Transformation Virus

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: February 24, 2011

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Submitted: February 24, 2011



Chapter two-

It’s been almost a month know. Everyone has been in their homes staying away from others, trying not to get the virus. My cousin Justin… He died when he was being taken to the hospital and soon after that River, his, mom, and dad all died. Dylan is the only one left from them and he is staying with us.  At first my brother secluded himself to his room, because he thought Dylan would give us the virus, but he didn’t. After, that he felt quite silly about himself for doing that.  He and I have been sharing a room. It was a little weird at first, but then I grew accustomed. All he does is lay in his bed all day staring at the ceiling. The first couple weeks he cried, but he can’t cry anymore, because i believe he has cried all of his tears away. He isn’t the same person I use to know. He doesn’t even speak to me anymore. I looked to my right and saw him staring at the wall.

“ Dylan,” I muttered. He was quiet and didn’t say a word. It almost seem as though he didn’t even hear me.  “ Dylan!” I repeated.  His head turned and he stared at me. His eyes where full of death, and his face had no emotion.  “ do you want to go out to the woods?” I asked. He just continued to stare at me. I sat on my bed leaning on the wall. It was quit. I got off my bed and stood in front of him. “ Get up,” I demanded. He just stared at me. “ God dam nit I said get up!” He slowly rose and sat at the edge of his bed looking at me. “ Up!” He stood and faced me. He just stood there. I felt anger flow threw me and I tightened my hands into fists and I grinded my teeth.

“ What…” He said quietly.

“ Dam nit Dylan what happened to you?” I asked.

“ Their all dead. Why should I even enjoy living?” He asked.

“ Dylan their dead! Their all fucking dead and their not coming back! You must realize this, and laying on your bed all day staring at the ceiling won’t do any good! If your mother, father, or brothers where alive they would be so disappointed of you!”

“ don’t you dare fucking say that!” He screamed.

“ You know it true!!! You wasting  your life away! Yes they all died, but I’m still alive! Markey is still alive! Ma and pa are still alive! How do you think I feel? I’ve been watching you waste away in that damn bed for the past month! I lost my cousin! My friend!” I stopped. Tears started to fill my eyes. “ I miss them all to! Dam nit I miss them too… but I’m not going to sulk for the rest of my life. I still have things to live for. I have you , my brother, parents,  and friends. They need me. Just like we all need you! Please if you’re going to continue to sulk in your self-pity then… then leave. Get out of my room get out of my house because you completely disgust me!”

He stared at me. I looked at the floor and had tears run down my face.  I felt his hands on my shoulders and then he hugged me.

“ I’m sorry Laura… I’m sorry…”

He hugged my tighter and I wrapped my hands around him and hugged him back.

“ It’s okay… it’s okay…”

He let go of me and then he looked out the window.

“ Wanna go to the woods?” I asked.

“ You parents gonna let us?”

“ Sucks to the parents!” I laughed.

“ What about the virus…”

“ Honestly I sneak out every single day to go to the forest. If I stayed in this house forever I’ll go even more bonkers.” He did a little laugh. I started to walk towards the window and opened it up. I sat on the ledge and looked behind me. “ Are you coming?” I asked. He looked at me for a little bit. He looked around and then he walked towards the window. I smiled and hopped down. He sat on the edge and hesitated. “ Come on now.”

“ Oh the shit you get me in,” He mumbled. He jumped down from the ledge and we made our way to the forest. The town almost seemed like a ghost town. Everyone was too scared to leave their homes.

“ I haven’t been out for a while,” Dylan said.

“ yes I’m quite aware. It’s sad how everything has gone downhill, but the thing is none of the animals or nature has been effected.  That’s one of the reasons I enjoy going to the forest, because when I’m their I feel like everything is the same,” I said.

“ Is Ryan still alive?” He asked.

“ of course. We see one another every single day. I actually saw him earlier today,” I announced.

“ That’s nice,” He said.

“ yep..”

Everything around us was quit.

“ I miss the old days,” Dylan said.

“ So do i.”

“ You think…”

“ think what man?”

“ You think my family is in heaven?”

I looked up at the sky.

“ … I honestly can’t tell you.”

Dylan sighed. I looked at him.

“ But I’ll tell you this… their altogether… their happy and their together watching over you. Proud of you. Their together peacefully, and they are happy and they want you to be happy also.”

“ you think?”

“ Pshaw! I know!” I started to laugh. We reached the forest and walked in. it all seemed like how it used to be. Like nothing ever happened.  I felt so at peace.  Everything seemed like it was all so perfectly put together and it was all care free.  Tears started to fill my eyes, but I quickly wiped my face and then darted towards a tree and made my way up it.

“ Never changed,” Dylan said.

“ I know right! I love this place!” I exclaimed.

“ I wasn’t talking about the forest.”

“ What the hell where you talking about then?”

“ You.”

“ me?” 
“ Yes Sherlock.”

“ Why would I ever change? I am always going to be the same person I have always been and I will never change. Come on man even you should know that.”

“ Laura you never know.”

“ Rubbish!”

I hovered over Dylan.

“ Your such a guy,” Dylan laughed.

“ Better than being a stuck up girl!”

“ Ha yeah. So how’s the view from up their?”

“ Breath taking. You should come up here and take a look at this.”

“ Maybe some other time…”

“ Some other time my ass. You never will.”

“ once I get my strength back I promise I will.”

“ Pinky promise?”

“ Pinky promise.”

I smiled. I made my way down the tree and we walked back to my house and snuck through the window.

“ That was fun,” Dylan said.

“ Everything is fun when your with me.”

“ Come and eat!” I heard my ma say from the kitchen.

I jumped up and pushed Dylan to the side and sprinted into the kitchen. He followed after me. My ma looked up and saw the life in Dylan’s face.

“ Oh Dylan… you look great!” She smiled.

“ Thanks,” He said.

We sat around the kitchen and my brother and pa came in shortly afterwards.

“ Hey ya’ll!” I mumbled.

“ Ello,” Pa said.

We all sat at the table and started to eat.

“ What ya’ll do today?” Pa asked.

“ Wrestled bears and I climbed millions of feet up in the air… I even… traveled to the moon and back!” I laughed.

“ Wow… must be pretty great to do all that,” Pa said.

“ The greatest man!” I laughed.

We all started to laugh. This was nice. This was our first full diner with everyone. I was happy. I liked this living.

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