Transformation Virus

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: February 24, 2011

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Submitted: February 24, 2011



Chapter four-

“ Laura,” Ryan whispered.

I looked over to my side and Ryan stared at me for a while.

“ What is it?” I mumbled.

“ I just wanted to check on you,” He did a faint smile.

“ Im fine Ryan…”

It went back to quit and we didn’t say anything more. We continued to walk deep into the forest to the point which you could no longer see roads, home, nor the community. It was so deep into the forest that it was hard to see through the trees. My legs started to feel tired, and it was getting hard to walk.

“ Ryan how long have we been walking?” I asked.

“ Hmmm… About three hours. Are you okay?” Ryan asked.

I nodded my head.

“ Just wondering,” I smiled.

Everyone started to slow down, and we came to a halt.  I stood there, and tried to look beyond all of the people but it wasn’t working out, so I just leaned back into Ryan and closed my eyes.

“ We will be staying here for the night,” a deep voice shouted over all of the people. I opened my eyes.

“ We are sleeping in the woods?” I asked looking up at Ryan. He nodded his head.  People started to spread apart, and lay blankets on the ground and people would sit together and talk.  I looked over to the right and saw Skylet, Lin, Rickton, and Celeborn.

“ Ryan lets go sit over there,” I showed him. He nodded his head, and we made our way towards them, and Lin looked up at me, and smiled.

“ Hello Laura,” She smiled.

I nodded my head, and Ryan sat on the blanket next to Rickton. I walked past the blanket, and sat on a patch of grass and leaned up against a tree trunk. Celeborn sat on the blanket across from me and he was watching me.

“ Why don’t you come sit on the blanket?” He asked.

“ Hm im fine Celeborn,” I smiled, and leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath in, and it was known dark out, and people started to lay on the blankets and fall asleep next to one another. I looked at everyone and I felt lonely. I have Ryan with me yes, but I still feel lonely. I crawled over to Ryan and laid next to him, and he smiled at me.

“ It’s all going to be alright,” he whispered. I nodded my head, and he kissed my forehead, and he then shut his eyes and drifted into a heavy sleep. I laid there, and I was tired but there was no way I was going to get any sleep.  I slowly got up making sure not to wake anyone up, and I walked away from all the people, and I saw a good tree to climb, and I started to make my way up. I continued to climb until my arms and legs couldn’t anymore. I was high up, and I could see everything. The light of the moon shinned on all the sleeping bodies on the ground. I sighed and sat on the branch and leaned against the trunk and brought my legs up and rested their.

“ it’s funny how I can sleep above twenty feet in the air, but not on the ground,” I laughed.

“ it is pretty funny,” Someone laughed. I gasped and I turned my body, and saw Celeborn standing on a branch below me.

“ You scared the crepe out of me!” I laughed, having my hand over my heart.

“ sorry about that,” Celeborn smiled, and climbed up a little so he was standing next to me.

“how did you climb so high?” I looked at him. He laughed.

“ I could ask you the same thing,” he said poking my arm.

“ I’ve pretty much climbed trees my whole life….” I said staring off into the sky.  Celeborn was quit and we enjoyed the view. Celeborn and I jumped when we heard screaming coming from down at camp where everyone was sleeping, and Celeborn quickly started to climb down, and I did the same. When we got to the ground Celeborn had already run towards the people and I started to make my way their but I tripped over something, and I sat on the ground peering into the dark.

“ Gah! H- help me!” a voice screeched. It sounded horrid.  I stood up, and peered into the darkness, and I heard something coming through the leaves, and I took a step back, and then a girl came on her hands and knees, her back arched and she was puking and screaming out in pain.

