Transformation Virus

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A disease has started and people are starting to become sick and rabbet. It’s only effecting humans though. Not animals, plants, or nature. Just humans. The government is starting to kill people to try and stop this disease , but they are finding out the disease is spreading through the air and the government sends a spaceship to every state in the world and tries to get them all onto the ship and will go into space until the disease passes over. But they soon find out everyone from a state does not fit into the hovercraft so they leave many people behind. Laura and her family are running trying to get to the hovercraft and Laura loses them when they get onto the plane and she gets left behind. As Laura’s boyfriend Ryan is heading onto the hovercraft he turns around and see’s Laura screaming for her family. Ryan leaves his family and runs to Laura, because he doesn’t want to leave her. Laura and Ryan join a group that has also been left behind and one by one they all start to get the disease. Some die but some live, and what the disease has given them is strength, speed, and they cannot die. They can get a bullet shot into their chest and live. They are able to transform into wolves also, but for some of the people they get strength, speed, and cannot die either, but they do not transform into wolves but into vampires. Laura transforms into a wolf and Ryan transforms into a vampire. From what has come all of the vampires hate the humans and wants to destroy them all but the wolves believe it’s not their fault so the wolves and vampires become ermines. When the humans return after six months the wolves must hide their identity and try to protect the humans from the vampires, but they do not want people to find out about this then they will all be killed. Laura will either have to protect her family and the human race or kill the one she loves, but what will she chose?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Transformation Virus

Submitted: November 21, 2010

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Submitted: November 21, 2010



Chapter one-
“Laura is you crazy?” Anya questioned.
I started to laugh and gave Anya a hug.
“I’ve completely lost my marbles, just mad… but all of the great ones are, aren’t they?” I giggled.
“I’m one of the great ones but I am not mad.”
I ran forward and jumped onto a tree log.
“That’s just the thing Anya! Your one of the great ones but not the great one, because you are not mad!”
The warm breeze twirled all of the leaves around in the air. The woods had the echoes of birds humming and deer’s eating and the little chipmunks running about the ground. I climbed up the log and it started to move to the left a little, and I stumbled up the log trying to regain my balance.
“Oh please, Laura be careful!” Anya cried.
“Don’t worry Anya! I’m fine! You’re a worry but,” I mumbled.
“Anya you’re almost six feet up in the air! You can fall and break your neck or your back! You can kill yourself,” She yelled at me.
“So you’re telling me you wouldn’t catch me?” I laughed.
Anya gave me a dirty look. I shook my head. She is such a worry, for some strange reason she reminds me of a mom…
My foot sunk into a hole and I fell forward onto the log and wrapped my arms around it. My right foot dangled over the side and I clutched onto the log. My left foot was stuck in the whole and I hung seven feet up in the air. Anya screamed.
“L. Laura!” she cried, “Oh my god! Oh my god!”
“Anya shut up!” I tried to yell but her crying and screaming tuned me out. “Anya please calm down!” Anya looked at me. “Listen you need to climb up the log and get my foot out of this hole.”
“Are you nuts? I can’t even climb one foot off the ground and I’m terrified of heights,” She squealed.
“Just my fucking luck,” I muttered.
I heard feet running through the leaves and saw Anya darting through the forest.
“Anya! Where are you going?”
“I’m going to get your dad or your brother, so you don’t get yourself killed!’
My mouth dropped open.
“Anya don’t you dare! Anya come back! Anya!” She could no longer hear me, because she was too far away. I mumbled curses through the air. She is going to get me into so much fucking shit… I looked back at my foot and started to twist it from side to side. I pulled it back and then forward. I felt a sharp pain and I gipped my hands around the log. “Dam nit.” My foot tingled and it sent a shocking pain up my leg. I cried out in pain. My hands let go of the log and I fell over the side and my foot stayed in the hole. The only thing from keeping my face meeting the ground was my foot in that damn whole. My hands dangled out in front of me. I looked up at my foot and I felt it nudge from its place. I felt my body slowly fall to the ground. I put my hands in front of me and closed my eyes preparing myself for the fall.
