stepped away from Alan.

“ Ty just ignore him,” Gino said. I let out a deep breath nodding my head.

“ Yeah he is just a fucking ass anyways,” Eric said

“ Yeah I know,” I muttered turning to look back at the pond.Eric and Gino started laughing, and I let out a little laugh too.

“ Evian was smart,” Alan said. I stopped laughing and I turned around to look at Alan. “ You know, I heard you and him aren’t friends anymore, I wonder why,” he said drily. “ wait I think I might know!” He started to laugh. I continued to stare at him. “ let’s see… is it because he realized how much of a whore you are? Maybe that’s the-.” I interrupted him when my hand smashed against his jaw. He fell back, and I brought my other fist up smashing it against his face, and I brought my hand up again smashing his nose. Eric wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me away from Alan. I pushed myself away from him, and looked at my aching hands. They had blood on them. I looked at Alan and he had a bloody lip, and a bloody nose.

“ You listen to me Alan, I don’t put up with shit from anyone. Do you hear me?” I screamed at him. He looked at me, and I have never seen such rage in someone’s eyes in my whole life. “ Do you hear me?” I said louder. He nodded his head smirking. I flicked him off, and turned around and made my way to biology. When I walked in I was one of the first people to get there.

“ Hello Ty,” Mr. Marx said.

“ Hey,” I muttered. Mr. Marx looked up at me.

“ You look different,” he said. I nodded my head, and made my way to my seat, and sat down. I put my head down, and I heard some people coming into the room, but I didn’t bother looking up. I put in my I-Pod and listened to Cage The Elephant. I had my eyes closed, and then I felt someone’s hand wrap around the top of my head. I sat up and saw Troy and Joe. Joe let go of my head.

“ What do you want?” I hissed. They just stood in front of me.

“ I didn’t believe you wore hot pink thongs,” Troy finally said. My eyes went into golf balls, and I sat their gawking at him.

“ What?”I croaked.

“ Someone told me about how you fell in your seat, and you were wearing hot pink lace thongs. Did I believe them? Nope… until,” he stopped and he had the biggest grin on his face. I clenched my fist, and stood out of my seat and put my hands on the table leaning closer to him.

“ Until…” I said quietly.

“ Until I saw the picture,” he grinned.Without even processing it my hands flung forward grabbing onto Troy’s shirt.

“ What fucking picture!” I hissed.

“ Someone took a picture of your ass in full view,” he smirked. My jaw dropped and I jumped back my chair falling.

“ Where is it!” I yelled. They both took a step back. “ Where is this damn photo!” I hissed hitting my fists on the table.Joe went into his pocket, and pulled out his phone, and then did some crap and put it away. “ SO?” I nearly screamed. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, and I reached into my pocket, and slid the arrow to turn it on. I nearly dropped my phone. I held my breath and looked the photo of my ass and thongs. My face was like an apple. I slowly lowered my phone and looked at Troy and Joe. “ t- this,” I stopped and sat down putting my head down. I heard someone whisliing when they walked in and I looked up and saw a way to happy Alec…. He took the picture! I nearly jumped out of my seat, and I walked up to alec.

“ Well hey Ty,” he said wiggling his eyebrows.

“ Did you take that picture!” I hissed standing in front of Alec getting in his face. I saw his face go from smug to scared. “ You did!” I growled. I felt someone grab me from behind and drag me away from Alec. “ Lemme go! I’mma kill that mother fudger!” I growled. I seriously growled. “ You won’t be able to stop me during class because he sits next to me,” I said evilly.

“ Do you want to get expelled?” Joe asked.

“ That’s a trick question right?” I muttered.

“ Ty!” Joe shook his head.

“ Fine, but when the bell rings today there is nothing that is going to stop me,” I said shrugging him off, and sitting down in my seat tapping my fingers on the table. As Joe and Troy walked to the front to go to their seats they patted Alec on his back. I saw Alec’s Adams apple go up and down and he caustically sat down in his seat next to me.

“ Ugh Ty…”

I put my hand up.

“ Don’t say a single word,” I said deeply. He cleared his throat and nodded his head leaning back in his seat. The class went by with Alec sitting their shitting his pants and looking over at me every five minutes. When the bell rang he bolted out of their like his pants were on fire.“ Boy was smart to run,” I mumbled getting out of my seat.I walked out of the hall, and stood there. Troy came out and then Joe followed behind him.

“ What’s up Ty?” Joe asked walking next to me.

“ Im going to ditch study and Gym okay? So tell Clay he doesn’t have to give me a ride after school,” I said.

“ where are you going?” Troy asked walking on my other side.

“ Nowhere special,” I shrugged.

“ Well what if we need to get ahold of you?” Troy asked.

“ I do have something called a phone,” I said rolling my eyes.

“ But still,” Troy and Joe both said at the same time. I stopped in the middle of the hall putting my hand over my heart.

“ Ya’ll two boys are worried about me aren’t you? Awh that’s real sweet and all but im a big girl. I can take care of myself,” I said very sarcastically. They both rolled their eyes and I stuck my tongue out walking towards the school exit. “ See you guys at home!” I called out.

“ M’kay thong girl!” I heard Troy say.

“ I’mma get you for that!” I hissed. I walked out of the school, and made my way towards the woods. I followed the path and ended up in my hidden place. I sat on the ground taking a deep breath. I remember when we and Evian came here and I felt my heart break a little. I started to remember the past a little.

Both my parents have left… well not really. Mom left, and then shortly after that dad got married to this rich bitch and they are travelling all over the world because of their jobs. That lady took my dad away from me. Clay is now stuck with me. I seem like such a bother to everyone’s lives.I felt my throat start to go dry and I let out a deep breath, and looked up at the sky.

“ Why did you leave ma?” I whispered.

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