“ OH my god!” I gasped. I walked over to her, and put my hand on her back, and she was freaking hot!
“ Gah!” She screamed and her back tightened and she heaved making a horrid sound that made my stomach churn. Her muscles where moving beneath my hands, and it felt like they were moving underneath her skin. I just looked at her back, and I slowly took a step back, and she let out a ear killing shriek, and I stumbled back, and covered my ears with my hands, and tightly shut my eyes. I turned around and ran towards camp, and I cut myself on tree branches, and stumbled over rocks, but when I got back to camp about a three dozen people where acting like the girl. They were all on their hands and knees and screaming.  I stood there looking at all of them, and I heard a low growl and I turned around and saw a dark brown wolf behind me breathing heavily. I let out a scream not of pain but of fear. People turned towards me knowing this wasn’t a scream of pain.  I stood there looking at the wolf, and it made its way towards me and I stumbled back, and then it stopped, and arched its back, and let out a deep growl, and its whole body started to twitch, and it started to transform.

Before me was the girl which I saw in the woods, and she laid on the ground sweating and crying. I gasped and looked at her… we are turning into wolves… I jumped up, and saw a naked tree with no leaves and I climbed up it.

“ Everyone!” I said as loud as I can. Some people turned towards me but I needed more attention. DAMNIT.

“ EVERYONE SHUT THE HELL UP!” I screamed on the top of my voice. People looked at me, and they obviously heard me from the screams. The ones that were still changing continued to scream.

“ These people are turning into wolves! They are turning into wolves, and when they change into a wolf they will then change back into a human and be alright, but if they don’t change into a wolf, they’ll most likely die!” I said. Everyone’s eyes widened.

“ how do you know?” Rickton asked.

“ Because I saw it with my own eyes…” Everyone gasped and screamed filled the air, and people fell to the ground and tried to cover their ears.  The horrible sound made my head pound, and I stumbled backwards, and fell to my hands and knees.  I tried to crawl away, and I let out a cry, and I felt someone’s body fall on top of mine, and they wrapped their arms around me, and tried to block the sound from my ears. I was shaking, they tightened their grip on me.

“ Its g- going to be a-alright,” Celeborn whispered. I arched my back.

“ Celeborn….” I gasped. “ W- Where is R- R-  Ryan?” I muffled. Celeborn turned me over, and was looking my in the eyes. I heard a deep scream from the distance, and my body froze.

“ oh no!” I screamed, and I tried to get away from Celeborn, but he held his grip on me.

“ No Laura.” He stated. I looked at him and pushed him off of me, and stumbled up, and looked for Ryan. My eyes traveled across bodies, and then I found one, and my heart dropped. I stumbled over to Ryan, and fell to his side. He didn’t look like the others though. He was sitting with his knees to his chest, and he was heaving in and out. He was pale.

“ I c- c- cant b- breath,” he choked on his words.

“ Shhh Ryan you’re going to be OK,” I whispered trying to reassure him. He wasn’t transforming into a wolf, so what…. Vampire… I put my hand on his back, and knelt down next to him.

“ L- L- Laura,” He spat.

“ What is it Ryan?” I whispered. Ryan looked up at me, and there was this coldness in his eyes… they were hollow, and he looked so evil.

“ Get away from me!” he hissed. I looked at him confused, but I didn’t move. He looked me in the eyes, and shoved me back, and I stumbled back, and looked at him confused. He got on all fours, and looked at me evilly. I sat on the ground, and then he lunged at me. I shut my eyes, and nothing. I opened my eyes, and I saw three men holding him down.

“ What… What’s wrong with him?” I cringed when he looked me in the eyes, and I had to look away.

“ he turned into a vampire. We already have gotten about three dozen vampires all tied down. They want blood, and we must restrain them,” Celeborn said. I looked at him.

“ Celeborn did you change already?” I questioned. He looked at me and nodded his head.

“ Yeah. Im a wolf,” he said looking me in the eyes. I looked back at him, and our eyes connected and the coldness in his eyes startled me and I looked away, and I realized I was either going to be a wolf or vampire…. Did I want to be able to transform into a dog or a freaking blood sucker… I sat there, and it was cold. I haven’t slept for days, and the world slowly drifted away from me, and everything turned black.

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