“What the hell?” I mumbled. I looked up and saw a hand wrapped around my ankle.
“Laura what the fuck are you trying to kill yourself?” Ryan asked.
I smiled.
“Just pull me up will ya?”
He grabbed my ankle and took his other hand and grabbed my thigh and pulled me up. He lay on top of me.
“Thank you.”
“Laura are you out here all alone?” He asked.
“I was with Anya…”
“I know she is the one I ran into and demanded I come here. She had to go home because her mom was giving birth,” He laughed.
“Doesn’t she have great timing,” I smiled.
Ryan wrapped his arms around my waste and gripped my side and held my body tightly. I put my hands around his neck and his warms lips touched mine and he kiss me and then kissed my cheek, and then my neck and came back to my lips. Our tongues intertwined and he held me close. His hands lowered down to my lower back and he held me. His tongue ran down my throat and I gripped onto his neck. He looked at me and I smiled.
“I love you Ryan.”
“I love you too baby.”
He lowered himself down and his face went down my shirt and then pants and he started to climb down the log. I scooted myself down and I was about a foot away from him.
“Jump into my arms,” he laughed.
I smiled and then jumped forward and fell into his arms and we fall on the ground and rolled around in the leaves. We lay next to one another and hugged.
“I never want this moment to end,” I whispered to him.
“It never will.”
“Promise and hope to die.”
He crossed his heart. He looked up at the sky and I looked at him. Ryan and I have been together for the past nine months and I am completely in love with him.
“Laura?” He asked.
He looked at me and we came closer to one another inches from another.
“What is it?”
“Do you love me?” He asked.
I sat up and looked at him.
“Of course… Why… Why would you ask me something like that?”
“I’m just so scared of losing you.” 
I grabbed his face in my hands and looked at him.
“You will never loose me. I will always be here for you.”
“You just what Ryan?”
‘if I didn’t run into Anya you would have fell… and”
I looked away from him.
“I would of but I didn’t. I’m fine. I’m alive don’t worry so much like Anya!” I laughed. He shook his head. “Really I’m fine.”
“You’re completely mad Laura Petrovix.”
“Completely bonkers.”
We started to laugh.
“ What do you think anya will get?” Ryan asked.
“ A brother.”
“Why do you say that?”
“She already has a brother.”
“So? She could get another brother…”
“I think she will get a sister.”
“Blah blah I’m always right and you know it!” I laughed. I jumped to my feet and then stumbled backwards.
“Are you okay?” Ryan asked.
He caught me and I looked at my god for sicken ankle.
“I just bruised my ankle, that’s all.”
“You want me to walk you home?” He asked.
“No thanks. I’ll be able to manage.”
“Always gotta act so tuff don’t yuh?” Ryan asked.
I punched his arm.
“I’ll be fine man. Go take one of Anya’s chill pills,” I giggled.
“Hardy har har,” he muttered.
I shook my head.
“Ya’ll so difficult. I’m going to get walking home.”
“Are you sure you don’t want me to walk you home?”
“Yes Ryan, I’ll be fine! Geez…”
Ryan grabbed me and kissed my forehead.
“I’ll see you late. Love you,” he whispered.
“I love you too.”
I hugged him back and started to walk home. Ryan is eighteen and my parents are not too happy about that since I am only fifteen, and he is three years older than me but I honestly could care more or less. The sounds of people running through the forest and all of the animals made me feel as piece. This place is like my second home. I go to the darkest end of the forest because no one else goes there and I have to say I am like a recluse.
The feeling of being high up in the air and watching over the dark forest with all of the animals wondering about. The soft warm breeze and all of the leaves dancing around the trees. It’s so peaceful and beautiful.
“Laura you in shit know!” Markey shouted.
I looked behind me and here came Markey, my brother…
“What are you talking about dope?” I muttered.
“Ya’ll was supposed to be home an hour ago.”
“Well you were not at home and know ma and pa are going to be pissed.”
“And your point is?”
“Damn, you’re so stupid. I aint never get you, and I never will.”
“Yeah Markey I know. You just don’t have the intelligence to understand my smart intellect.”
