Transformation Virus

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: February 24, 2011

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Submitted: February 24, 2011



Chapter 3-

Dylan and I walked through the forest. I looked around there was something different about today. There are hardly any animals out today.

“ Did you notice?” Dylan asked.

“ The animals?”

“ yes…”

We looked at each other.  

“ I’m going up,” I said.

“ Going where?”

“ The tree.”

We walked around trying to find the highest tree with the sturdiest branches.  We walked around for a good ten minutes then came across one.

“ Their!” I pointed to a tree.

I ran towards it and made my way up. As I climbed I looked down and saw Dylan looking up at me. i stopped for a second to catch my breath.

“ Dylan! How high am i?” I screamed.

“ About twenty feet!”

I looked down and then sprawled backward and grasped onto the tree trunk. I have never been this high up a tree so far.

“ Laura be careful!” I heard him screech.

“ Don,” I mumbled.

I couldn’t scream, because I couldn’t catch my breath to. I looked up into the branches and continued going. I reached my hands up and grabbed onto a branch and I started to lift myself up and then the I heard the branch crack. I was dangling in the air and I looked up and saw it start to crack. My eyes widened and I felt adrenaline flow through my body. 

The branch cracked and I fell and reached out for any branch within reaching distance. I grabbed onto a branch to my right and gripped onto it and banged against the trunk of the tree and hit the top of my head and I felt blood drip down my head. I was clenching onto the branch and then I heard a whole bunch of ruckus and looked over to my right and saw all of the hovercrafts. They were huge! It looked like you could fit thousands of people in there. Maybe even a million. I saw people crowded around it, and someone else start to get on the ship. They’re all going on the ship. Why?

I started to climb down once branch at a time. My head dripped with more blood and I felt a little dizzy. I was about a foot off the ground and then I missed a branch and fell next to Dylan.

“ What happened to you!” he cried.

“ There is a hovercraft… people… people are getting on it.” I gasped.

He looked around and saw the top of the huge silver hovercraft.

“ What the?” He mumbled.

I touched my forehead and then Dylan helped me up.

“ We must get home right know!” He said.

I nodded my head and slowly stood up and I stumbled through the leaves. We walked to the farm and dozens of people flew past us going towards the hovercraft. I then saw my parents, sister, and brother running towards us.

“ WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” My ma gasped.

“ In  the woods,” I said.

“ Are you alright! Look at you! Oh my god,” She gasped.

“ I’m fine ma. What’s? What’s going on?” I asked.

“ Their departing everyone onto that hovercraft and we are living the earth because this virus is killing millions of people and its spreading through the air. Where leaving right know. We have to get onto that hovercraft right away,” my mom cried.

I nodded my head and we all made our way to the ship. Dylan and Markey where on both side of me helping me run. I felt dizzy so they both had their hands around me. A dense crowd was before us.

“ What’s going on ma?” I asked.

“ I don’t know Hun…. I don’t know,” She mumbled. I looked around and I felt so defenseless. Markey and Dylan had this exspression on their face which I have never seen before.  Markey saw me looking at me. He saw the worry in my eyes. I was shaking horribly.

“ Excuse me, officer?” My ma asked.

He looked at her.

“ Yes?” He asked.

“ What’s going on? Why can’t we get onto the ship… or more like it why isn’t anyone being packed onto the ship,” My mother asked.

The officer looked around and he knew he wasn’t supposed to say anything and then our eyes met and I felt the tears in my eyes. He stared at me and I felt his eyes go right through me. I started to shake even more and Markey’s grip tightened.

“ We can only get about a one point five million people from each state because we do not have enough room to fit everyone,” he said.

“ What will happen to the rest then?” Ma asked.

“ We will send out another ship and get the rest,” he said.

“ How many more are able to go onto the ship?” Ma asked.

“ This is the last place we got and then where leaving. Well this ship is leaving.  We can fit about two or three hundred more people,” The officer said.

My mother looked around and saw all of the people. The officer then walked away.

“ Everyone, we must hold hands so we don’t lose one another. We are getting onto that ship,” Ma said. We all grabbed one another’s hand and pushed our way through the crowd. I ran into people from left to right and most of them where taller than me. my head was pounding. We were close to the ship and my ma started to go up the stairs and then someone ran into me and I flew to the side. I lost hold of my brothers hand. He didn’t notice and continued to walk forward. I sat on the ground and slowly knelt on my knees and stood up and pushed through the crowd. The cops stopped us all.