Markey stared at me blankly.
“Exactly,” I laughed.
“I’m older than you, and I’m smarter,” He said.
“Markey your nineteen. Your five years older than me yes… but I quote! “You are not…. You are not smarter than me!” Got it?”
“Well I don’t get in trouble any mores since I am an adult.”
“Yeah, but your still living at home with ma and pa.”
“Until I find a girlfriend, get married, and have some kids.”
“A dog doesn’t count as a kid and a girlfriend don’t count on a blow up doll.”
“Oh fuck you Laura.”
“You didn’t deny it either… pretty sad.”
He didn’t respond to me. Markey is my older brother and we have a younger sister Adonia. Adonia is seven years old and my ma told me when Adonia was born and she saw her she said she was going to be just a beauty when she gets older, so she named her Adonia after beautiful. I remember when I asked my mother if she thought I was beautiful and she told me I was a gorgeous gal, and every guy would want me and every girl would want to be me. I asked her if that was so then why did she name me Laura. She told me that her mother’s name was Laura, and she was the most gorgeous person you would ever see. You would never see another person like her, so she named me after her mother. To me Laura is such a plain name, and I have envied my sisters name for quite some time, but I became accustomed to my name and everyone I meet say they wished they had my name and I just end up calling them whacks. Aint nothing special about my name at all!
“Laura!” Markey screamed.
I jumped back and fell into a whole and went flying back into a tree.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” I shouted.
“I had been saying your name a thousand times.”
“As if! You should of tapped my shoulder not get one inch away from me and scream you moron!”
“Never mind that where are ma and pa?” He asked.
We both looked at our house and didn’t see the car.
“Hey ma! Pa?” I shouted.
There was no response.
“They are probably out shopping or something,” Markey said.
“Markey I thought you said they wanted me home.”
“Well yeah. Ma called me and told me that she wanted us both home and hour ago, but I sort of lost track of time.”
“Why wouldn’t of she called me then?”
“I don’t know, Oh yeah because you never answer your phone!”
“Well I mean if you call me about three times Ill eventually answer…” I muttered.
Markey shook his head.
“Will you stop calling me that?”
“Never...!” I laughed.
“Everyone calls me mark or Markus. You’re the only one that calls me Markey.”
“Mark is too plain and Markus is too mature for you. To me you’ll always be Markey. Get used to it.”
Markey looked at me for a while and then his eyes traced back to the house. No it’s not right they were both supposed to be home today because my aunt is having a birthday party.
“Their aint something right Markey,” I mumbled.
“What you talking about?”
“Ma and pa should be home with Adonia. Aunt Spiyla’s party is today.”
“The party I thought was going to be at our house…”
Markey and I stared at one another. I started to walk towards the house and stood in front of the door. I raised my hand towards the door knob and it just pushed opened.
“Markey... the house is...”
“I know,” He said immediately.
We both watched the door. I kicked it open with my foot and starred inside.
“Hello?” I muttered.
I slowly made my way into the house. All of the lights where off. Markey stood in back of me. I heard a noise from the living room and slowly peered the corner. All of the lights came on and every shouted happy birthday. I flew back and screeched. My heart beated a million times a minute and Markey stood behind me laughing.
“What the?” I said.
My mom came and gave me a hug.
“Happy birthday darling,” She said.
“My birthday isn’t for another two weeks. You said we going to have a party here for aunt Spiyla’s, because we didn’t celebrate it last week,” I muttered.
“Well I lied. We are having a party for you!”
“ Because hunny you’re going to turn sixteen in a couple of weeks, and turning sixteen is a big thing in the family,” She said. I looked about the faces and then heard Markey giggling from behind me. I spanned around and stared at him.
“You! You were in on this?” I screeched.
“Of course,” He smiled.
“And plus I got a great picture of you jumping back. Your terrified face!” His eyes started to tear from laughter.
“You fudger…”
I turned back around and saw everyone looking at me. I smiled.
“Thanks guys,” I said blushing.
Everyone started smiling and we all had hugs and all that small talk and jokes. The night was filled with laughter and smiles. I sat on the tire swing outside of our house gathered around my cousins. Justin is thirteen, Dylan is nineteen, and River is my age. All I have is guy cousins.
“So lil cuz how does it feel to be sixteen?” Dylan asked.
“Ugh… amazingly great…” I said sarcastically
“You still dating Ryan?” River asked.
“What does your parents think about that?” Dylan asked.
“Aint happy, but they dealing with it,” I laughed.
“What a BA,” River laughed.
“What’s a BA?” Justin asked.
“BAD ASS!” Dylan and I said at the same time.
We both looked at each other and started to laugh. Dylan pushed the tire swing a little and I relaxed a little bit. Dylan grabbed onto the tire swing and sat on the top of it and then I went flying backwards. We both landed on our backs underneath the tire swing.
“You moron!” I laughed.
“I mean to do that!”
“Oh yeah I bet.”
As I lay on my back I looked at the trees above me and saw a tree with perfect limbs which I could climb. I jumped to my feet and made my way up the tree.
“How old are you?” Justin asked.
“Sixteen in two weeks,” I called out.
“You aint act like a sixteen year old. You act like a thirteen year old boy!” He laughed.
“Duh! I aint never going to grow up! Imam stay like how I am for the rest of my life!” I Laughed.
I was about ten feet up in the air known and I hovered over the world. I felt like no one could ever look down on me and I was always on the top. Never quieting but always winning.
“Damn girl not even I can climb a tree like that” Dylan shouted up at me.
“You aint ever going to find another person that will ever climb trees like I!”
“We aint never going to find a girl like you.”
“You aint going to never find ANYONE like me. Not a boy nor a girl!”
They all looked up at me and where laughing. I looked down on the and I felt the smile across my face. I jumped from branch to branch and it almost as felt like I was flying through the air. I felt invincible. I went up higher and higher. As I looked down I saw the boys running around. Justin was running towards the river and then he fell to the ground.
“ Justin!” I screamed. “You I’ght?”
He didn’t respond. I started down the tree and then jumped down.
“ What’s wrong?” Dylan asked.
“ Justin! Justin!” I was out of breath.
I ran towards the river and fell next to Justin. He laid on the ground he looked so pale, and had this purple tint to his skin. I touched his hand and it felt like ice. His eyes met mine and they were blood shot and his eyes where dilated and where black as a dark hole. His body shook and he moaned out in pain.
“ Justin? What… happened to you…” I touched his hand and I held it tight.
Tears ran down my face.
“ River! Dylan! Hurry I need help!” I cried.
River and Dylan came running around the corner and when they saw me hovering over Justin they sprinted towards me and fell next to me.
“ What happened to him!” Dylan screamed.
River stood over us his eyes watering and he was emotionless.
“ I don’t know! I saw him collapse when I was in the tree, and I came over here and I found him like this…” I gasped.
Dylan bent over him and placed his hand on Justin’s arm.
“ We need to get him back to your house,” He said.
“ how?” I asked.
“ The three of us will carry him,” He replied.
At first I thought he was joking but I saw the seriousness in his face. I nodded my head.
“ Okay I’ll take his head and you take his feet. River you take his waste we will walk in a line. We need to hurry though,” Dylan demanded.
We all lifted him and started to make our way. His cold shivering body made me feel sick, but I couldn’t stop. We continued our way. I saw my pa in the distance.
“ We need to put him down I’ll go get my pa! it will be faster,” I said.
As we lowered him down I sprinted off within the second and ran into my dad.
“ What’s wrong with you?” He asked.
He then saw the tears in my eyes.
“ pa! hurry! Justin!” I cried.
Before I could finish I grabbed his arm and started to run off in the direction and pulled him along with me. When he saw Dylan and river hovering over Justin he started to run faster and I stopped and watched him. I breathed heavily and that’s all I could hear was my heart beat hardly on my chest as though it was about to burst through my chest. I bent over and put my hands on my knees and looked at them. My dad screamed out for the others and then my uncle and aunt ran passed me towards the boys. Screams and cries filled the air. Everything seemed like it was fake. It all started to diminish to black and the cries and screams slowly started to disappear.

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