“ No one else is able to go on the ship! We are full!” They screamed.

I looked around panicked and felt tears run down my face. I saw my family go onto the ship and they were all smiling. My brother looked around and then shouted something to my mom. My mom looked around in frantic. Her eyes peered around everyone and then our eyes met. The look of horror came upon her face.

“ Ma!” I cried. “ Ma!” I screamed even louder.

“ Stop! We need to go back for my daughter! Stop! Stop!” My mom cried over and over again. Tears flew down her face and she thrashed from an officers arm and someone else flung her back into the ship. “ You can fit one more person!” She cried. “ You can fit one more person! You can!”

I watched her fall to her knees and my pa cried out my name. my brother stared at me and my cousin hit windows and cried out to open the doors. 

“ Lee! Lee!” I little sister cried my name. “ Why isn’t lee coming?” She screamed. The ship slowly started to go up and I heard the cries of other. I watched the ship go and I just stood where I was. It started to leave and people started to run towards it. Their where about a hundred of us and most of them ran towards the ship or fell to the ground and cried with their loved ones.  I watched the faces of my loved ones leave. I just stood there and felt so empty. Tears ran down my face and then I felt someone wrap their arms around me and I turned to my left and saw Ryan. I collapsed and fell to the ground. He held my in his arms and I sobbed.

“ Shhh it’s okay,” He whispered.

“ Where is your family?” I asked.

“ On the ship.”

“ I thought you were on the ship too?” I asked.

“ Yes I was…” He said.
I looked him in the eyes and started to hit his chest and cried.

“ Why did you do that! Why did you get off of that damn ship! You’re here know and your family is up their! Why would you do that!” I screamed at him.

“ I couldn’t leave you,” He cried.

He held my arms and I stared at him and fell into his arms and he held me.

“ I love you!” He cried.

“ I love you too,” I stifled.

Ryan Is the only one I have left know. Everyone else is gone. My whole life is gone, and it will never be the same again. Will people really come back for us or leave us all here to die off one by one. I can’t lose Ryan. Why did he come back for me. know it will even be harder when he dies and I lose the last person in my life. I felt so hollow and it didn’t matter what happened in the world nor my life anymore. Nothing matters anymore. I was left here with everyone else to die.

“ Where gonna be alright,” Ryan said.

“ Are we?” I mumbled.

He took my shoulders and stared at me.

“ I will always be here for you. I will never leave your side,” I said.

“ Promise?”

“ I promise and hope to die.”

I hugged him and felt tears build up in my eyes.  We sat with one another and we had no one else except for one another. The whimpering of others loaning for their loved ones filled the air.

“ Where are we going to go?” I cried.

“ To your house I suppose,” He said.

I nodded my head. He stood up and helped me up and wrapped his arms around me and we stumbled forward. My whole body felt numb, and my heart has been broken into millions of pieces.  We walked past people who were crying. They looked at us and continued to weep. I clenched onto Ryan and he looked at me.

“ Don’t worry am not going to let you go,” He said.

“ Markey wasn’t supposed to let go of my hand, but he did,” I yelled.

“ He didn’t mean to! He didn’t mean too….”

I cried and barred my face into Ryan’s chest. We continued to walk. Everything was quit and dead. All of the houses where vacant and the streets where empty.  We slowly approached the house and I hesitated and looked at it. I’m coming back to my home, but there is no ma, pa, Markey, Dylan, or  Adonia. It’s only me and Ryan from now on. Ryan tugged my arm and I continued to walk. As I opened the door the smell of home filled the air and my eyes filled with tears. Ryan sat on the couch and wandered into my ma and pa’s room. I swept my hand across their dresser and sat on the edge of their bed and started to cry.  I sit there and cry for the loss of my family.

Ryan slowly walked in and stood by the door.

“ What know?” I cried.

“ Don’t worry,” He whispered.

He came next to me and cradled me within his arms and I felt safe and warm. I felt love.

“ We’ll make it,” Ryan said.

“ How do you know that?” I asked. “ How do you know well make it?”

“ Because I would never let anything happen to you.”

“ That’s regarding me. not you.”

“ As long as your safe and happy I’ll be fine.”

I didn’t know what to say from that.  We sat on the bed together, and then I slowly fell asleep in his arms.

My eyes opened and I felt myself wrapped in-between Ryan. I looked at him and slowly removed his arms from around me and got off from the bed. He was asleep, so I covered him with a blanket, and quietly walked out of the room. As I walked down the hall I stopped in front of a picture of me and my family. My hand touched my ma’s face and then my pa’s. I looked at my brother and tears filled my eyes, and then I looked at Adonia and I felt my heart crush. I lost my baby sister. Tears flew down my face and I ripped the picture off of the wall and held it in my arms next to my heart and fell against the wall and cried. I held the picture with me, so I wouldn’t forget them.  I slowly peeled the frame off in the back, and took out the picture and folded it over and put it in my sweater pocket.

I got on my knees and looked down the hall and smelled morning breakfast and walked into the kitchen in a daze. When I got in their it was empty and dead.

“ Only my imagination,” I muttered.

I sat at the table where I usually sit and looked around at the others chairs imaging my family sitting there.  I looked outside and saw a group of people walking down the street. There must have been about three hundred people. I looked at the faces but did not recognize any of them. I lived by all of the forest. A huge land. As they walked a saw a little girl collapse and people gathered around her. I got up from the chair and walked outside. I stood on the stairs and gazed at them. As I looked around one boy caught my eye and we just stared at one another.  I heard a mother start to cry and looked at her holding her little daughter. I could see from where I was standing she was shacking because she was so cold. But it’s not cold out, but she is cold because she must of gotten the virus. I ran inside and found one of my old winter jackets and ran back outside. As I made my way through the crowd someone pushed me and I fell forward and fell something jab into my knee and I cried out in pain. I gripped onto the  jacket. I sat there and looked at my knee. A piece of glass was jabbed into my knee and I tore it out and clenched my teeth. I need to get this coat to that girl. As I stood back up in agony and limed over to her and held out the jacket. The mother looked at me and took the jacket and wrapped her daughter in it. She looked at me and tears filled her eyes.

“ Thank you,” She said.

I smiled. I walked back through the crowd and started for the stairs. I tripped on something and since I couldn’t put any weight on my right leg I stumbled forward and hit it on a log. I clenched my teeth and gripped my leg. Someone’s hands was on my shoulder and I looked up and saw the same boy.

“ Are you okay?” he asked.

I couldn’t speak because of the unbearable pain I was in. My hands tightened around my leg. He saw my paints soaked in blood.

“ You hurt!” He cried.

“ I’m. Fine,” I spat out.

“ No you’re not! There is blood everywhere!”

“ Shhh. Who are you? That group your in?” I asked

“ We all decided to join together as a family because we didn’t want to go through this alone,” He said looking at all of them.

“ How long have ya’ll been walking?” I asked.

“ About a day,” He said.

“ It’s already been a day?” I mumbled.

“ We would have been farther but we all gathered as we walked. I’m not from around here. I live about an hour away. As our group walked people just joined us.”

“ Do any of you need to use the bathroom? Or something to drink?” I asked.

“ We all do.”

“ You can come to my house. But only like twenty or thirty people at a time because I can’t fit everyone at once. But I do have enough food.”

“ That’s very kind of you. I’ll tell them.”

He turned to the group and started to shout for their attention they all stopped and looked at him.

“ if anyone needs to use the washroom, get water or food, do it know because this lady said we could at her home,” He screamed.

I saw smiles and people started to walk towards the door and some sat on logs and the kids played around in the forest.

“ My name is Celeborn,” He said.

“ Celeborn?” I asked.

“ It means silver tree. I don’t know why they named me that, but they did,” Celeborn laughed.

I smiled, “ I am Laura. Plain name.”

“ No its pretty.”

“ Thanks.”

“ let’s get you inside. Your hurt.”

I nodded my head and started to get up and fell backwards and Celeborn caught me.

“Let me carry you.”

Before I could even protest he picked me up and started up the stairs. When we got into my house their where so many people you could hardly move. I saw Ryan standing their flabbergasted looking at all of the people and then he saw me and ran towards me.

“ What’s happening?” He asked.

“ I’ll tell you later. Ryan show Celeborn where my parents room is,” I told Ryan.

Ryan looked at Celeborn and then saw his hands wrapped around my waste and stomach. Ryan turned red and made his way towards the room and when we got in their people stood around and Celeborn set me on the bed and I let out a squeal of pain.

“ Laura! What did you do?” Ryan asked.

“ I fell,” I muttered.

Celeborn started to roll up my jeans and then saw the gash in my knee.

“ what the fuck did you get in their?” Celeborn asked.

“ Glass,” I said.

“ I’m going to go get Rickton,” He said.

“ Who is? Rickton?” I asked.

“ A doctor. I’ll be right back.”

I nodded my head and he made his way out of the room.

“ Who was that?” Ryan asked.

“ His name is Celeborn. And all of those other people their like a family. They are walking and people just join them, so none of them have to go through this alone. He is a good person,” I told him.

I looked at Ryan and saw the jealousy in his eyes.

“ how kind?” He asked.

I clenched my fists, “ Are you fucking kidding me?” I gasped.

Celeborn entered the room and then another man was behind him. He was tall, pale, and black hair.

“ Laura this is Rickton,” Celeborn said.

I smiled and Rickton came next to me and saw my leg.

“ Damn,” He muttered.

“ Yeah,” I laughed.

“ I have to get out all of the glass and clean it… am not going to lie to you though, it’s going to hurt like a bitch,” Rickton said.

I started to laugh, “ I’ll manage.”

“ We got a trooper here!” He laughed.

I smiled.  He started to get all of these tools out. I looked at Ryan.

“ Ryan will you go out there and see if anyone needs anything?” I asked him.

“ Of course.” He made his way out of the door.  

Rickton started to take out the glass and I gripped onto the bed and bit my tongue. Celeborn grabbed onto my hand and I looked at him. I squeezed his hand. I looked at him and for the first time noticed his radiant bright green eyes. He had golden hair and tan skin. He looked like a model. I gazed into his eyes and the shut mine from the pain. I grabbed onto his hand harder and he placed his other hand on top of mine.  I held back the tears.

“ Dam nit are you almost done?” I muttered.

“ Just a couple of pieces left. You’re doing good. Most other people wouldn’t be able to take this. They would of needed something to put them out. You’re a real trooper… What’s your name?” Rickton asked.

“ L. Laura,” I spat out as he pulled the last piece.

Ryan walked in and saw me gripping onto Celeborn, and him looking at me. I looked at Ryan and he just left the room and I let my head fall back. I shook my head and then Rickton started to clean it and patched it up. I went to go sit up and he put his hand on my shoulder.

“ You shouldn’t walk. Not yet.”

“ I’ll be fine,” I muttered.

I stood up and limped towards the door.

“ Like I said a trooper,” He laughed. “ So who you with?”

“ What do you mean?” I asked.

“ That boy Ryan. Is that the only person you with?”

“ yes.”

“ Would you like to join us?” He asked.

I looked around my ma and pa’s room and felt my legs shake and put my hand against the wall. Rickton and Celeborn saw the look in my eyes.

“ You can’t stay here forever,” Rickton said.

I put my left hand in my pocket and felt the picture.

“ I don’t have to,” I said looking down. “ I don’t have to stay here forever and I never had to.” I turned and left the room without saying another thing or looking them in the eyes. I limped past dozens of people and stumbled down the stairs and looked out at the forest. I turned to my left and saw the mother holding her daughter in her arms. Everyone new she was going to die that’s why no one was around. I walked over to her and huddled over her. She looked up at me and saw my leg.

“ Are you alright?” She sniffled.

“ I’m fine.” I sat down next to her and let out a cry of pain.

“ Oh please don’t sit,” She mumbled but it was too late I was already on the ground.

“ I’m fine. How old is she?”  I asked.

“ She is seven. Her name is Skylet, and I am Lin,” She said.

“ I am Laura. Your daughter has a beautiful name… how long has she been sick?” I asked.

“ About a week,” She cried.

I looked at her and I gasped.

“ What is it?” She asked.

“ how can she still be alive?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ My cousin got the virus and was dead within a day. Everyone that has gotten the virus dies within a day. How is your daughter still alive?” I mumbled.

Her eyes widened and then she looked at her daughter.  I reached out my hand and pulled the coat away from her. She was so pale and her lips where purple. She opened her eyes and they were completely red. Even the color of her eyes. I heard her mom gasp. She was breathing heavily.

“ open her mouth!” I shouted

Lin looked at me weirdly. And she slowly opened her daughters mouth.  I crawled back when I saw the inside of her mouth. She had fangs.

“ What the fuck!” I cried.

Lin stared blankly at Skylet.

“ What’s wrong with her?” Lin gasped.

People heard us and came around and saw Skylet. Rickton came over and looked at Skylet.

“ Her pulse. She hardly has one. And she has no heart beat. It seems as though…” Rickton stopped.

“ What is it?” I asked.

“ Like a vampire,” He said.

Everyone started to gasp.

“ Is it possible?” I asked.

“ I suppose… I mean… maybe the virus is a transformation virus…” He started to say.

“ but then why did they all die?” Some asked.

“ Because they may of died because they were not strong enough or the virus was too deadly. Skylet is still alive and transforming and others might too. You can get the virus and either die or live and transform…” Rickton said.

Everyone was quit.

“ So everyone is going to get this virus and they will either live or die, and if they do so live… they won’t be human no longer,” I muttered.

“ Correct,” Rickton stated.

Everyone started to look at one another.  I looked over for Ryan, and I couldn’t find him and I just starred at Skylet and Lin. Lin’s eyes started to fill with tears, and I then placed my hand on her shoulder. She looked at me.

“ It will be okay,” I whispered to her.

“ How do you know?” She asked.

“ I don’t know, but I can only hope.”

“ Hope has given up on all of us,” She cried.

“ That’s why Skylet is still alive….”

Her eyes caught mine, and she realized that there was a person who still had hope for her baby girl. A smile came across her face and her eyes started to water.

“ Don’t cry,” I muttered.

“ im not crying, because I am sad,” She whispered. “ I am crying because I am happy. I am happy that there are still true good hearted people in this world and I have one with me right know.” I smiled and placed my hand on Skylet's head and ran my hand down her face.  She felt so cold.

“ Do you think it’s true?” I asked.

“ Is what true?” Lin asked.

“ That’s vampires drink blood?” I questioned.

“ That’s what they say.”

“ But just because they say something don’t mean that it is true,” I muttered. “ From what I can see anything is possible. Your daughter aint gonna die. She gonna live,” I whispered.

“ Thank you,” Lin sniffled

I looked at Skylet and touched her cheek.

“ May I hold her?” I asked.

Lin slowly put Skylet into my arms and I cradled her. Her breathing was heavy and I tightened my grip around her.

“ I promise, I aint gonna let anything happen to you,” I whispered to Skylet.

She opened her eyes and they where dilated and red. I felt my stomach drop and I brought her closer to me and touched her cheek. A smile formed around both of our faces and I felt tears fill my eyes.

“ Let’s get going!” I heard a man shout.

“ Who is that?” I asked Lin.

“ He is one of the leaders. There are three of them. He is the first. His name is Larone. The second guy next to him that has blonde hair is Merark, and the third fellow that is bald is Octas.” Lin said.

“ nice names?”

Lin started to laugh.

“ everyone! Please we must get going.” Larone stated.

I looked at Lin.

“ Are you coming with us?” She asked.

I  looked down, and then looked at my house.

“ I know it will be heard to leave… But if you stay here forever you will be alone. Come with us.”

“ I won’t be alone. My boyfriend is here with me,” I said.

“ The both of you come.”

I didn’t know what to do. I nodded my head and stood up.

“ I’m going to-”

Lin stopped me. “ It’s okay. Say goodbye and then follow us.”

I nodded my head and walked towards my house. People where descending from the door, and walked towards the road. I bumped from people to people and stood in my empty filthy kitchen. I walked to my parents room and then sat at the edge of the bed.

“ Are we going to go?” Ryan asked.

I looked up at him and then looked around the room. I placed my hand in my pocket, and felt the picture. Tears welled up in my eyes, and then Ryan wrapped his arms around me.

“ No matter where you decide to go I’ll be there. Forever,” Ryan whispered.

I gripped onto his shirt.

“ Let’s go,” I stated.  He stood up with me and we slowly walked out of the bedroom and out of the house. When we reached the edge of the grass and looked back at the house.

“ Goodbye,” I cried under my breath, and we continued on. I kept my head down and my hair in my face. Ryan had on of his arms around my shoulders and we walked side by side next to hundreds of people.

“ New?” A women asked. Without looking up I nodded my head.  She looked at Ryan and then saw he was the only one with me, and by the way he was holding me not my family. I heard a little gasp from her and she patted my back. “ I’m sorry,” She whispered and then continued to walk. My legs felt a little limp, and I felt cold inside. I hated when people to pity on me. usually im not the person to cry, or too feel sad for a long period of time, but losing everything I had within an instant has taken quit a lot out of me.

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